Will 2: The Will to Unify
Developing Vision

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The Will to Unify: Developing Soul Vision
Connecting with the Will to Unify
Personality Love Transforms into Divine Love
Crisis of Vision
Expressing Divine Love
People's Experiences of the Will to Unify
Suggestions on what to observe
Working with your goals

For the study of the 2nd Will, listen to program 4 of Orin's Millennium Journeys, Part 1: Transforming with Divine Will as well as work with the information below.

The Will to Unify: Developing Soul Vision
The Will to Unify is a wonderful aspect of Divine Will to receive and to transform your life. The Will to Unify is a wonderful aspect of Divine Will to draw into your life to expand your vision, to dissolve all barriers, to feel your oneness with all life, and to unify all the parts of yourself.  This Will unifies your personality, soul, and spirit.  Many of you will find this aspect of Divine Will to be the most familiar, comfortable, and powerful of all 7 qualities. This is the quality of that is strongest on the planet at this time. The world teachers of Divine Love are radiating this energy to humanity and its note of unity is sounding throughout the higher kingdoms, as well as through the human, animal, and vegetable kingdoms.

The Great Life who transmits the quality of Divine Will known as the Will to Unify is also known as the Ray Lord or custodian of the energies of love-wisdom. The energy radiated by this Great Life is the most prevalent of all the 7 rays and qualities of Divine Will. This energy will become increasingly potent over the next two thousand years, guiding humanity into positive and loving relationships with one other, and into the loving treatment of all that is non-human.

The basic energy of Will coming from this Great One is the Will to unify, to synthesize, to produce coherence and mutual attraction, and to bring opposites together, creating unity in diversity.  Its magnetic love transforms all life it touches.  It takes those things that are separate and makes them whole.  Its lowest expression in matter is the attraction between people, including physical attraction and physical union, and its highest expression is the attraction and fusion of spirit and matter.  As you work with it you can sense more of the whole, of the oneness, and know your path and purpose as a part of this greater whole.

The Will to Unify provides the underlying energy that propels individual units to join together to form something that is greater than the individual parts, such as when atoms come together to form molecules and molecules come together to form cells. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts; each increasing level of wholeness has a new level of awareness and new properties.

Unfolding the Divine blueprint of your life
involves knowing yourself as part of a larger universe

You manifest the Divine plan of your life in the context of the greater whole of all life of which you are a part. You are not an isolated individual, operating in a vacuum. You exist both as an individual, and as part of a larger whole. You live within the context of other humans, animals, plants, and nature; within a world and culture that shapes you and acts upon you. You are part of a vast oneness, as well as an individual.

Because you are a part of a larger universe, everything you do affects others. Every thought you have goes out into the universe and either adds to the light available, or takes away from the light available to others. At every moment you are either moving toward unity with your soul and with the greater whole of life, or moving away from it. There are no neutral actions.

With the Will to Unify you can
expand your consciousness

As you work with the Will to Unify you can release anything that separates you from knowing yourself as a soul, from knowing yourself as part of the group soul of humanity and from knowing your oneness with the enlightened ones and with God/Goddess/All-That-Is.

The higher the level of wholeness you can access, the more your consciousness expands. When you link with your soul your consciousness expands into your soul's perspective and vision. When you connect with the group soul of humanity you can access aspects of consciousness that belong to the expanded awareness of all human souls.

You can also expand your consciousness by linking with the souls of the enlightened ones who guide humanity. Your consciousness expands from self-conscious to super conscious, all the way up to the recognition that you can become one with the Infinite and expand into God-Consciousness. With each expansion you can unfold more of the Divine plan of your life.

You can link with the Will to Unify
to awaken soul vision

You can connect with and draw in the energy of the Will to Unify to develop soul vision. Drawing in the Will to Unify can assist you in awakening your inner sight, your third eye, located in an area between your eyes. As your third eye awakens, it gives your soul a window through which to look out at your life and to distribute its energy into your life. With this enhanced vision, your ability to unify your personality and soul, and to find unity with the souls of others and with all life increases. This awakening gives you a greater ability to see the world as your soul does, and to take your next evolutionary step of working in the world of souls, so you can eventually live as a soul in the kingdom of souls.

This quality of Divine Will brings you the gift of clear vision; you can see more of the larger picture and know how all the parts of the whole relate to each other.  With this vision you can know what is to be loved and how to love. It brings you vision of your right relationship to other people and to all life. The aspect of Divine Will transmitted by this Great One enables you to see your path, others who are on the path, your soul, the souls of others, and the beings of light who are guiding humanity. 

