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Greetings from Orin
In this journey you will work with Divine Will to expand your creativity so that you may express yourself creatively in all that you do.  As you express creativity you are living a soul life, for your soul is infinitely creative.

Draw in the Will to Initiate, connecting with the Great One who is transmitting this energy that initiates the true activity of your soul in accordance with the divine plan of your life.  Your soul is very creative.  It expresses its creativity in everything that it does.  As you open to the Will to Initiate, let a new consciousness emerge from within you, the consciousness of expressing creativity, of being creative.  Allow your creativity to blossom.  Ideas, insights, and revelations can come to you as you expand and express your creativity.  Let this Will energize your intention to be creative and to express your creativity. Observe and write about any new feelings, experiences, or insights as you work with this and all of the following Wills to expand your creativity.

Receive a stream of Divine Love from the Being who is transmitting the Will to Unify.  Let it awaken your creativity in your relationships with others and with all life.  

Explore expressing new, creative ways to inspire, to lift, to show compassion and to love yourself and others. 

Find new, creative ways to work with this Will to bring unity between yourself and others.  

Discover new, creative ways to blend with your soul, to unify all the parts of your being.

Link with the Will to Evolve who is transmitting the creative intelligence of the Universal Mind.  This Will assists you in bringing through and creating the goals and visions of your soul and higher self.  It allows you to think creatively in the abstract ways of your higher mind, to see beyond the world of form and understand how the universe works.  

With this Will you can expand your creative ability to penetrate the mysteries of the universe and to know and see the essence and divinity behind all forms.  Use this Will to creatively expand your consciousness, your potential, and your ability to think and be aware.  Let this creative intelligence awaken your creative intelligence.  As you open to this Will, you may experience many new, creative, original, and fresh ideas coming to you about how you can accomplish whatever you are focusing on.  You may have expanded, new ideas about what you can create in your life.  

Your soul sees many creative ways to bring about a goal, and is creative in selecting goals as well.  Take one of your goals, and imagine you are transmitting the Will to Evolve to this goal.  Release your desires for this area of your life, and open up to having even more.  Be creative and inventive in redefining this goal.  Explore any new ideas that come to you about how you can accomplish this goal in the most effective, expansive way. 
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As you explore the Will to Harmonize, let it expand your creativity in knowing and expressing your intuition.  Expand your ability to express your creativity through bringing beauty into your life at every level.  Open up to your soul's creative expressions of beauty such as through movement, art, music, and all your creative expressions that add more beauty to the world.  

Work with this Will to release limitation and to let go of any way that your personality has limited your soul from its creative expressions.  Open to your unlimited capacity for creativity.  Let your soul show you something you could do right now to express your creativity. 

Draw to yourself the Will to Act.  Work with it to link your higher and lower minds as you imagine you are building strand after strand of light connecting your higher mind and your everyday, logical, concrete mind.  As you do this, your creativity will blossom even more.  Your thoughts will become creative.  You will have new thoughts, inventive thoughts, original thoughts.  Open to new seeds of thought, wonderful, joyful, inspiring, and creative thoughts that show you new things to do with your life, show you new directions to go, new paths to try, new possibilities.  Your soul's creative mind is infinitely inventive.  

Explore the Will to Cause, which is the very essence of the urge to create.  It is the creative urge of divinity, of the soul, of spirit.  This is the Will that gives the inspiration that causes manifestation, causes the ideals to form that provide the motivation to create.  Link with this Will so that everything you create is motivated by your soul's ideals, and is in alignment with whatever is for your and other's highest good.  Experience the ability of this Will to strengthen your urge to express your creativity and to lead a creative life.

Work with the Will to Express to bring heaven to earth  This is the Will that brings the higher energies into manifestation in an orderly, rhythmic way.  Become the urge to manifest creatively your life purpose, your goals, your aspirations, and all that is good and beautiful.  

As you work with the Will to Express, become more creative in all the things that you manifest.  Expand your thinking Be precise and take care in the details.  Create by working with the subtle energies and forces, with light and energy, expanding all the creative ways you know to manifest.  With this Will you can expand your ability to creatively bring into being all the dreams, paths, and forms that you need to fulfill your soul's purpose and to live a soul life.  

Think of yourself now as a creative person, experiencing creativity in every area of your life.
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