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Greetings from Orin!

The focus of this journey is working with Divine Will to strengthen your ability to love yourself, to have more self-confidence, self-esteem, feelings of self-worth, and belief in yourself.  Self love is honoring the true self, the wisdom within you.  Self-love means honoring your path, your light, and your special gifts.

Start by appreciating your soul, observing how beautiful your soul is.  Appreciate that you are unique, one of a kind, and that you have many special gifts that are uniquely yours to offer to the world.  

Receive the Will to Initiate to have a new consciousness about how to love and nurture yourself.  Fill up with this Will that brings the strength and courage to be yourself, to trust your inner wisdom, and to take care of yourself.  Let new insights flow into you about what you need - how much rest, sunlight, outdoor time, what kinds of food, people time, what activities regenerate you, the thoughts, rhythm, and lifestyle that you need to live a soul life and to love and nurture yourself.  Open to revelations about what is nourishment for your soul, your mind, your heart, your body, and your personality so that you are strong and radiant.  Write about your insights. 

The power of the Will to Initiate can help you release obstacles that would hinder you or stop you from loving yourself.  Note what changes as you draw in and fill up with the power of this Will.  Observe how you take care of yourself and what you need to live a soul life of joy, well-being, and vitality.  

Connect with the Will to Unify and imagine that all the parts of you are coming together, being guided by your higher self and soul.  All your subpersonalities are supporting you in following your path, in fulfilling your dreams, and in knowing your value and worth.  Acknowledge every moment you are able to appreciate and acknowledge yourself.   

Work with the Will to Evolve, the creative Will, to come up with a strategy and plan to carry out activities that are nurturing.  Pay attention to creative ways in which you can demonstrate self-love, sense what you need, and nurture yourself in physical reality.  Let your creative self awaken and discover new, original and fresh ideas about ways to love and honor yourself.  

As you connect with the Will to Harmonize, allow yourself to release conflict and limitation, and feel the peace and serenity of your soul.  Let go of any drama and crisis and affirm that you can grow with joy and not through struggle.  Release resistance to loving and honoring yourself and allow yourself to live a life that is loving to you and that honors you.  Notice ways you can find winning solutions for all concerned, and follow a serene middle path.  

Link with the Will to Act to have clear and loving thoughts of yourself --thoughts that empower you, that honor you, and that show you your beauty and strength.  Create clear thoughts about what to do moment-to-moment that honors your true self and thoughts that guide you to right action.  The Will to Act is being transmitted by a Great Being who reflects the Universal Mind, the mind of God.  

Open your mind to this higher mind and expand your thinking and link with the Will to Act.  Allow yourself to be more than you have ever imagined possible as you follow your path, and as you honor and respect yourself with your thoughts in all that you think and do. Observe and write about any new thoughts you have.  As you recognize them you give these new, positive thoughts more power.

Draw in the Will to Cause, loving yourself by being willing to create the highest you can imagine in your life as you link with your soul and surrender to its ideals of love.  Release all goals that are not for your true higher good, and open to those goals that are your soul's goals, knowing that as you do you are expressing self-love.  Notice if any of your goals change as you do this, if energy seems to be withdrawn from certain paths and if other paths seem to have more energy and call to you more strongly. 

Open to the Will to Express that brings into manifestation all the other Wills.  Allow yourself to express self love in all you do, in your words and actions, and in the way you care for yourself.  Working with Divine Will is an act of self love.  Valuing your spiritual growth is an act of self love.  Following your inner guidance with action is self-love.  Let this Will work with you and through you to manifest and bring about a higher level of self care, self nurturing, self-love, awareness of your soul and your path, trust in yourself, and a greater sense of who you are.~Orin
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