The Will to Unify adds to your ability to lead, to teach, to heal, and to serve others in the highest way.  With your vision of unity and love, you can dissolve barriers between yourself and others.  You can stop behaviors and feelings that cause you to feel separate, superior, inferior, or critical of others.  You become more whole and complete within yourself, and your radiance of this energy helps others to feel the same way. 

Drawing in the Will to Unify to awaken your third eye and develop soul vision expands your ability to connect with the souls of all life. Connecting with others at the soul level can transform your experience of them and the outcome of any situation. Through knowing yourself as a soul and connecting with the souls of others, you can create the most good and have the most impact on any life you contact, helping to create the Divine blueprint of all your relationships. Your soul is love itself, and vision comes from love.

With the Will to Unify you can gain the vision to sense the souls of all life. You can know your oneness with the souls of beings from other kingdoms–both higher and lower–and experience an increasingly larger universe. This brings you new perspectives and vision; instead of viewing life from the perspective of a small, separated fragment of the whole (your personality), you know that you are part of and connected to an infinite universe. Your vision of your own path and purpose becomes clearer in these expanded contexts. With awakened vision your actions are wiser and more aligned with the Divine plan for all life.

With the vision that comes from seeing things from a larger perspective, you can perceive more clearly what is needed and have a greater sense of the "right" thing to do that will be better aligned with the higher good of all life, carry more energy, make a difference, and have more impact. You will have more opportunities to add more light and love to the world. You will be richly rewarded when you take action, even though you are not taking action because of an expected reward.

With soul vision you can rise above negativity and illusions, and see the goodness and beauty that lies within and behind all outer forms and events. Soul vision gives you the inner sight that allows you to see and decode the information sent to you from the Will to Initiate through the ring-shaped lights filled with the Divine blueprint for various areas of your life and work.

Bring unity between all the parts of your being

You can join with this Being to expand your magnetic love and to bring unity to all parts of your being-your personality, soul, and spirit. This Will can assist you in blending all the aspects of your personality, such as the playful child, the stern parent, the rebel, the nice person, and so on (sometimes these parts are called subpersonalities), into a blended whole that is greater than any one aspect of your personality by itself.

This is the Will that brings past, present and future together. It assists you in having continuity of consciousness and the ability to know and work with your past and future selves. This Will gives you the ability to sense and know your guardian angel, as well as the Angel of the Presence, which embodies all of the qualities you will someday have as your own.
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Connecting with the Will to Unify
What follows is a process to connect with the Great One transmitting the Will to Unify. You can use this process the first time you make this connection, and any time you want to deepen your alignment with this Being who transmits the Will aspects of unity and vision.

  1. Start by adjusting your body so that it is comfortable and relaxed. Allow yourself to grow calm and peaceful. Let your thoughts become quieter.
  2. Using your imagination, combined with your intention to make a connection, sense the Great Life who embodies and radiates the Will to Unify. Feel the gentle, soft, steady, patient, loving energy of this Being calling out to you and inviting you to make a connection.
  3. Call upon the Will to Unify and open to its response to you. Energy is always sent in response to your request. Become more familiar with this Being and its energy. Notice what it feels like to make this connection and be receptive to this energy. What is different from the Will to Initiate?
  4. Explore what it feels like to receive the beautiful, soft, radiant energy you have requested. Imagine that this Will is making your energy softer, lighter, and magnetic to all that is good and beautiful.
  5. Try making a connection with the Will to Unify throughout the day, in various situations, or in meditation. Note any changes in your consciousness or in the outer situation.

Personality Love Transforms into Divine Love
As you transform with this Will, it expands your vision of how to love.  As you link with your soul and spirit, you can experience Divine Love.  Divine Love can feel impersonal, for it is not concerned with making people "feel good."  Divine Love is unselfish and does not respond to the often selfish desires of the personality to give love just to get love in return.  Divine Love offers love that truly empowers people to become more whole, to find their unity with all life, and to bring about the higher vision and purpose of their lives. 

As you experience the Will to Unify and its transmission of Divine Love that unifies and creates vision, you may recognize ways you are offering love that aren't empowering others to become more unified with their higher selves and souls.  One sign that this Will is transforming your life will be your awakening vision of higher ways to love yourself and others.  

