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The Will to Evolve 
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Are you too busy?
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Experiencing the Void
Live in the present, not in your head
Evolve Your Consciousness
Manifesting with the Will to Evolve
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The Will to Evolve
The Will to Evolve is an aspect of the Will of God/Goddess/All-That-Is as it radiates through a Great Being who embodies Divine Intelligence, Divine Creativity, and Intelligent Activity. The Will aspect of this Great One is expressed as the Will to Evolve, leading to wisdom and eventually to omniscience, a state of infinite knowledge, awareness and understanding.

This Great Being, sometimes called the 3rd Ray Lord, is also known as the Universal Mind. This Great One embodies a field of consciousness within the Mind of God where all ideas and blueprints for the manifested world exist, both those ideas already known, and those that have yet to be discovered.

It is unlimited, infinitely intelligent and creative, and contains within it all possibilities. Its energy is fluid, dynamic, changing, and in motion, and is also still, eternal, peaceful, and silent. It draws all life into greater alignment with Divine Purpose.

The wonderful intelligence of this Great Being is in every particle of matter, from an atom to a galaxy. It is a part of every living organism. This Great Life brings intelligence to matter. It is the underlying force that allows matter to respond to mind; it allows your thoughts to create your reality. For this reason, this Being is also called the Great Architect - the planner and designer who makes it possible for ideas to manifest as material forms, structures, and organizations. This Great One is guiding the creation of society and civilizations, and is building and will eventually materialize the perfection of the Divine Plan in the world of form and matter.

The Will to Evolve influences your throat center. This is an energy center located in an area around your throat, with "petals" or energy vortexes that come out from it. Your 3rd eye transmits the higher purpose of your soul to your throat center, so you can express this purpose in your daily, outer life. Your throat center brings into manifestation the consciousness you receive from the Will to Initiate and the vision you become aware of with the Will to Unify. It is under the influence of the Will to Evolve that you learn how to manifest and create in the world of form, until you become a co-creator with God/Goddess/All-That-Is.

In earlier stages, before you have made soul contact, the petals of your throat center turn downward over your lungs. At this stage, the Will to Evolve stimulates you to create forms, structures, situations, circumstances, and organizations that are guided by your personality. Under the influence of the Will to Evolve, perceptions become knowledge, and the personality becomes a more refined instrument for the soul's energies to play through it.

The personality continues to develop through knowledge, education, and experience until it becomes aware of the overshadowing soul. The petals of the throat center begin to turn upward toward the head center. As soul contact deepens, it creates an expansion of consciousness, and knowledge becomes wisdom. With wisdom, the personality creates forms, structures, organizations, activities, and circumstances that carry out the soul's purposes.

As you continue to grow spiritually, the petals of your throat center turn upward, and your artistic, resourceful, and innovative nature awakens. You start expressing the creativity of your soul. You begin to awaken your Divine creativity, the urge to do something artistic, literary, or spiritual, or to create or work with a group or organization that helps to bring about some aspect of the Divine Plan for humanity.

You can work with the Will to Evolve to accelerate your ability to recognize and create forms, structures, organizations, circumstances, relationships, creative endeavors, and activities that are aligned with your soul's purpose and the Divine blueprint of your life.

As you link with the Will to Evolve and awaken your throat center, you are drawing in energy that enhances your ability to connect with the world of ideas and unlimited possibilities, stimulating inventiveness in thought and action. The Will to Evolve is like a light that shines upon you, lighting up the Divine blueprint of your life, your higher path, your potential, and greater possibilities for your life. It motivates you to formulate goals that are aligned with the Divine blueprint of your life, and to develop the plans and strategies to manifest these goals.

Under the influence of the Will to Evolve, the Self continues to progress. The Self grows more detached from form life, recognizing that it is more than the body, emotions, or mind through which it experiences life on earth. Self recognizes that it is life, light, energy, and God/Goddess awareness. The Self turns upward to the realm of spirit. Eventually the Self knows itself as a part of the One, a part of the Divine Life that is unlimited, a spark of God/Goddess itself. This results finally in "all-knowing," or omniscience.

This Great One will be actively transmitting its energy to the earth plane indefinitely. As more people are able to create in alignment with Divine Will, as people mature into knowing themselves as souls, as light, spirit, and God-Essence, society will come to reflect the Divine patterns more completely. There will be love and respect for each other and for all life, a clean environment, unity in diversity, and the best imaginable circumstances that represent the manifestation of the Divine Purpose on earth.

