Will 1: The Will to Initiate
Awakening New Consciousness

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Will to Initiate
Connecting with the Will to Initiate
Expand your Consciousness 
Attune with the Divine Plan for humanity and your life
Set things in motion
Find the most effective, shortest way to your goals
Express personal power in new ways
Release the need for efforting and pushing
Let personality ambition transform into Divine inspiration 
Suggestions on what to observe

For the study of the 1st Will, listen to program 3 of Orin's Millennium Journeys, Part 1: Transforming with Divine Will as well as work with the information below.
To learn more about the 1st Will, the Will to Initiate, listen to program 6 of Manifesting as Your Divine Self

The Will to Initiate
There are 7 Great Ones who transmit 7 types of force and energy to humanity.  They are sometimes called Ray Lords.  Each ray contains qualities that condition humanity's souls, personalities, minds, emotions, and bodies. Divine Will is the Will aspect of each of these rays.  In this course, you will be aligning with the Divine Will aspect of each ray, as well as the consciousness aspect of each of the Rays.  The consciousness aspect is the quality that affects your personality; the Will aspects are qualities that lead you to the Divine Self, the divine archetype of your life, and to union with the One Self. 

The Great One who radiates the Will to Initiate is known as the Ray Lord or custodian of the energies of Will and Power. The quality of Divine Will that this Great One radiates carries with it the power to initiate new consciousness, awareness, and insights, a powerful step in any process of transformation.

The Will of God/Goddess/All-That-Is radiates through the Great One who embodies the Will to Initiate as spiritual power that brings about new consciousness and releases all that veils the light of spirit. You can work with this vast power to create the Divine blueprint of your life, to connect with your spirit, and to allow higher patterns to come about in every area of your life.

As you call upon Divine Will and radiate it to various areas of your life, whatever comes in as a result will always be in alignment with your highest good. What comes will always be part of your higher path, and will bring about the highest and best possible circumstances for you in every area you focus on.

Connecting With the Will to Initiate
What follows is a process to connect with the Great One transmitting the Will to Initiate. Use it the first time you make this connection, and thereafter any time you want to deepen your alignment with the Will to Initiate.

Take a moment to breathe deeply, relax your body, and center yourself.

  1. Allow your emotions to grow calm and peaceful. Your mind is clear and focused.
  2. Imagine that you are part of a large group of people who are also calling upon Divine Will. Some people are doing so at this moment, along with you, while others have gone before you and other will follow in the future. Sense this enormous group light of which you are a part.
  3. Ask to receive the Will to Initiate from the Great One who is the custodian of this energy and who is radiating it to the earth plane. You evoke this energy through your intention and call for it. The Great Ones always respond to your request for energy.
  4. As the Great One who transmits the Will to Initiate responds to your call, open to receive the loving power of the Will to Initiate. Let this energy flow into your head center, an energy center located at the top of your head.
  5. Imagine that you are receiving transmissions of the Will to Initiate that brings new consciousness and releases all that veils the light of your spirit. Picture these transmissions as ring-shaped or donut-shaped disks of light, coming in through the top of your head, one after another, moving all the way down to the base of your spine. They are of varying sizes. Some are large and some are small. They are electrical in nature. You can almost feel them vibrate with power.
  6. 7. Many of these disks of light are sent to you, each one carrying packets of information about the Divine blueprint of your life. Receive as many of these disks as you want, asking for just the right amount of new consciousness and awareness that is for your highest good right now.
  7. You might envision these disks of light as stacking up, one on top of another, as many as you choose to bring in. They go from the base of your spine to the top of your head. You can see or sense them. Use your imagination and have fun!
  8. Imagine that in your etheric body, your aura or energy body, exists a pillar of light that runs up and down your spine. Each disk of vibrating, powerful energy from the Will to Initiate lights up more of this central pillar, making it visible to your inner eyes. You will learn more about this central pillar, this core energy within you as you continue.
  9. Sense the Will to Initiate as powerful electrical energy that surges through the disks of Divine Will and out through the central pillar of light. With each transmission, you are receiving the consciousness that will assist you in aligning with the Divine blueprint of your life.
  10. Play with these ring-shaped lights as long as you would like, activating your Divine blueprint and bringing in more awareness and consciousness about every area of your life as you do.
  11. Think of your goals, and ask for a transmission from the Will to Initiate to bring you new consciousness about the goals and intentions you have set for yourself. Ask for a transmission of the Divine pattern for whatever you are doing today, for each individual event, or for something bigger.

Do not worry about doing this process perfectly, or remembering every step. As you first make a connection with the Great Ones who are embodying and transmitting Divine Will energies to humanity, it may feel like you are using your imagination.

You have been asked to picture receiving the energy of the Will to Initiate as ring-shaped disks of light that come into the top of your head and travel down to the base of your spine. However, any picture, image, or symbol you choose to work with is fine; use whatever works for you. Some people see these transmissions looking like ring-shaped lights; others have no picture or any sense of energy being sent to them.

