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Greetings from Orin!
Working with the 7 qualities of Will to enhance your ability to sense your inner guidance, to hear it, to feel it, to know it, and to act upon it.

Work with the Will to Initiate to initiate new consciousness, insights, and realizations.  Think of your goal to receive clear inner guidance as you draw in the Will to Initiate.  As you do this, you are bringing this Will quality to your goal and you can initiate new awareness about receiving and hearing your inner guidance. 

The Will to Initiate makes more visible your higher purpose and the Divine plan for your life.  It opens you to knowing more of your soul's goals and aspirations.  Draw in this Will so you can receive clear guidance that will lead you to carrying out the Divine plan and purpose of your life, to know what it is, and to expand your consciousness so that you can receive clear guidance.  

Draw in the pure, raw power of this electrical Will to Initiate that releases hindrances and blockages to receiving clear guidance.  You can tap into this Will to have courage and fearlessness to recognize, listen to, and follow your inner guidance.  Observe and write about any new feelings, experiences, or insights as you work with this and all of the following Wills to receive clear inner guidance.

Open to receive the Will to Unify and work with it to create a strong connection to your soul.   Let the boundaries between your personality and soul grow less.  It is as if your personality flows into your soul, and your soul flows into your personality, until there is hardly any distinction.  Sense that you are your soul. 

As a soul-infused personality, open to your soul's guidance--its loving, peaceful feelings, and its expanded vision of the universe.  Your soul knows your path and what you are here to learn.  It knows the way of love.  With the Will to Unify you can experience more of your soul's vision and from that larger vision you can tap into clear guidance and direction.  Your soul's guidance is always reassuring, peaceful, and encouraging.  It is the quiet voice that tells you not to worry, that everything will be fine.  Learn to listen to the voice of your soul and to hear its soft, quiet, peaceful messages.

With the Will to Unify pouring into you and your soul, ask you soul to send you clear guidance on something that you want guidance about.  Know as you do this that your soul will not only send you guidance, but it will begin to energize certain paths and take the energy out of others.  

Draw in the Will to Evolve as you think about an area you want guidance in.  Let go of your personality expectations, desires, and wants in this area, and release any thoughts about what specific guidance you might receive.  Open to your soul's messages about this area of your life, which will be even better, and often different, than what your personality can imagine for you.  Let the messages from your soul become even clearer as you use your creative intelligence and your connection to the Will to Evolve and the Universal Mind to receive a wealth of ideas and new information about this area of your life.

Request the energy of the Will to Harmonize so that all limitations you have put upon receiving clear guidance can be dissolved.  This is the Will that opens the doorway to your intuition to strengthen your ability to know.  Work with it often to enhance your intuitive abilities.  

With the Will to Harmonize, imagine you are bridging the duality, the emotional swings that make it hard to recognize inner guidance.  When you are free of the duality, you are no longer swinging back and forth between just two choices.  Your inner guidance will show you an even higher way to go.  Think of something in your life right now that you may be going back and forth over, a choice or a decision you have been wanting clear guidance about.  With the Will to harmonize flowing through you, open now to clear guidance, which may come now or later, bringing you new choices in this area of your life.  Share and write about the guidance you have asked for, and any guidance or insights, answers or thoughts you have about these areas after working with Divine Will.
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Draw in the Will to Act so you can form clear thoughts of what actions to take, thoughts that reflect your higher mind and your soul's guidance.  Imagine that more threads of light are being built between your higher mind and your everyday, concrete mind, your logical mind.  As you build this bridge of light your guidance becomes more precise, and your interpretation of it becomes more accurate.  Ask for guidance as you link with the Will to Act.  Open to receive guidance in any area of your life that your soul would like to give you guidance in.  You may receive information now, or at another time.  Just asking for clear guidance will draw it to you.  

Link with the Will to Cause.  As you receive the Will to Cause, let it assist you in releasing beliefs that tell you that you cannot receive clear guidance.  As these untrue beliefs are released, they can be replaced with beliefs that you can receive, interpret, and act upon your clear inner guidance.  

As you work with the Will to Cause, you may want to open to receive a symbol that will awaken further your ability to receive clear inner guidance.

Connect with the Will to Express divinity in form.  Allow your inner guidance to grow stronger with this Will.  You are patient and observant.  You let your inner guidance flow into you in a rhythmic, orderly way, in right timing.  You are open to hear and to act upon your guidance when it comes.  

Your clear guidance can come from many places--through your dreams, through symbols and images, through the words of other people, and books, audio courses, poems, or even songs.  Let this Will help you bring to you all the guidance you seek.  With this Will you begin to see guidance in all of its forms.  You now more easily recognize your soul's inner voice--the new thought, the feeling of truth, the energy behind those happenings that are guidance from your soul and higher self.

Imagine all 7 qualities of Will flowing into you and transmit Them to your intention to receive, to recognize, and to know clear guidance from your soul.

When you call Divine Will to you, it always responds.  This area of your life will transform.  Be observant and pay attention to the inner guidance that you will be receiving about various areas of your life.  You will receive clear guidance, you will know it, you will feel the truth of it, and the power of that truth will make it easy to take action and follow your inner guidance.
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