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Greetings from Orin!
I invite you to transform your life by working with Divine Will. The 7 qualities of Divine Will are some of the most powerful forces in the universe. Consciously drawing Divine Will into your life can unfold your highest potential, expand your consciousness, and assist you in manifesting in alignment with the Divine Plan and the higher purpose of your life. 

Aligning with Divine Will can open your vision, deepen your intuition, release limitations, liberate your spirit from the bonds of matter, and enable you to create your highest future. As you call Divine Will to you, you become more conscious of your higher path and of those activities that fulfill your soul's purposes for being on earth. As you call Divine Will to you, you become more conscious of the plan of humanity, your soul and its higher purpose, the Masters and Enlightened Ones, and the larger whole of which you are a part.~Orin

Divine Will is a powerful electrical force of pure spiritual energy that comes from the higher dimensions. Calling it to you creates an enormous infusion of spiritual energy into your life that awakens new consciousness and realizations. As you work with Divine Will you are strengthening your personal will, setting your intention, and aligning with your soul's will. Divine Will infuses your personality with new skills and more power to carry out your soul's goals and purposes. Working in this way can create profound and wonderful changes in your life. Divine Will is not about reaching a goal or fulfilling the need to achieve by sheer force or determination.

Divine Will accelerates your Evolution
To transform with Divine Will, you need to contact Divine Will, call it to you, and be open to receive it. It can only be used for the purpose of light and good. When you draw Divine Will into yourself, you become a transmitter of it to your life, to others, and to the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms. Transmitting the energies of Divine Will can help accelerate your and other's evolution. Even though it may feel like you are using your imagination, Divine Will does come to you when you call upon it.

Desire versus Divine Will
Desire comes from and can be considered your personal will. Desire works from the earth plane upward. Desires that are strong enough, such as the desire for spiritual growth and enlightenment, or the desire to serve humanity, can call Divine Will into your life. Divine Will works from the higher planes and travels downward, transforming every level of your being and all the energies it contacts.

Although you may call Divine Will into your life to assist you in fulfilling a particular personality desire, when it comes to you, Divine Will supersedes your personal will and desires. Your soul sees more for your life than your personality can even imagine. What you want will change as your personality desires are transformed by Divine Will, for your personality desires will then be for those things that reflect your soul's purpose and the divine plan for your life. Divine Will simply becomes Your will. It feels like what you want to do and how you have always been.

As you draw in Divine Will, it will become easier to see what you need to do, and energy comes with it to assist you in carrying out the actions that seem indicated. Many of the changes that calling Divine Will to you can create won't appear in form or as expansions of consciousness that you can recognize until months later, and possibly not ever. Once people expand into a new level of awareness, they usually don't remember what they were like before, and take the new consciousness for granted. Divine Will simply becomes Your will. It feels like what you want to do and how you have always been.

Do not expect that you will be "taken over" by Divine Will, and that suddenly everything will work in your life without your needing to do anything. You live on a planet of free will, and you are learning how to choose those things that are for your higher good. You are the one who must take action and carry out the inner directions that are emerging. 

Creating New Opportunities with Divine Will
Calling Divine Will into your life plants the seeds of change and evolution that you can harvest for years to come. Opportunities will come to you, new paths will open up, and your consciousness will continue to expand. Divine Will will lovingly and gently nudge you in certain directions and make you more magnetic to abundance and to your higher good. You may not even associate these opportunities and changes with the work you are doing.  

Calling Divine Will into your life will assist you in transforming your life, linking your personal will with a great force that will add to your power to transform your life. Changes will occur in any area of your life you focus Divine Will on, for Divine Will transforms whatever it is transmitted to. However, you can never know what those changes will be, when they will come, or what form they will appear in. The changes that do come about will always bring you closer to the "Divine Blueprint" of your life and to your path of higher evolution.

Aligning with Divine Will will Transform Humanity
Most of humanity is not yet able to experience and align with Divine Will, for doing so requires a degree of sensitivity to subtle energies. When even a few people align with Divine Will and live their lives accordingly, these qualities of Divine Will can be known by many, and eventually by everyone.