More information about the Will to Evolve 
This quality of Divine Will includes both the Will to evolve consciousness and the Will to evolve form. This is the aspect of Divine Will that develops sensory perception into knowledge, knowledge into wisdom, and wisdom into omniscience. It is the Will to initiate on the physical plane that which expresses divinity. It is the underlying force that allows matter to respond to mind. It is the carrying forward of a recognized plan with a goal intelligently conceived. It is the creative Will which is the cause of manifestation and the guarantee of its achievement.  Today, as regards humanity, its highest expression is education, or progressive development through experience, leading to knowledge, transforming into wisdom, and finally into omniscience.

As the energy of creative intelligence, this Will links you with the mind of God, also known as the Universal Mind. The Will to Evolve stimulates finding answers to such questions as, "What is the nature of reality, how does the universe work" and philosophical, religious, or abstract questions of a higher nature.  It can open you to ideas that show you a bigger picture, a larger perspective, and an overview of your life and purpose and how they fit in with the larger universe.  In contrast, the Will to Act stimulates ideas that are more about physical reality, steps that need to be taken, and matters of the daily life.   

The Will to Evolve is one of the most stimulating influences touching humanity right now.  Until people have some degree of soul awareness, the impact of this Will stimulates them to evolve the forms in their lives, guided by their personalities and not by their souls. As the personality develops and makes soul contact, the impulse to evolve is to create forms and activities that come from the soul, because people can see more of the bigger picture of their lives and of the universe.  As soul contact deepens, the impulse is to expand the consciousness, and wisdom results.  Eventually the goal is reached where the self is known to be neither the forms nor the consciousness, but the Spirit, the One, that is greater than either the form or the consciousness.
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Contacting the Will to Evolve
Use the process that follows to contact the Will to Evolve, taking another step on your path of spiritual growth.
Prepare to receive this Will by asking, "Am I willing to go to my next level of evolution?" If you are ready, set your intention, and continue.

  1. Observe your breathing, letting it grow smoother, deeper, more peaceful, and more relaxed. Allow your thoughts to become quieter. Continue to follow your breath. Let it lead you to a place of inner stillness that may feel like a state of silent observation.
  2. Ask your soul to join you. Feel its presence, and blend with it. Become the light, love, and intelligence of your soul as you merge with it.
  3. Sense your connection to the souls of the soul group you are a part of who are receiving and distributing the enormous, powerful transmissions of Divine Will.
  4. Call upon the Great One transmitting the Will to Evolve to receive Its energy of Divine Intelligence, Divine Creativity, and Intelligent Activity. Divine Will always responds to your call for it.
  5. Open to receive the creative, purposeful energies of the Will to Evolve that are being sent in response to your call. Allow this energy to come into your throat center. You might sense color, sound, light, or a particular quality of energy, or not feel anything at all as this energy is transmitted to you.
  6. Allow the energy of the Will to Evolve to transform you as you call upon it and open to receive all the gifts of consciousness it has for you. Affirm that you intend to go to your next level of growth. You are open to fresh and original thoughts and ideas. You are receptive to new forms, situations, and circumstances that represent an expanded consciousness. You are willing to release anything that represents a lesser consciousness.
  7. Radiate this energy to your two goals.

You can ask for energy from the Will to Evolve whenever you want to manifest more of the Divine blueprint in any area of your life. Receive it into your throat center to better know and carry out your soul's purposes. You do not need to have any awareness of this energy or any particular sense of it for it to create changes in your life. Your intent to evolve some area of your life, and requesting energy from the Will to Evolve is all that is necessary.

Are You Too Busy?
Under the influence of this Great One, the personality is stimulated to activity.  It loves creating, planning, arranging, and doing many things. The personality does not want to get still!  Yet, much energy can be wasted in creating forms based on personality desires, releasing them, creating new ones, planning, and surrounding oneself with all the attractive forms that the personality, unconnected to the soul, desires.  The desire to create forms, to appear productive, and to always have something to do is very alluring to the personality.  Being busy gives many people a sense of worth.  Some people turn into workaholics.  Over-productivity can then become a problem.  Many people who are stimulated by this energy find themselves wishing they had more time or less to do, particularly when they are not creating those things that are infused with their soul's light.

Some people respond to the stimulation of this Will and the abundance of ideas they tap into by trying to create all of them.  They rush to and fro, creating one thing after another, spending much of their time and energy building one thing, then another.  They may start many things and not finish them before they go on to creating the next thing.  They soon find themselves scattered and spread too thin to do a good job at anything.  

Linking with the Universal Mind can stimulate such a wealth of ideas that some people feel overwhelmed and do not know which ideas to act upon.  They are almost paralyzed by all the choices and options they see, and have trouble making decisions.  Or, they are afraid to commit to any one path because it might not be the "right" choice.  This Will, combined with the Will to Initiate, the Will to Act, the Will to Express can help you choose from all possibilities those to create that hold the most light and that help fulfill the Divine Plan of the universe.

