Divine Will and Millennium Energies

First Orin Channeling on Millennium Energies and Divine Will 
Second Orin Channeling on Millennium Energies and Divine Will

First Message About Divine Will and the Millennium Energies
Greetings from Orin!
Now that the new Millennium is here, the impact of the energies of light that have been coming from the higher dimensions (an impact you may have been feeling for years) is stronger and more available to everyone that ever before. 

Divine Will is more potent than ever before on the earth plane.  In the past, Divine Will as stepped down by the Masters and Enlightened Ones for humanity.  Divine Will is now directly available to each person, allowing you to better create the divine Plan and blueprint of your life and to expand your consciousness to all new levels. 

The energies present are those that beckon you inward, to discover more about yourself and to develop some of the inner qualities you have been wanting to express in your life. For some, this may be learning new skills or developing new mental abilities. For others this may mean an expansion of love, learning how to love themselves more or to have more compassion for others. It may mean learning new kinds of love.

The incoming currents of Divine Will stimulate the desire to expand your consciousness, to evolve the forms in your life, and to contact the higher energies of your soul and Divine Self. Contact with Divine Will brings new awareness, increases your vision, deepens your intuition, harmonizes your soul and personality, releases limitations, and liberates your spirit from the bonds of matter.

For some people, this inflow of Divine Will is opening up their group work. Others are finding an increase in their ability to sense and work with subtle energies. The impact of the Divine Will energy is also increasing people's desires to live in harmony with the deepest part of their being–to live their truth and to follow their dreams.

As this energy of Divine Will grows stronger, you may experience times of intensity in various areas of your life. Whatever you are doing may have a deeper sense of meaning and a greater impact than usual. For instance, you may go higher in your meditations, and have deeper insights or a better quality of meditation than usual. (And at other times you will find no impulse to meditate.) The intensity of your desire to be alone may be stronger than usual at times. You may find nature, the sun, and the outdoors calling to you. You may feel as if you are becoming more aware of yourself, of your inner life, and of your dreams.

The most important advice we can give you is to follow the flow, and to not push yourself into doing things you don't feel like doing. Trust and surrender to the deeper flow in your life that is beginning to make itself more strongly felt. Re-examine your obligations and "duties." Awaken the magical child within you that wants to dance and play. Release any fear of the unknown and fear of change, and embrace the new energies that are coming. They bring wonderful changes, new joy, and much love as you open to them.

You can bring the energies of Divine Will into your life simply by asking for them. Use the links below for more information about Divine Will.

Consciously draw in these energies of Divine Will. As you receive these energies you assist humanity by becoming an anchor for them on the earth plane. They will transform your life and consciousness as you receive them.
Use the Light Play exercise Receiving Divine Will to align with some of the qualities of Divine Will that are coming to earth.

Imagine transmitting these energies to humanity after you draw them into yourself. If enough people draw in these qualities of will and transmit them to humanity, enormous evolutionary and positive changes will come about. 
To transmit Divine Will, go to the Light Play Transmitting Divine Will and follow the instructions there.  

We send you our blessings and love.~Orin

Second Message on Divine Will from Orin
Many powerful spiritual energies are flowing into the earth plane. These energies are purifying the denser energies that block light, allowing matter and substance to respond to and hold more light. You might feel the impact of this energy as a need to change your diet to create a more light-filled body, to transform your environment, or to release denser energies in whatever form they appear in your life.

This new energy is a wonderful force of Divine Will and light that releases limitations and whatever veils your inner light, so that your soul and spirit can shine through more brightly. If something wants to leave your life, let it go. Know that in some way it was keeping your light from shining as brightly as it could. Embrace the new and welcome change, knowing that nothing ever leaves unless something better is coming.

Another quality of this energy is organization. This inflowing spiritual energy organizes all the energies about into a more beautiful pattern.  You may find yourself wanting to create more order and organization in your life, putting everything around you into patterns of greater beauty. Perhaps you want to reorganize your house, or your time and schedule. Pay attention to your inner messages about what areas of your life could be organized into more beautiful patterns, and take action to do so.

Another quality of the energy coming to earth is the quality of synthesizing, unity, and oneness. The ideal of group service and working together for common goals is increasing. You can see the influence of this energy in the worldwide peace meditations and in all the group work that is occurring.

You live in marvelous times. If you focus on your spiritual growth, connect with your soul, awaken your inner light and light body, and use the tools of growth you know, you can experience these new energies as an amazing boost to reach expanded states of consciousness, to awaken your heart, to discover your life purpose, to create loving relationships and abundance, and to manifest your next steps. You will enjoy these energies if you open to the new, release old ways of thinking, love and honor yourself and your path, and surrender to this pull of higher evolution rather than resist it. 

Whenever you feel turbulence, anxiety, depression, or other emotions like these, take time to attune to the higher energies and draw in these energies of flow, light, peace, and joy that are available. Some people feel the impact of these spiritual energies as turbulence and anxiety; if you are feeling this way then it is even more important to reach upward to regain your balance.

An important step you can take, that  will change your life for the better, is to make a conscious connection to your soul and divine Self. Connecting with the higher parts of your being, even for a few minutes, is a powerful way to align with the spiritual energies that are coming in and to transform your emotions.

You can work with the meditation, Blending with Your Soul to assist you in making soul contact. If you take a few seconds, even while you are at work, driving, with friends, shopping, or in meditation to connect with your soul, you will be creating a channel of light for your soul's light to flow into you. Your soul will open doorways to even higher energies and to other aspects of your being. Draw in Divine Will and the spiritual energies that are flowing into the earth plane and tap into the spiritual power they bring for transformation and growth.

Connect with your soul right before you fall asleep. Your soul not only sends you guidance, but it will send you energy to initiate new paths, and withdraw energy from other paths that are not right for you.
Use the following link to read more about receiving soul impressions.

If you have already blended with your soul and would like to reach even higher, you may want read about the Divine Self, and how to contact it. 

Remember, you are the one who must take the actions that are indicated. Pay attention to what you feel drawn to do, and take action on the whispers and new paths that seem to call to your heart so you can create your ideal life.

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