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Greetings from Orin!
In this journey you will work with Divine Will to increase prosperity and abundance in your life, for the universe is abundant, and abundance is a quality of your soul and of Divine Will.

As you think of Divine Will, ask yourself, "Is it in alignment with Divine Will for me to be abundant and to experience prosperity?"

It is always in alignment with Divine Will that you have abundance, for the universe is abundant and there is enough for everyone to have abundance and prosperity.

Knowing that having abundance is in alignment with Divine Will, you can know that not only are you willing this into your life, but Divine Will is willing this for you as well. It is working with you. Divine Will wants you to experience abundance and prosperity. All you need do is open to receive this powerful energy of Divine Will, and then listen to and carry out your inner messages about the steps you need to take to have an abundant life.

Start by getting very clear about your intention.  Affirm that you intend to have prosperity and abundance, that you deserve to have it, and that you will open to receive it! ~Orin

Call upon the Will to Initiate
To initiate new consciousness, insights, and awareness about having and creating abundance and prosperity. Let this Divine Will quality flow into you like an electrical force.  It releases any energies that veil your soul's light and your potential.  It brings with it courage and fearlessness so you can go out and create your dreams.  Pay attention to any new insights you have about abundance in your life, any new awareness of what you can do to increase your prosperity. Observe and write about any new feelings, experiences, or insights as you work with this and all of the following Wills to increase abundance and prosperity.

Join with the Will to Unify
The radiant Being of love who is transmitting this Will. Blend with your soul and let its love pour into you.  As you open to know your soul's love and feel your unity and oneness with all life, your heart awakens and you develop a magnetic aura.  Your magnetic aura draws all good things to you, and offers love, kindness, and goodness to others.

Working with the Will to Unify
You can gain a larger vision. You can see more of the bigger picture of your life and how to live your life purpose.  Living your life purpose opens doors to abundance, for you are following your heart and your joy.  Whenever you do what you love you will have more abundance and prosperity than when you don't love what you are doing.  True prosperity comes from serving the greater plan of your life, from following your heart, and from adding more light and love to the world in some way.  You can sense yourself growing more magnetic to abundance and prosperity as your heart center becomes radiant and magnetic with love.

Connect with the Will to Evolve
The Will of creative intelligence.  Be willing to surrender the plans of your personality to the goals, dreams, and visions of your soul.  Your soul is abundant, and knows a more wonderful path for you than anything you could imagine for yourself.  Let your picture of your ideal life transform and evolve with this Will.  With this Will your consciousness evolves to its next level, allowing you to create even more wonderful forms and circumstances.  Allow your personality patterns to be transformed into greater patterns that bring you more abundance.

Let the creative intelligence of the Will to Evolve and your soul move through you.  This increases your ability to bring abundance into your life through your creativity, through your creative mind, and through the wealth of ideas that can flow through you as you link with the Will to Evolve.
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Open to the Will to Harmonize
To release any limitations you have put on yourself about what you can have or are capable of creating.  Imagine your limitations are dissolving in the energy of the Will to Harmonize, for your soul is unlimited, creative, and knows how to create unlimited prosperity and abundance.  Awaken your intuition that leads you to your goals, puts you in the right place at the right time, and comes through your feelings, urges, and dreams.  Pay attention to the whispers that are emerging with this Will.

The Will to Harmonize enhances your ability to express divinity through creating beautiful forms, including art, music, and writing.  It allows you to see beauty everywhere and to create more beauty about you.  Let this Will turn any patterns of scarcity into more beautiful patterns of abundance.

The Will to Harmonize releases limitations.  Affirm that you are ready for any beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that have limited your ability to create abundance to fall away.  Feel yourself opening to receive new beliefs that will attract prosperity into your life.

Call upon now the Will to Act.  Let it stream into your mind so that your thoughts lead to liberation.  You can form clear, precise thoughts that will lead you to abundance and prosperity, that not only show you the way to these goals, but show you how to bring them about in a way that serves your enlightenment and is for the good of all life.  With this Will your thoughts and the actions you take will lead to your liberation.  Draw in this quality of Will and let it light up your mind so that you can see your next steps more clearly.

Connect with the Will to Cause
That can assist you in creating beliefs that support you in having abundance and prosperity, knowing that it is Divine Will's intention for you as well.  Let this Will align your motivation for abundance and prosperity with your soul's motivation.  As you link with Divine Will, intend to create abundance and prosperity for the benefit of all, so that you can add more light to the world and to your life.  With this intention, feel Divine Will working with you to bring you abundance and prosperity.

As you work with the Will to Cause, it is assisting you in seeing what ideals you have been following and what beliefs you have held, that have kept you from creating abundance. You can work with this Will to be shown beliefs or ideals you have been serving that you need to let go of.  Write about and observe what comes to you as you do this. Take any negative beliefs, and change it into a positive affirmation.  For instance, if you believe that having abundance will make you less compassionate, affirm instead that having money will make you even more compassionate.  Let a new, more positive belief come into your mind, and draw in Divine Will to energize this new belief.

Connect with the Will to Express
Feel its pulsating, rhythmic motion, receiving Its energy that brings heaven to earth, that brings the higher into the lower.  You, as a soul-infused personality, can create heaven on earth.  Link with this Will to strengthen your ability to manifest and bring prosperity and abundance into your life.

As you draw in all 7 qualities of Will, you might want to say to yourself, "I will abundance and prosperity into my life," feeling the power of all 7 Wills working with you as you say this. You can say this over and over to strengthen your belief in your ability to create abundance and prosperity.

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