If you find that you are always rushing around, with too many things to do, trying to do everything at once, work with this Will to see what activities are part of your higher purpose, and which ones need to be released.  If you are creating from a limited personality view, what you manifest is not nearly as beautiful as what you can create when you connect with your soul and manifest its purposes and plans.  This Will can assist you in bringing too much activity into just the right amount of activity that accomplishes your soul's goals and the higher purposes of your life.
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Be Quiet and Learn to Listen
To create the forms that represent your soul's goals for your life, you need to be silent.  This is not the silence of meditation, but a way of living that reflects the alignment of the soul and personality.  Stop your busyness long enough to examine why you are doing certain activities.  Look at each activity and ask, "Does accomplishing this have value to my soul?  Or, is this activity of value only to my personality that likes to be busy, feel useful, and have something to do all the time?"

With a stance of inner silence, soul contact, and contact with Divine Will, you can see what you need to create that has value to your soul and that reflects your true purpose.  To do this you need to be open to the new and to be willing to let go of the plans your personality has made.  You can know areas in which you are creating forms that are out of alignment with your soul's purposes by looking at places in your life that are not working as well as you sense they could.  You may have been getting whispers, even shouts, that changes need to be made.  Look at what issues are right in front of you to solve as the first places to direct this Will to, to evolve both the forms you have created and to evolve the consciousness you have in this area.

Take time to get still and think about the forms and activities you are engaged in.  Do any of the forms you have created hold you prisoner?  Are you a slave to them?  Is your life running you, or are you (the soul, the higher self) guiding your life?  Many people start off very inspired about the forms they want to create, manage to create them, and then find those forms are taking so much energy to maintain that those forms are draining their life-force energy.  For instance, buying a large house that requires constant money to maintain and fix, a large mortgage, and a lot of energy to keep up may end up running your life rather than serving you.  Or, you can start a business, and find that you are working for the business rather than having it serve you and your goals.

If you are feeling trapped or burdened in maintaining the forms you have created, it is time to get still and link with your soul and the Will to Evolve.  Ask for ideas so you can evolve these forms and bring them into alignment with the divine pattern you attempted, but didn't quite succeed in creating.  To create forms that are aligned with Divine Will and its higher patterns, get in touch with the essence of what you want to create before you manifest something.  Work with the Will to Evolve to find creative new ways to bring this essence about and have it more clearly expressed in the new forms and patterns you manifest. 

Experiencing the Void
One of the challenges of drawing in this Will is that the personality may find itself distressed when it sees that some of the activities it gave great importance to are not really important from the soul's perspective.  Something that the personality has worked for may appear useless.  It is hard to stop doing things that you have done for years.  While old ways are now perceived as needing to be stopped or changed, new ideas have yet to appear. The personality can feel as if it is in a void space as it lets go of what is now perceived as unnecessary activity, but hasn't yet found something new to do.  This feeling of being in the void can last for hours, days, or even months.

Draw in the Will to Evolve and get silent to see more of your life, of the universe, and of your connection to your soul, Divine Will, and the souls of others.  From the space of listening and paying attention you can hear or sense the new directions that want to emerge.  You do not have to let go of everything at once; the first step is listening and paying attention.  The more you call forth Divine Will, align with your soul, and expand your thinking, the more what you create will be aligned with your true purpose and help bring about the Divine Plan for your life.

Even though the void can be uncomfortable, it is important to use this time to make a stronger connection to your soul and Divine Will rather than seeking to create something, anything, just to be busy again.  Trust that there is a Divine Plan and that it is unfolding perfectly.  Let it work out in its own timing and in its own way.  Learn to be patient and wait for the new to appear rather than to force a course of action. 

When you force something to happen rather than wait for opportunities to appear, you can actually delay the working out of the higher plan for your life.  Interpret what appears as a time of no outer activity as a time of the inner activity of evolving your consciousness.  Be patient, and refuse to take action on lesser plans which may delay you and need to be undone later.  As you expand your consciousness, what you create afterward will be infinitely more fulfilling.
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Live in the Present, Not in Your Head
Some people under the influence of this Great One, whose personalities are not yet soul-infused, are so drawn to the world of ideas, concepts, and thoughts that they find taking care of physical reality a bother.  They live in their heads, in the world of ideas.  They are usually well-read, intelligent, love learning new thoughts, to think about issues, to come up with solutions, and so on.  However, their lives and physical environment may be a mess of disorganized affairs because they can't be bothered to take action.

Often, people are so focused on some distant objective that they overlook that the life they are living in the present is unfulfilling.  While it is good to plan for the future, it is important to have a life that works in the present.  If you are always working for the future, you may find that a lot of what you have done needs to be redone if your desires change.  Even the best laid plans can come undone if circumstances change. Work with the Will to Evolve to live in the present moment, with a consciousness that is aware of the Great Ones and your soul, so that you can make choices from moment-to-moment that fulfill your higher purpose.

