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Greetings from Orin
In this journey you will work with Divine Will to build a body that can hold more light at a cellular level, and a body that is that body that can receive more spiritual energy and the electrical power of Divine Will.  

Call upon the Will to Initiate and focus on its quality of purification.  Its electrical power can stimulate the atoms within you that are ready to go to their next level of evolution.  It can purify and release lower, denser energies in your aura and in your physical body.  

The Will to Initiate can awaken a new awareness within you about your body.  Feel yourself becoming aware of your body and what it needs for its evolution. Draw in the courage to overcome the inertia of matter and to create a light-filled body, cells of light, and atoms of light.  Observe and write about any new feelings, experiences, or insights as you work with this and all of the following Wills to evolve and to bring about a more light-filled body.  

Draw to you the Will to Unify to unify all the parts of your personality with your soul.  Feel the magnetic love of this Being and open to receive its energy.  As your connection to your soul deepens, all parts of your personality are working with your soul to bring about a body that can hold your soul's light, a refined body, a strong body, and a healthy body.   

Just as the magnetic love of the Will to Unify embraces you, embrace your body with the magnetic love of unity, unifying all your cells and atoms into a higher, more unified whole.  You are your body's Higher Self.  Radiate love to your body whenever you think of it, and observe over time what changes.  With your connection to your soul and the Will to Unify, your vision of what to do with your body and how to love and honor it will grow clearer.  Perhaps you will have new thoughts and feelings about your body, and perhaps your body itself will change in certain ways.  

With the Will to Unify, you are evolving your body with Divine Love.  Play with seeing your body through your soul's eyes, adding light here and there, adjusting the energies that flow in and around your body, making all the patterns more beautiful with your love.  As you love and appreciate your body, it can evolve.  Let your vision expand of how you can love your body, so that it can serve you in becoming your soul, in receiving these powerful energies of Divine Will, and in carrying out the activities of your soul and the divine plan of your life.

Receive energy from the Will to Evolve to be creative and to become wise.  You are evolving your consciousness and the form of your body.  You will do this creatively, with wisdom.  This is the creative Will, the creative intelligence to bring about the transformation of your body, to formulate a plan to find the shortest and most effective way to your goal.  

Draw in the Will to Evolve.  Through your soul's eyes, with your expanded vision and new consciousness, create an image of your body as it will be when it is transformed.  This might come to you as an image, a sense, a picture, or even better, a vision of light and energy.  Get a sense from your soul of the transformation that your body needs to make to hold more light.  This might include more flowing energy, greater light, more refined light, and so on. 

Holding your connection to the Will to Evolve, let information flow into your mind.  You can receive a wealth of ideas about how to bring this transformation about.  You get quiet, listen to your soul and higher self, and let new ideas emerge of how to transform your body. You can do this often, listening to your body and asking what it wants.
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Draw to you the Will to Harmonize.  This is the Will that helps release any limitations your personality has put on your soul.  This is the Will that can harmonize the duality, the voices that say, "I can do it, I can't do it," the ups and downs, the highs and lows.  This is the Will that can assist you in letting go of resistance and struggle, and in creating your higher good in this area of your life.

You can link with the Will to Harmonize to assist you in making your body more beautiful.  Your body is a work of art, and you can make it more beautiful at a light and energy level, which will translate into shifts on the outer level.  You will want to surrender your personality desires for your body to your soul's goals and visions for your body.  As you surrender to your soul, your personality is gaining new strength.  It is gaining new abilities to bring about a physical transformation, to create a beautiful body, in harmony with your soul.  

Link with the Will to Act to create a stronger bridge between your higher mind and your soul's mind, so your mind can receive ideas you can act upon to transform your body in a way that is aligned with your soul's vision.  Let your be supportive and positive, and show you what steps to take and what direction to go to evolve your body.  As you link with Divine Will, your mind can move energy in your body.  You know what actions to take to get you to your goals.  Your goals have been defined through your soul and are in alignment with Divine Will.  Your thoughts support you in reaching your goals.  You know what to do and what actions to take.

Work with the Will to Cause, the impulse to action, based on right motivation.  Let the impulse to act grow stronger, inspired by your soul's motivation and ideals for your body.  Believe that you can evolve your body and let go of any beliefs that say you can't.    

You recognize why having your transformed body is in alignment with Divine Will and your soul's wishes for your life.  Because your soul wants this for you, and because it is being willed through you by Divine Will, there is much power and energy supporting you in bringing about your evolved, transformed body.  

Fill up with the Will to Cause, which can strengthen your urge to take action, motivated by your soul's intentions for you.  Your body has been awaiting this and is open to receive this energy as you draw it to you.

Connect with the Will to Express, the energy that brings about the changes you have been wanting on the physical plane.  You know that the evolution of your body will come about in its perfect timing.  You have patience and persistence.  If you find yourself struggling, remember to draw Divine Will to you, knowing that it is assisting you in bringing this about.  You do not have to create the changes you want with your personal will. 

Say to yourself, I WILL to create this new body, feeling Divine Will pouring through you, willing this to happen with you.  Keep working with the 7 qualities of Will, and your body will transform and evolve.  

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