Will 4: The Will to Harmonize
Deepening Intuition

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The Will to Harmonize
Contacting the Will to Harmonize
The Will to Harmonize Additional Information
Suggestions on what to observe
Practice 1 Honoring Your Intuition
Practice 2 Using the Searchlight of Intuition
Practice 3 Making Good Decisions
Practice 4 Releasing Obstacles to Following Your Intuition

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The Will to Harmonize
You can use the transformative energy of the Great One who is transmitting the Will to Harmonize. This Great Life is known by other names, such as the Ray of Harmony through Conflict, the Lord of Harmony, Beauty, and Art, the Great Revealer, the Divine Intermediary, and the Mountain upon which Form Dies. Reflecting on these names can reveal much about the energy that this Great Life embodies and transmits to humanity.

The Will to Harmonize is in the middle of the seven Divine Wills and the planes of consciousness they link you with. There are three qualities of Divine Will that are higher, i.e. closer to the realms of pure God-Consciousness (The Will to Initiate, the Will to Unify, and the Will to Evolve) and there are three that are lower, i.e. closer to the physical world (the Will to Cause, the Will to Act, and the Will to Express).

Because it is a bridge between the lower and higher worlds, you can connect with the Will to Harmonize to "travel upward" and align with the higher forces in the universe. Although you can make this alignment without the Will to Harmonize, working with it assists you in coming into more complete alignment and harmony with the higher energies you get in touch with.

This Will harmonizes the initial conflict that happens when two dissimilar energies, of different vibrations, qualities and frequencies, make contact. It allows them to come together in harmony, such as the energies of your personality and the energies of your soul.

The Will to Harmonize links you with the higher worlds and allows you to expand your consciousness in every possible way through identification with them. It can facilitate your being in harmony with the Divine Plan of the Universe, with the Masters, Enlightened Ones, Angels, and God/Goddess/All-That-Is. You can call in the power of the Will to Harmonize to strengthen your ability to harmonize the energy of your personality with your soul and align with the Divine Plan for your life. You can use the energy of the Will to Harmonize as a bridge linking you with all that is light and good within you, helping you to experience God-Consciousness.

The Will to Harmonize can reveal aspects of your highest path. It reveals the formless, subtle worlds of energy that are the cause and guiding force behind all outer events. It helps you harmonize with the Divine blueprint of your life and bring that Blueprint into the physical world.

The Will to Harmonize is a bridge that brings energies from the higher dimensions into the physical world. Its energy of wholeness and harmony can reach into the densest levels of matter, helping all life at every level of evolution to expand in consciousness and to realize their divinity and beauty.

The Will to Harmonize is a force of beauty, harmony, unity, and balance. It opens the possibility for all outer forms and happenings to be infused with the beauty of the higher, subtle worlds. You can call upon this Will to help you create harmony and beauty in all areas of your life, including creating beautiful emotions of calm and peace, a balanced life, art, music, and literature, a harmonious, beautiful environment, and anything else you want to infuse with beauty, harmony, balance, and unity.

The Will to Harmonize helps you stay on your higher path by releasing limitations. It releases the limitations and conflict you can experience by living in the physical world, a world of polarities. It helps you balance between, and then transcend the pairs of opposites. Being pulled between the pairs of opposites is a source of much conflict. When you go toward anything, you also encounter its opposite, seen as an opposing force. This opposing force is usually viewed as the limitation, the battlefield, and the source of conflict.

You can work with the Will to Harmonize to find balance as you walk on the "razor's edge" between the pairs of opposites. You can learn to go towards those things you want to create and minimize the impact of the opposing forces. You can stay in the center of your being, moving forward, rather than being caught swinging back and forth between the opposing forces.

The Will to Harmonize has the ability to blend and harmonize higher and lower energies, so that which is lower and closer to form (such as your personality) does not resist the higher energies it can contact. It helps harmonize your personality desires with your soul's desires. Its energy helps release the limitations that form and substance (your mind, emotions, body, and matter itself) put upon your innermost self, your soul and spirit. Your personality becomes increasingly infused with the love, light, wisdom, creativity, power, will, and the higher intelligence of your soul. Your personality gains new power to live as your soul, and to carry out the Divine Plan of your life.

You can evoke the Will to Harmonize to strengthen all forms of intuition. Your intuition is your ability to sense and know a greater truth that is often veiled by the outer appearance of things. Intuition tells you what actions to take to bring the greatest good into your life. The Will to Harmonize can enhance spiritual intuition, where you intuitively know and sense your oneness with others and all life. It can enhance your mental intuition, your ability to receive breakthrough ideas and new insights that come in a flash, or in a moment of "ah ha!" where you suddenly know what to do. Intuition can also come through your feelings or a physical, body sense.

