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Greetings from Orin
This is a journey on working with Divine Will to bring about an environment that supports you in living a soul life, a life that has the right amount of quiet, light, energy flow, and everything you need to live your life purpose and to feel supported in the world.  

Open to receive a stream of energy from the Will to Initiate.  Feel this pure, raw power, the electrical energy of this Will.  Bring it down through the top of your head to the base of your spine, linking your personal will with your soul's will, and awakening new consciousness, awareness, insights, and revelations about what environment would support you in living a soul life.  

As you link with the Will to Initiate you can gain a new awareness of your environment--an awareness of the way energy flows, of the light around you, of the air you breathe, and of all the energies you live in and around.  With Divine Will you are initiating the consciousness to recognize the changes that need to be made so that your environment can support you in living a soul life and in creating your life purpose.  

You can work with the Will to Initiate to have new insights about your environment and the energies about you.  With more awareness you have a greater ability to know, to see, to become aware of, and to create your ideal environment.  Think of your environment now, and bring in a new awareness of the energies you live in and around as you connect with the Will to Initiate.

Observe and write about any new feelings, experiences, or insights as you work with this and all of the following Wills to create a supportive, ideal environment.

Draw in the magnetic love of the Will to Unify that is flowing out from the Great One transmitting this quality of Divine Will.  It is the Will to Unify that assists you in being in right relationship with all life.  Broadcast this Will to your neighborhood, to your community, and to the plants and animals around you.  This is the Will that brings love and unity with all energies you are around.  

As a personality, blended with your soul, radiate a magnetic love that unifies you with all the energy around you.  Become magnetic to love and good energy as you fill up with the Will to Unify.  Become magnetic to soul energies and to energies of light.  You can enhance all the life force energy around you with your radiance, your connection to your soul, and with the Will to Unify flowing out of you.

Link with the Will to Evolve, to the Great One who is transmitting this energy that evolves your consciousness and the forms in your life.  With this Will streaming into you, get silent within.  Let go of the plans of your personality and any desires that you have for your ideal environment.  Open to the vision and plans of your soul, to its wisdom of what your ideal environment would be like.  Let in your soul's power to create your ideal environment.  

Feel your creativity expanding as you link with the Will to Evolve.  A wealth of ideas are pouring into you of new ways to create your ideal environment, of new aspects about your ideal environment.  As you link with this Will you can strengthen your ability to see the specific steps you need to take to create a supportive environment.  You are able to plan, strategize, and analyze what is needed.  As this Will flows into you, your consciousness is evolving -- your ability to sense, to know, and to create your ideal environment.
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Work with the Will to Harmonize to release limitation.  This is the Will of balance and emotional flow, the Will that assists in creating beauty in everything it is transmitted to.  Draw in this Will and see it flowing out into your environment, adding a wave of beauty as it moves outward, touching every object around you.  Transmit this energy to the walls of your house, to the outdoors, all the way into your community, then further and further out.  

Let these waves of harmony travel through you, bringing beauty, light, and harmony all about you. Your soul loves beauty, harmony, and light.  As you bring these qualities into your life, you are expressing yourself as a soul, doing the work of your soul.  You have the ability to create an environment that supports you, that nurtures you, and that adds to your light.

Call to you the energy of the Will to Act, to enhance your ability to think and act in ways that lead to your liberation.  As you do this you release your attachment to the forms in your life, to any that no longer serve you.  You can more easily release any form, environment, or anything you have created  that cannot hold your new light.  Imagine that the new forms that represent your greater light--forms that will bring you freedom, and that will leave your soul and spirit free, are coming to you. 

Draw the Will to Act into your mind so that you can see clearly what to bring into your life and what to release.  This knowledge will come to you at the right time, and in the right way.  

Stand in God's pure light. Let it move through you and flow out into your environment, adding this pure light to all the energy around you.  Take time now to picture this pure light flowing into everything you can think of as you hold it and radiate it.

Link with the Will to Cause, the urge to creative action based on the ideals of your soul.  Fill up with this energy and transmit it to your environment.  This is the Will that will bring about your soul's ideals in every area of your life.  Work with this Will to add light, beauty, harmony, order, and love to your environment.  You are creating an environment that allows you to better carry out your soul's goals and to become a brighter light, so that you can add love and light to the world in easier and better ways.  You are creating an ideal environment that serves you in living a soul life.

The Will to Cause strengthens your ability to release any forms that do not serve you, usually created by your personality, based on personality ideals.  If there is anything that you need to release or change about your environment, let this come into your mind.  Draw in the Will to Cause and say to yourself, "I now Will this to leave my life," knowing as you say this that Divine Will is working through you and with you for this to happen.

Connect with the Will to Express, bringing the energy of this Will into you.  This is the quality of Divine Will that brings into physical manifestation all the inner work you have been doing to create a supportive environment.  It is this Will that propels light to go forth from the higher realms into the physical world, so you can experience in physical reality what you have been creating in your mind.  

With this Will,  and all the work you have done with the other qualities of Divine Will, you are ready to create about you your ideal, supportive environment.  You can manifest your ideal environment so that where you live, the people you are around, and all the energies about you are in alignment with your soul. 

As the Will to Express flows through you, you are setting the energy for the creation of your ideal environment -- an environment with beauty, music, art, nature, light, and all that you need.  With this Will you manifest with care to detail, with focus and precision.  You have the persistence and patience to bring about your ideal, supportive environment. The changes will come in right timing, step by step, in a rhythmic, orderly way.  

You can transmit the Will to Express to your environment to bring the angelic kingdom into your environment.  Invite the angelic kingdom into your home and life, if you choose.  Let ideas come to you about what you could create in your environment - music, art, beauty, fragrances, flowers, plants, and so on that would be inviting to the Angelic kingdom.   

Let all 7 Wills flow through you, radiating in waves outward, organizing everything around you into a higher pattern of greater beauty.

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