Be gentle with yourself if you start seeing that many things you thought you were doing that were loving - saving people from their problems, giving up your life to take care of loved ones, avoiding confrontation, and so on, may not be the highest way to love and empower people.   You may feel sad or even devastated when you realize that the ways you expressed love were not truly empowering others.  

For instance, you may have thought you were being noble by giving up all your needs and spending your time solving everyone's problems.  As your vision expands and your love becomes wiser, you realize that loving others in this way has been taking away their lessons and actually keeping them from growing and becoming stronger.  Rather than seeing yourself as an altruistic, sacrificing person, you come to see that focusing on other's lives has been an escape from making your own life work, and hasn't truly been serving others, either.  And, others may become resentful and unappreciative of all you have done, leading to feelings of self-pity.   

As you work with the Will to Unify you may have glimpses, small at first, of new, higher ways you can express love, ways that honor your true self and the true self of others.  You may need to say and do things that serve the souls of others, but that may not always make the "personality self" of others feel good.  Your self-image of pleasing everyone may not hold true when you take higher action that serves someone's soul but might not please his or her personality. 

With Divine Love, you put people's higher good above being popular.  For instance, you may recognize that whatever others are experiencing is brought to them by their souls to help them become stronger and wiser, and you stop taking away their lessons.  Or, you may start setting boundaries, honor yourself and your time by saying "no," and by asserting yourself.  

Some of the gifts that the Will to Unify and this Ray offer is that this Will can dissolve barriers between you and others.  It can assist you in negating attitudes and thoughts that separate you from others such as criticism and feelings of being misunderstood, unappreciated, and so on.   

As you draw in the Will to Unify you become magnetic with the radiance of this energy.  Your love becomes inclusive of a larger and larger group.  You feel your oneness with others; you can sense the soul of others and feel the love that radiates from their souls.  With this soul connection you can recognize the best in people, and help them to bring it about simply through your awareness of this part of them.  You gain the vision of the whole of which you are a part, expanding from your center of self to include all life, the environment, all souls, the Masters, Angels, and Enlightened Ones.  

You may be challenged as you work with this will to face your fears.  Some of the emotions that may come up to be transformed are self-pity, (the primary emotion that this ray brings up), resentment, feeling weak and overwhelmed, and over-sensitivity to other people's actions toward you.  You may observe times when you feel separate from others, and your great desire to feel at one with them.  Drawing in your soul's qualities of love and compassion for others and for yourself will assist you with these challenges.

This can also bring up, for the purpose of being healed, feelings of inferiority, of not measuring up either to other people's expectations, or to your own expectations of yourself.  It is love itself that needs to be applied to these feelings so they can be healed.   

You may also become aware of your attachments as you draw in this Will.  Notice if you come face to face with attachment to having people act in certain ways, or to having your way. Hanging on to others and trying to get certain actions and responses from them becomes a burden, and burdens whoever you are attached to.  Practice giving freedom and unconditional love to your loved ones.  Let it be all right if they don't act the way you want them to.  Try not being so sensitive to any perceived slights, radiate love and compassion, connect with their souls, and let the energy flow between you at the soul level.   
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Crisis of Vision
As your vision grows, you may experience a "crisis of vision."  You may experience a crisis because some ideal you are holding of yourself is challenged.   For instance, if you have always imagined yourself to be the perfect loving person who is loved by everybody, who pleases and makes everybody happy, then it may feel like a crisis to realize that all the while you thought of yourself as being so wonderful and loving, you were really doing what you did so people would love you back. Your new vision may show you that you were simply acting out of fear of not being loved rather than truly wanting to serve people.  Crises of vision come about because the first thing you often see more clearly are your perceived "defects and faults."   

As you continue to link with the Will to Unify and expand your vision, you will need to forgive your past self, knowing that it was doing the best it knew how based on a limited vision.  Realize it takes time to change, and keep aligning with Divine Will.  Allow yourself to change at whatever pace is right for you.  Love yourself even when you see old behaviors coming up, and you will be able to implement new behaviors more easily. 

The crisis of seeing and recognizing old patterns can be a difficult time.  You haven't yet brought about the new pattern, and you find that you are still acting (out of habit) in old ways.  Now you may be even harder on yourself with this new vision, expecting yourself to change overnight so you can be "perfect" once again.  Don't be hard on yourself, but congratulate yourself for having become aware of a new vision of how you can live, act, and express yourself. 