Contacting, aligning with, drawing in, and calling to themselves the energies of Divine Will is required for humanity to take its next evolutionary step. The needed changes can be brought about by humanity focusing its will as a group, inspired by love, expressed through the intellect, and under direction of Divine Will. When enough people invoke and live in alignment with the Divine Will, all of humanity will begin to shift in its orientation to the light, then the higher purpose of humanity can be known and fulfilled and the other kingdoms can reach their next level of evolution.

Who are the Great Ones who Transmit Divine Will?
The Great Beings who transmit Divine Will have been called "Ray Lords, Great Ones, or Custodians," for they act as custodians of the Divine Will of God/Goddess, All-That-Is, and convey these energies into our solar system and into the earth. They bring humanity the energy of Divine Will.  The ageless wisdom and mystery school teachings indicate that their reflection in time and space is expressed through the 7 stars of the Great Bear or Ursa Major that form the Big Dipper. These stars are the "bodies" of 7 Great Ones who are transmitting Divine Will to humanity that is coming from even higher sources.  However, to contact and draw in the energies of Divine Will, it is not necessary to think of these Beings as stars, or even to think of them as Beings.  All you need do is have the intention to connect with these powerful energies and draw them into your life by calling upon them, for them to transform your life.

Divine Will infuses your life with Spiritual Energy
Calling Divine Will into your life will infuse you with spiritual energy. Changes will occur in any area of your life you focus Divine Will on, for Divine Will transforms whatever it is transmitted to. However, you can never know what those changes will be, when they will come, or what form they will appear in. The changes that do come about will always bring you closer to the "Divine Blueprint" of your life and to your path of higher evolution.

As you call Divine Will to you and transmit Will to your goals, you are setting the energy for your goals to come about.  However, it may be days, months, or longer before your goals manifest.  You are exploring how to work with the energies of Divine Will to bring about your goals.  You may need to work with certain qualities of Will over and over to change your life and manifest your soul's goals and the divine plan of your life.   

You will find that some of these qualities of Will are very familiar to you, while other qualities of Will are not as familiar or as easy to work with.  As you go through this course, notice what Will qualities seem the most important for you to bring into your life.  Draw in this Will quality whenever you can and as often as you can.  Also, touch on those Will qualities that seem the most difficult to experience, for often these are the qualities that will offer you the most growth and shift. 

Actions of Divine Will

Transcending: Divine Will is whole and complete, and sees all things from beginning to end–past, present, and future–yet knows that the personality self must be expanded in gradual stages into this realization. It transcends the limits of the personality self which is encased in the world of form. 
Transmitting: Divine Will is transmitted and those who receive it become transmitting agents of it. Part of humanity's purpose is to transmit Divine Will to the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms, just as the higher kingdoms are transmitting Divine Will to humanity. You can receive and transmit Divine Will to any area of your life, to others, and to other kingdoms.
Transforming: Divine Will transforms that which receives its transmission.
Transfiguring: This transformation leads the many back to the one; the many become one.

You can draw Divine Will to you by connecting with and receiving the energy of Divine Will from the Being who is transmitting each quality.  Orin has made audio journeys to assist you in experiencing these energies.  In addition, once you have made this connection you can also draw in any quality of Divine Will whenever you have the intention to do so.

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These are the names of the 7 stars of the Big Dipper (the physical manifestation of 7 great beings) who transmit the 7 qualities of Divine Will and Purpose to humanity:
It has not been revealed which star transmits which quality.

Benetnasch (Also known as Alkaid)
Mizar (a binary star; companion is called Alcor)

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A note for light body students:  So many of you taking this course are light body students that we would like to offer some suggestions of ways you can use your light body to enhance your experience of Divine Will.  The more harmonized your energy bodies, the more of the power and energy of Divine Will that you can bring in;  start the Orin journeys in your Renawre cocoon, harmonizing and balancing the lower centers.  A full light body cocoon, just before self-exciting, is a wonderful state to experience these Beings transmitting Divine Will.

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