As you keep imagining this connection, you are building a bridge of light to each of the Great Ones who radiate the 7 qualities of Divine Will. Your intention to connect with Divine Will is what is most important. You do not have to be able to visualize or sense energy coming to you to receive Divine Will transmissions. You do not have to sense, feel, see, hear, or know Divine Will in any particular way for it to transform your life. All you need do is have the intention to connect, ask for this energy, and it will come to you.

Every time you call upon Divine Will you are sending strands of your consciousness upward to this Being, building a bridge of light that allows even more of this powerful, magnificent energy to come to you.
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Expand your Consciousness 
The Will energy coming from this Great One is the Will to initiate new consciousness, to expand consciousness, to have insights and revelations, and to initiate the true activity of the soul in accordance with the Divine Plan.  

The Will to Initiate assists you in experiencing one expansion of consciousness after another, moving into higher, clearer states of awareness. Each expansion of consciousness opens up new possibilities and potential for your life.

It initiates the consciousness that allows you to know yourself as light, energy, and spirit, so you can carry out the activities that express the Divine plan for your life. The Will to Initiate helps you express more fully the patterns of wholeness and perfection that already exist within you, waiting to unfold. As you expand your consciousness, you reorient your life so that the way you act and what you do expresses your inner light, your true self, and serves the greater whole of which you are a part.

Linking with this Will strengthens your ability to sense and to know your true Self; your soul and Spirit.  From this Self you can tap into pure life-force energy and vitality.  You can experience the power of Spirit to expand and to initiate new consciousness.  You become aware of the seed of divinity within yourself and all life.  You can sense or see the light that is in all forms.  

Receiving the transmissions of this Will helps you to see the bigger picture of your life and of the universe.  It is as if you are lifted to the top of a mountain where you have an expanded view.  With this Will you can see beyond your personality because you identify with your soul and spirit.  Identifying with your true Self expands you beyond the boundaries of your personal self.  You sense more of the whole of life and have more insights about how your life fits into this greater whole.  It is the ability to see/sense/feel and connect with a greater Whole that allows you to better know the unique and special part you can play in the grand plan of the Universe.

Attune with the Divine Plan for Humanity and Your Life
Calling energy from the Will to Initiate to you can bring you more awareness of goals that are in alignment with the higher purpose of your life and can take the energy out of goals that are not in alignment. As you connect with Divine Will, you can more easily open to new paths, let go of the fear of the unknown, and allow your life to be better than you have ever imagined it could be. As you connect with the Will to Initiate, you are attuning yourself to the Divine plan, both for humanity and for your life.

As you draw in this Will you are attuning yourself with Divine Purpose and through it attuning to the Divine Plan, both for humanity and for your life.  As you work with this Will, observe what new insights you have about the purpose of your life.  Your goals may change completely, for any goals that have come from a more limited perspective, or come solely from your personality, will begin to transform into the goals of your soul. 

Ask yourself, "If everything I did in my life was something I could take with me after I leave the material world, what would I be doing with my life? How would I live my life?" You would recognize first of all that expanding your consciousness, having new insights, understandings, perspectives, and awareness is one of the most important issues you could focus on. The only thing you take with you after you die is your consciousness, the light and love you embody.

As you ask this question, you can realize that every activity you do offers you the opportunity to expand and initiate new consciousness!  As you orient toward Spirit, you redesign your life so that the way you do every activity expresses a quality of consciousness that is of value to your soul and serves the greater whole of which you are a part.  Spiritual growth is a graduated set of expansions of consciousness, of revelations, of new insights and awareness that link you with the greater Whole of which you are a part.
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Set things in Motion
This is the Ray of Will that can move energy and create the new.  This Will strengthens your power to set things in motion, to move energy, either by yourself or to sustain a group effort in doing so.  You can transmit this Will to those areas where you want to create movement and transformation.  

As you draw this Will into yourself and align with the core of your being, you release a flow of energy into your life that brings courage, strength, and life-affirming energy.  As you draw in this Will, you can increase the qualities of courage and fearlessness that will assist you in pursuing those goals that represent your higher purpose and that are in alignment with the Divine Plan.   

Your highest self–soul, and spirit–welcomes the new.  It has no fears, such as the fear of change or the fear of the unknown.  It loves new experiences and embraces the future.  This is the Will that helps you know that whatever comes will be even better than what is leaving.  It helps you release those forms that need to be released to make way for the new and higher forms in your life.  Because this Will strengthens your identification with Life, with Spirit, you have more detachment from the pull and attraction of the forms in your life and thus a better ability to let go of those that no longer serve you.