Expressing Divine Love
One way to express Divine Love is to connect with your soul, and imagine that you are connecting to other people's souls.  Transmit the Will to Unify to their soul, and open to a new vision of how you can express your love.  You may or may not receive a vision of an action you can take.  One of the highest ways you can love others is to simply send them soul love.   

You can use your connection to the Will to Initiate to gain the strength and courage you need to express love in new ways.  For instance, you may become aware that you need to stop solving other people's problems for them, and let them solve their own problems.  You may see that you need to take the "unloving but higher action" (unloving as seen from the undeveloped personality point of view) and turn people's lives back over to them and their souls, thus empowering them to make real shifts.  Or, you may recognize that you need to act in loving but more assertive ways, and do things that honor your true self. 

People's Experiences of the Will to Unify
The Will to Unify brings you vision of the larger whole of life and your connection to all life.  This quality of Divine Will brings unity between you and the higher kingdoms–the Angels, Masters and Guides, and beings of light.  As you work with this Will, you may experience a desire to meet and connect with your guide, guardian angel, Enlightened Ones, angels, and your soul.  Some people started reading about channeling, some started channeling or connecting with their guides, and others found their connection to higher beings growing stronger.  

The Will to Unify links your past, present, and future selves.  You may find yourself remembering things you had forgotten about your past, or having insights about your future.  You may experience old friends reconnecting with you.  Some people had memories or dreams about past lives, showing them something important that they were learning in this life.  Some reported that old friends they hadn't heard from for awhile initiated contact with them again.  Others had clear memories of childhood events that had shaped their thinking in negative ways.  They were drawn to working with processes such as age regression to rewrite old memories and to erase the decisions they had made about the nature of reality that no longer served them. 

The Will to Unify brings together past, present, and future.  Time and space, the inner and the outer, begin to merge.  You may find that there is no longer a delay between when something happens and your receiving insights and information about why it is happening.  You might experience times when the choices you can make and the consequences of those choices are visible to you simultaneously.

Some people felt more emotional than usual after connecting with the Will to Unify.  Others felt that they were experiencing unloved parts of themselves that had finally come to the surface to be recognized and healed through love.  People found feelings they had rejected and parts of themselves they had ignored came up to be handled.  As they loved and accepted these feelings and parts of themselves - the sad self, the angry self, the lonely self, and so on, the unloved self was healed and the feelings transformed. 

Many people noticed a change in how they felt about themselves as they connected with the Will to Unify.  When you begin to Unify your personality and soul, it may not feel as if you are the same person.  Your old self is leaving, and a new self is being born.  Some felt the changes were going on right beneath the surface, while others felt that the changes were more visible.  Some people felt a bit disjointed, like the pieces don't fit together the way they used to. 

Some people experienced a crisis of vision when they saw areas where they were not as loving or evolved as they thought they were.  They felt like they were facing their shadow side.  Experiencing their shadow side made some people feel vulnerable, fragile, or sad.  However, they did know that these feelings would pass, and they tried to not push them away. If your shadow self comes up or you find yourself spiraling downward, keep connecting with the magnificent Being who is transmitting the Will to Unify. These shadow selves come up so you can bring these parts of yourself and these feelings into the light where they can become a part of the wholeness and be healed. 

Another challenge you may find is that your personality resists being unified with your soul.  It is used to duality–to swinging back and forth from feeling high, feeling low, feeling happy, feeling sad, and so on. The personality is familiar with these mood swings and may feel empty or scared to feel balance, peace, and love rather than dramatic emotions.  The personality sees everything in the light of bad/good, positive/negative, easy/difficult. Work with the Will to Unify to get out of these dualities, and to experience the universe as perfect, as it is when you see it through the eyes of your soul.  

As you work with this Divine Will energy, you become magnetic with love that unifies all the energies around you.  You can use this energy to feel your oneness with others.  Many found that drawing in this quality of Will made them magnetic to people and had wonderful experiences with friends and people.  Some people felt more social than usual as they worked with the Will to Unify.  They felt more connected to and at ease with people.  Others, however, felt a greater need to spend time alone.  They hadn't felt they deserved to spend time alone, doing things they loved, and now were giving themselves permission to do so.  

Some people found that this Will brought to their awareness places where they were not unified with others.  A few people reported that issues that needed to be healed came to the surface to be worked on.  They needed to confront relationship issues that had been pushed into the background but now were coming up for resolution.  When you work with the Will to Unify you may find that the places in your life that are out of alignment with your higher self and where you are not feeling "one" with others come up to be healed and changed.