Some people are so absorbed in abstract ideas and in their world of thoughts that they push away relationships and intimate contact with others.  They may be so entranced with their intellect, thinking it is the highest consciousness that exists, that they do not believe in or allow contact with their soul and the Divine Energies.  The intellect can get so involved in details and confusion that it is hard to see the way clear.  The intellect can take simple issues and make them complex.

As you work with the Will to Evolve, notice if you are becoming too intellectual in some area, trying to solve all your problems with your intellect rather than reaching upward and making contact with your soul and higher energies.  Do you think you have to do it all yourself, or are you willing to evolve through expanding your consciousness and contacting the subtle realms of energy and the beings here who can assist you?

Evolve Your Consciousness
The Will to Evolve can assist in evolving your consciousness so that you can put ideas into their proper context and also embody an expanded consciousness of love and will.   It assists in going beyond the intellect to knowing the Self as consciousness, and valuing expansions of consciousness into the subtle realms as much as the expansion of the intellect.  Eventually the self is known to be neither the forms nor the consciousness, but the Spirit, the One, that is greater than either the form (body, personality) or the consciousness. 

The Will to evolve is connected with the throat center, with communication, and with words and ideas.  It may stimulate a desire to explore ideas, both abstract and concrete.  You may feel drawn to communicate with others, either in writing or through verbal communication.  Look at ways you can express your ideas with clarity and precision as you work with this Will.

As you evolve under this will, you gain the ability to take complex ideas and confusion and turn it into clear thinking and expressions of truth.  Watch your communication, and note if you are speaking with precision and communicating the truth.  Do you exaggerate to create a certain effect?  Do you withhold information, or color a story in certain ways so you can make things turn out the way you want?  Work with the Will to Evolve to be able to speak with love, clarity, and truth.
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Manifesting with the Will to Evolve
This Will gives you the power to recognize and to think within the blueprint of the Divine Plan.  It can expand your mind so that you can see issues in relation to many other issues, allowing you to perceive creative ways to bring about the divine plan.  With the larger view, you can see that what you want to manifest is carried through by being able to arrange circumstances to support what you are creating.

The Will to Evolve radiates energy that assists you in perceiving new ways to create a life of love and joy.  It assists you in manifesting those plans and life directions that are the divine plan for your life.  This is the Will of the weaver.  It can assist in putting the whole picture together.  It helps create beauty through taking the familiar, putting it into new and more interesting patterns, and thus coming up with new possibilities.

It allows you to see the best way to go, to bring all the elements together, and to know how much energy to apply to get the results you want.  This Will evolves your consciousness so you can experience new ideas, creativity, the ability to see patterns, to make connections, to bring various elements together, to plan and to strategize, and thus to weave beautiful new patterns into your life.

Manifesting and creating under this Will can be very creative and spontaneous. Things may appear as you need them.  Plans may be changed to fit your evolving circumstances.  Manifesting under the Will to Express (Will 7) tends to be more orderly, precise, logical, and step-by-step.

Because this Will brings a vision of the larger picture, and of all the pieces that need to be put into place to bring it about, there can also be a tendency to try to make things happen, rather than responding to the opportunities that are there.  Challenge yourself to let things happen as they will, without trying to control how they happen.  Let it be all right for life to have an element of spontaneity and unpredictability.  Let go of trying to make something happen (particularly if you feel like you are pushing or efforting to make it happen) and believe that things that are meant to come about will do so when you relax and flow with the universe.  Trust that the universe is always working with you and for you.

Suggestions on What to Observe
Experience the Will to Evolve as fully as possible, and transmit it to the two goals you are working on. Ask for your soul to show you, through your thoughts, dreams, and in other ways what goals to energize in your life.  As you let go of the plans of your personality, be open to find and express the true purpose and creative intelligence of your soul.  Be open to new goals appearing, or perhaps you will find that you have indeed picked the goals that represent your soul's activity.  Notice what goals you still feel energized about creating, and those that seem to be losing their appeal to you.

As you hold the thought of these areas in your mind and work with the Will to Evolve, picture something even grander, even more beautiful than what you have imagined coming about in this area of your life.  Allow new goals to emerge, or an expansion of the goals you already have.  Your soul will show you how to evolve the form of what you want to create, and how to evolve your consciousness to create this form.   You can see more about the steps, stages, and elements of your goal.  You can know more about where you are in relationship to your goal, what you need to do to start or to continue, and what parts of your consciousness need to evolve for you to have your goal.

Be observant and aware of what you are experiencing.  Note any new skills, education, or intellectual pursuits you feel drawn to learn, as this is the quality of Will that gains consciousness first through the acquisition of knowledge, which evolves into wisdom, and finally into omniscience. 
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