It is through listening to and using your intuition that you can know how to harmonize with the greater whole of life, release conflict, and experience the peace and love of your soul. As humanity comes more completely under the influence of this Ray, intuitional awareness will become the norm and there will be oneness, love, and harmony.

The influence of this Will is beginning to touch humanity once again, and will be in its full flower throughout the next 600 years. Its influence will bring all manifested life into harmony with Spirit through harmonizing the higher aspects of the Self with the personality. This alignment will allow many people to make great and rapid spiritual advancement. There will be a corresponding rapid adjustment in human affairs, particularly in connecting with and manifesting Divine Will.

The first 3 qualifies of Divine Will you have called upon -- the Will to Initiate, the Will to Unify, and the Will to Evolve -- are considered the 3 major rays. The qualities of the Will to Harmonize as well as the next 3 Rays: the Will to Act, the Will to Cause, and the Will to Express, are considered aspects of the first 3 major rays, and merge in the 3rd ray, the Will to Evolve. The qualities of the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Wills bring through more of the energies and purposes of the first three aspects of Divine Will. There are other Great Ones holding additional qualities of Divine Will that are not active at this time, but are awaiting the proper time and period to become influential over the next thousand years.
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Contacting the Will to Harmonize
Use the process that follows to contact the Will to Harmonize, taking another step on your path of spiritual growth.

  1. Relax your body, and breathe in a relaxed way.
  2. Prepare to receive the Will to Harmonize by asking: Am I willing to release limitation? Am I ready to live a beautiful life, in harmony with all beings? Am I willing to let go of the battles and struggle, and to find peace and an end to conflict in my life? Am I ready to strengthen, recognize, and act upon my intuition?
  3. If you feel ready, call upon and blend with your soul, feeling its loving presence.
  4. Using your imagination, sense the souls of others who are connecting with the Great Ones transmitting Divine Will. If you would like, join with the group call to the Great One who transmits the Will to Harmonize. Joining with others at the soul level, who are also calling upon Divine Will, can assist you in receiving more of the full spectrum of the energy that is sent in response to your call for it.
  5. The Great Life who embodies the Will to Harmonize always responds to your call, and does so now.
  6. A ray of light, like a beam of sunlight, is sent to you. Receive the energy of the Will to Harmonize into your heart center, an energy center located around the area of your physical heart. This awakens your ability to stay balanced and centered in your heart, aligned with your soul and the higher realms of light, beyond the pull of the opposing forces.
  7. Allow the energy of the Will to Harmonize to touch and transform you. Invite it into your life, and open to receive all the gifts of consciousness it has for you.
  8. Feel the love and harmony that is available to you as you link with the Will to Harmonize. Practice calling upon and experiencing the energy of the Will to Harmonize often. Call upon this Great One and receive Its transmission of harmony and love into your heart center any time you want to feel more harmonious, be in harmony with another person, your soul, if you are in a conflict you want to resolve; to draw in music, color, sound; or to bring beauty to anything and to any area of your life you choose.

You have begun your journey of transforming your consciousness with the Will to Harmonize. It is the quality of Divine Will that guides the soul of humanity right now - harmony through conflict and the creation of beauty through merging the inner life with the outer life. What follows are ways to call upon this great force to bring more beauty, harmony, balance, and unity into your life.
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The Will to Harmonize Additional information
There are many conflicting forces which can be brought into harmony under this Will. One set of opposing forces that can be brought into harmony is energy that brings a love of ease and pleasure, a dislike of causing pain, procrastination, a desire to let things be, to rest, and to have no thought of consequences.  The opposing energy is a fiery, impatient, ever-urging to action energy.  These contrasting forces can make life one of continual warfare and unrest until these two forces are harmonized.  Some people experience this as "driving with the brake on" while others may swing back and forth from expressing one aspect of this to the other.  As you work with the Will to Harmonize, you can find a balance between action and inaction, between putting things off and getting them done, in just the right timing. Call upon this Will anytime you are feeling in conflict between opposing forces, such as wanting/ not wanting to move forward in some area of your life.

This Will awakens our intuition, which shows us the way of harmony and unity.  Intuition comes spontaneously through our thoughts and feelings and tells us what actions to take to align with the Divine plan of our lives, with all the parts of ourselves, and with others.  It is through listening to and using our intuition that we can know how to harmonize with the greater whole of life, release conflict, and experience the peace and love of our soul. 