If you find yourself experiencing unpleasant interactions with people, the universe is giving you a wonderful opportunity to connect with and transmit the Will to Unify to transform these situations.  You can connect with the Will to Unify and transmit it to others during any situation where you want to feel at one with others and transform negative feelings.  You may find that you can move through upsetting emotions more quickly than usual and see things from a higher perspective–from the perspective of your higher self and soul.   When you transmit the Will to Unify, people will respond to whatever degree they are sensitive to this energy.  What may change the most is your feelings about the situation.  And, even the situation itself may transform into something better.

This quality of Divine Will brings you the gift of clear vision; you can see others who are on a spiritual path and recognize where they are in their spiritual development.  With this awareness your compassion and forgiveness grows.  It becomes easier to detach when people act in unloving ways, for you can see that they do not yet know a better way to act.

As you join with the Will to Unify and expand your sense of oneness with others and all life, self-pity and blame are replaced with self-love.  You begin to see the power you have to create your own reality and to make your dreams come true.  People commented as they worked with the Will to Unify that they were beginning to see how they created everything in their lives.  They realized that other people were not creating obstacles and difficulties for them, but these were created by themselves.  One commented, "I feel like I understand on a deeper level that I and I alone create my life, and that I and I alone can change my life."

Seeing clearly where others are on the path assists you in wisely choosing people to work with, or partners and life-mates.  This expanded vision helps you to guide, counsel, heal, and teach those who might come to you.  You no longer impose your desires on others, but help draw out of people their essence, their higher patterns, wisdom, and potential. 

The Will to Unify can be used to bring unity to groups, between yourself and group members, and between one group and other groups.  Several people had great success with company meetings and group plans by transmitting the Will to Unify to the group. 

When you work with the Will to Unify your vision of the whole of life increases.  Your ability to see your path and purpose grows.  Your heart calls to you to follow your joy and do what you love with your life.  You become magnetic to your higher good.  You may find your goals changing as you work with the Will to Unify.  Those goals that call to your heart may reveal themselves to you.  The goals you are energizing that are not in alignment with your soul's purpose and that do not reflect your heart's desires may change. 

As you work with Divine Will, your desires will clarify, and new directions may emerge.  The Will to Unify brings a vision of your next step.  When you take this step it will open up your next step.  If you have not been able to see how to create your dreams and goals, work with this quality of Will to expand your vision so that you can see what step is next for you to take.

The directions that emerge may be very subtle at first, and not seem to point to any career or way to make money.  You may have been taught not to pay attention to your dreams and that following them might lead to poverty!  As you expand your vision with the Will to Unify, you will start seeing what you most want to do that calls to your heart.  You may even get ideas of a life path that have not occurred to you before.  Nurture your dreams and listen to your heart.  Start small and do things you love that bring you joy, even if these things seem impractical and you cannot imagine that doing them will lead to a career.   Doing things you love will always lead you to greater prosperity because your love is magnetic and draws to you all you need to succeed.  

This is the Will that builds gradually, is patient, and works steadily toward a goal.  It draws everything it needs to itself through its magnetic love and through feeling at one with all life.  There is no sense of efforting and pushing to accomplish goals, but instead a respect for working with the flows that are present.  As you think about your goals and dreams and connect with the Will to Unify, you may notice that you begin to relax more about your goals, there is not such a sense of urgency, and you feel more trust that what you want will come to you at the perfect time and in the perfect form. 

Suggestions on What to Observe
Experience the Will to Unify as fully as possible.  Connect with this Being and this quality of Will as often as you want, with or without the tapes.  Experience the magnetic aura of this being and strengthen your magnetic aura, your aura of love and wholeness.  As you expand your vision and see more of the bigger picture, note what stands out for you about your goals and how you can bring about more unity. Expand your vision of your life, and see how everything you do fits into a greater whole.  Observe how your goals fit in with the bigger picture of your life and how you are a part of a much larger whole.  Notice from this expanded perspective what to love.  This could mean loving and honoring the souls of others, rather than their personalities.  It could mean loving foods that are healthy and good for you.  Some of the qualities this Will carries: calmness, patience, endurance, love of truth, faithfulness, and a serene temper.  

Working with your goals
Write down the two areas you are working on as they were when you started, and then note any changes in your goals after working with the Will to Unify.  How has your vision about this area changed your goals, or are you even more certain that these are the appropriate goals to energize?  Note how you feel emotionally, physically, or mentally. 
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