Find the Most Effective, Shortest Way to Your Goals
This Will assists you in strengthening your resolve to create your goals, and in not letting yourself be deflected from creating your higher goals.  This is the Will that destroys all hindrances.  It brings an increasing power and ability to see what stands in the way and what needs to be released to manifest the purposes of your soul.  You can align with it to have a stronger one-pointed focus on your goals and therefore be able to more rapidly create your higher purpose and path.  

Through this Will you can find the shortest path to your goals.  You can work with it to better know what is essential in your life and what is non-essential.  You might observe as you work with this Will if you can see more clearly what steps to take in the area of your life you are focusing on to create your goals.  

Express Personal Power in New Ways
This quality of Divine Will expresses loving power. Its power creates change and moves energy. You can draw in the power of this Will to release obstacles, to stop struggling to change your life, to move out of stuck places, and to find the shortest, most direct route to your goals. You can tap into its power to have more courage, strength, and fearlessness, so you can make the changes that need to be made to bring about the Divine blueprint of your life.

You can initiate new consciousness about how you use your personal power and your will upon others.  Before taking action, do you reflect on how your actions will impact others?  Are you aware of when it is appropriate to stand by your truth, and when to be open to the opinions of others?  Do you consider the path and goals of others when initiating actions that affect them?  

Observe yourself and how you use your will to get things done.  As you receive from this Will, note if any new ways appear to you to do things that are more skillful, easier, and bring you the results you want while honoring your true Self and the true Self of others.  Note if you become more aware of how your words and actions impact others.  Work with this Will to find new ways to interact with others that are even more effective in feeling oneness with them and in creating common goals.
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Release the Need for Efforting and Pushing
If you are experiencing obstacles, draw in this will to find new ways to achieve the results you seek.  Let this Will increase your patience and assist you in releasing the feeling that you need to effort and push to get what you want.  Rather than pushing through obstacles, draw in this Will and expand your consciousness so you can better know what actions to take that may be obvious and right in front of you.  

This quality of Divine Will doesn't like to be stopped or contained.  Linking with it assists you in finding ways to accomplish things besides pushing and struggling.  Moving energy with Will is easier than working at a personality level to remove obstacles.  Some have compared this to getting behind your car and pushing it to get it somewhere, (personality pushing and efforting) rather than sitting in your car and pushing the gas pedal (Divine Will).  

If too many doors seem to close, if at every step you feel thwarted, if things are constantly hard to create, then stop!  What you are creating is not in flow with Divine Will.  Reexamine what you want, keep linking with this Will, and bring in new consciousness, insights, and awareness about what goals you are meant to create.  

Let Personality Ambition Transform into Divine Inspiration 
As you join with this Will, personal ambition may transform into Divine inspiration.  An expanded consciousness, one that comes from Spirit as the center of being, no longer seeks the same things as a separated self, your personality.  Let it be all right to lose some of the push that comes from personal ambition, and even to let go of some of the activities that personal ambition has been driving you to do.  You may feel as if you will never again get anything meaningful done if you stop pushing, but trust that you will!  You will be filled with Divine Inspiration that will guide you to doing creative, wonderful things that you love with your life.

Ambition of a spiritual kind does lead to achievement, and can be a good thing when the achievement is of those things that are part of the Divine Plan for your life and of your spiritual goals.  Achievement that involves pushing is over-achievement, even if it is for spiritual goals, and does not represent the true activity of your soul. Enjoy letting go of the tension, stress, worry and anxiety that over-ambition can create in your life.   

The Will to Initiate is also the loving destroyer. Its power can be used beneficently to release and dissolve all that veils the light of your spirit. It helps to purify and remove lesser, inappropriate energies from every level of your being. It removes obstacles and everything that stands in the way of spirit, helping you to manifest the Divine plan of your life.

The Will to Initiate cuts through misconceptions and illusions and brings truth and clarity. Eventually the influence of this Great One will conquer the Great Illusion-the illusion of death. The concept of death is a limitation of human consciousness. Humanity will come to know that there is no death, because people will be able to remember other lifetimes. People will have continuity of consciousness between dimensions that will allow them to know that the soul lives on. As this evolutionary change in consciousness occurs, humanity will change in their orientation, and the material world will be infused with spiritual values.

Suggestions on What to Observe
Experience the Will to Initiate as fully as possible, and transmit it to your two goals simply by thinking of them as you connect with and receive the Will to Initiate from the Being who is transmitting it.  Connect with this Being and this quality of Will as often as you want, with or without the audio journeys.  

Allow your consciousness to expand in these and in other areas of your life so that you can see more of the true activity of your soul and how you might bring it about in these areas of your life.  Notice any new insights, perceptions, a larger picture, new perspectives and thoughts, or expanded awareness about these goals and areas of your life, or any other areas of your life.  

Note if energy seems to be withdrawn from certain paths or goals you thought you wanted, and discover if any new goals or paths appear.  Observe if there is any change in your priorities, in the activities you want to do, and any other changes in your body, emotions, or thoughts.   Be at observation about both your inner and outer world.
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