This is the Will that harmonizes all the parts of your being, and that can assist you in taking your intuitive insights and feelings and in applying them appropriately to your life to create more harmony and beauty.  Call upon the Will to Harmonize anytime you want to deepen your intuition, release conflict, and experience peace.

This is the illumined Will and is connected with the creation of art, music, and beauty in all forms. The Will to Harmony sees disharmony as ugliness, and Wills beauty to come about through creating harmonious relationships between all the parts.  Sometimes this beauty will be expressed in form, color, and sound, such as through the creation of art and music.  Sometimes this beauty will be expressed through the harmonizing of the higher self with the personality self, or harmonizing with others, creating beauty in relationships.  

As you play with this quality of Will, you may notice a greater appreciation or awareness of color and sound.  It is said that the universe is created of sound and color.  This Will carries the music of the spheres and you can experience it more through listening to beautiful, inspiring music.  You can also experience this Will through looking at beauty, and through seeing beauty in all of its forms and expressions wherever you look. You can call upon the Will to Harmonize anytime you want to create beauty, in your emotions, body, thoughts, and through your creations such as books, music, art, dance, and anything you want to infuse with beauty.

Part of the role of humanity is to harmonize the higher kingdoms with the lower kingdoms of nature, acting as a channel for divine energy from the higher to the lower.  By doing this humanity will bring about unity, harmony, and beauty in nature, and will harmonize humanity's souls with the souls of all life  

Some qualities of the Will to Harmonize: power to penetrate the depths of matter, to reveal the path, to express divinity, and to create true beauty and the harmony of the spheres. 
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Suggestions on what to observe
Work with this quality of Will to harmonize all the parts of your being, and to harmonize your personality and soul.  Observe areas where you are experiencing conflict with yourself and opposing desires and needs.  For example, are you experiencing moodiness or emotional instability (the personality self) yet are aware of a desire for serenity (the soul self)? 

If you find your personality resisting your higher impulses, you can remind yourself that the greater always includes the lesser.  Though the personality may feel conflict between its desires and the soul's desires, by surrendering its limitations and by following the soul's path, the personality is always strengthened, and acquires new abilities and powers.  This Will makes it easier to identify the desires that come from your personality and those impulses that are coming from your soul.  It may intensify the conflict between them, but it is through this conflict and the awareness it brings that harmony and resolution can come about, and growth occurs.

If you are experiencing a lot of conflict in your life, if you feel your higher self and lower self are at odds and there are many problems, this is an especially important Will quality for you to work with to bring in balance and the detachment needed to view issues calmly. Although there are great lessons that can be learned from pain and suffering, it can be very wearing and make it hard for you to experience the light of your soul.  It can be a challenge to not think about the pain in your life, but doing so traps you in the lower aspects of the personality nature and creates instability, worry, agitation, and generates even more pain and suffering.  Break free from this pattern by noticing any tendency to exaggerate, to dramatize what is happening to you, even in your own mind, or to worry, and release the limitations that an overly emotional approach can put on your life.

Use the Will to Harmonize to bring your soul and personality together, allowing your emotional nature to transform as it is absorbed by and harmonized with your soul.  Observe how your personality becomes stronger and gains more power to create beauty in your life as it is transformed by your soul. As conflict is resolved into harmony, you can experience serenity, confidence, self-control, purity, unselfishness, and balance.

This Will balances or harmonizes the "highs and lows" and can assist you in staying balanced.  By understanding that both the highs and lows have their place and accepting wherever you are in the cycle, you can develop serene acceptance of the ups and downs and know that they are part of a greater reality.

This Will assists you in creating harmony between yourself and others.  It allows you to find the underlying unity that brings everyone together, yet allows each person to have their individual ways.  It is the Will that you can call upon to find the win/win solution.  All the illusions and limitations of being separate are dissolved as the underlying unity is found--the place where agreement, harmony, and peace coexist--even among diversity.   Let yourself create new harmony between yourself and everyone in your life through finding what you have in common with others.

If you experience a limitation in your thinking or in a situation in your life, draw in this quality of Will and transmit it to this situation, for this is the Will that releases limitation.   Whenever you feel you are experiencing limitations, call upon the Will to align with your soul and the higher forces of the universe, and to release all limitations that are stopping you from living your path and purpose.

If you have decisions you are trying to make, going back and forth, use this Will to find the higher way, and to know if you even need to make a decision.  You may find yourself in a situation where you are torn between two directions or choices.  This Will and your intuition can assist you in seeing if you need to choose, or if there is a middle way that embraces both ways.

Explore how this Will can expand your creative imagination.  You can see and imagine more in every area of your life as you connect with your intuition and as limitations are released.
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