Orin's Divine Manifesting with Divine Will:
Part 1 Manifesting as Your Divine Self
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Series Title: Divine Manifesting with Divine Will Part 1 of 2
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Sanaya and Orin
Contains: 12 Guided Meditations, Talks
Music by: Thaddeus
Length: Approximately 4.25 hours

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Audio, PDF Manual with Transcripts
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Divine Manifesting with the 7 Divine Wills
Part 1: Manifesting as Your Divine Self

Note:  See special offer below.  Buy Parts 1 and 2 at the same time and save. 

As you listen to these talks by Sanaya and journeys by Orin, you will call upon Divine Will to experience the power, love, harmony, wisdom, vision, clarity, illumination, intuition, and inspiration of your Divine Self, so you can more perfectly create the Divine Blueprint in every area of your life.  As you become more aware of the "sun" of your Divine Self, the highest light within you, what you create will be an expression of the highest part of your being.  When you manifest as your Divine Self, you draw to you situations, forms, relationships, and circumstances that bring you joy, peace, harmony, abundance, love, blessings and all good things.

You will learn how to contact your Divine Self in stillness, and from this simple yet profound space you will receive answers, guidance, vision, energy, inspiration, and all that you need to manifest the divine blueprint of your life.  In each journey you will deepen your connection to your Divine Self, and learn how to call upon It to manifest those circumstances, situations, relationships, forms, and objects that will most serve you.  You will receive energy from your Divine Self to manifest, guidance about your next step, and you will learn how to draw everything to you as your magnetic Self, the Heart of your being.

This is Part 1 of Orin's Divine Manifesting with the 7 Divine Wills and Divine Self course called Divine Manifesting as Your Divine Self. Read about Part 2, Divine Manifesting: Becoming a Master of Manifesting

Sanaya talks and Orin's journeys include:

Program 1: Sanaya Talk–Why Link with Divine Will? Who are the Great Ones? Setting Your Intention
Program 2: Sanaya Talk–What is Divine Manifesting?
Program 3: Sanaya Talk–What is Your Divine Self?
Program 4: Sanaya Talk–Instructions for Using the Journeys
Program 5: Orin–Manifesting with the Seven Great Ones Who Radiate Divine Will
This is a profound journey that teaches you how to call upon all Seven Great Ones who radiate Divine Will so you can experience the power, love, wisdom, harmony, illumination, inspiration, clarity, vision and other qualities of your Divine Self.  You will bring various areas of your life into resonance with this space of power.  This space can greatly enhance and strengthen your ability to manifest as your Divine Self.
Program 6: Orin–Power: Releasing the Old, Initiating the New
Link with this Great One of Will and Power who embodies the Will to Initiate, to experience the power of your Divine Self. Release obstacles, find the shortest path to the goal, and let go of anything that keeps you from being your Divine Self.  With energy from this Great One and your Divine Self, you can initiate new consciousness to manifest better circumstances, conditions, relationships, and situations that will bring you joy and fulfill your higher purpose.
Program 7: Orin–Love: Awakening Spiritual Vision
Connect with the Great One who radiates Divine Love and the Will to Unify.  Link your heart center with the Heart of your Divine Self and the Heart of all life, expanding into the oneness and awakening your spiritual vision.  As you connect to the heart of all life, you can see more about whatever you are manifesting.  You become magnetic to all you need to fulfill your purpose, drawing everything to you through your magnetic heart.
Program 8: Orin–Wisdom: Choosing from Infinite Possibilities
Connect with this Great One who radiates creative intelligence and the Will to Evolve.  This Great One assists you in sensing the infinite possibilities and potential for your life.  Connecting with your Divine Self in the light of this Great One aids you in expanding the possibilities you see for your life, and in any area you manifest.  You are infused with the purpose, wisdom, and all-knowing qualities of your Divine Self so you can discover more about what to manifest, and to know what steps to take to create it. Work with this Great One to receive answers and guidance, to know the best way to go, to develop plans and strategies, to deepen
Program 9: Orin–Intuition: Creating Harmony and Dissolving Limitations
Work with this Great One who embodies the Will to Harmonize.  Open all channels of communication to your Divine Self, so you can hear the still, small quiet voice of your Divine Self that is guiding you in every moment to your higher good. Link with your Divine Self as you work with this Great One to release limitations, struggles, and conflicts that keep you from manifesting what you want.  Add beauty to your creations, and experience harmony and peace in every area of your life.
Program 10: Orin–Illumination: Transforming Your Thoughts
Draw in energy from this Great One who radiates the Will to Act. The "act" is to have thoughts that lead to right action, that show you your next steps, and lead to liberation.  With the illumination of this Great One, you will link your mind with your higher mind and the Universal Mind to see in the light of the Real. In this light you can know the infinite abundance, beauty, perfection, harmony, and truth of who you are. You can know what is Truth and what is Illusion so you can manifest those things that are for your higher good, and turn away from everything that is not.  You can dissolve illusions, beliefs, and mental concepts that keep you trapped in old, stuck patterns, repeating the past.or creating lack and limitation.  You can have an illumined mind that shows you what actions to take the lead to your highest future. Illumined thoughts come as divine ideas. They are so transformative they can open up a new direction, reveal more of your path, bring new understandings, and bring clarity and solutions.
Program 11: Orin–Inspiration: Expressing Highest Light Within You
In the presence of this Great One, who radiates the Will to Cause, you can better experience the light of your true, authentic, Divine Self. This Great One brings you awareness of the highest light within you, the "cause" of all you manifest.  You will build in "light receptors" to the highest light within you, so you are more responsive to the guidance, energy, and light of your Divine Self. Receive seeds of inspiration from your Divine Self of focus, one-pointedness, fearlessness and courage, strength, and devotion. . You can experience more self-confidence, self-esteem, optimism, hope and faith, begin to transcend the ego, have greater trust, be more receptive to spiritual guidance, and able to surrender to your Divine Self as you link with this Great One.  Receive seeds of freedom to assist you in rejecting lesser desires, fears, doubts, habits, and attachments that would stop you from manifesting a new, higher future.
Program 12: Orin–Perfection: Manifesting the Divine Blueprint
You will "stand" as your Divine Self in the center of all seven Great Ones, and experience your increased power, love, wisdom, harmony, illumination, vision, and inspiration that allows you to manifest forms which embody light and divine purpose. You will think of something to manifest, and use the Sacred Transmuting Flame to transmute whatever would distort the divine blueprint from manifesting.  You will clear obstacles so whatever you are manifesting can come about in its highest form, most perfect way, and with the best timing.

You will learn how to manifest the divine blueprint of this area in a way that will bring you joy, harmony, peace, love, and blessings as it comes into your life. You will find the divine essence of what you want to manifest, give life to it, and learn how to become magnetic to all that is needed. You can create those forms and circumstances that are beautiful, will last, and serve their purpose. Everything you create can give energy back to you and bring you the momentum for your next divine creation.

Course contains 8 Journeys by Orin and 4 talks by Sanaya on Divine Manifesting and the Divine Self.  Music is by Thaddeus.  Downloads come with a PDF manual containing extensive information and transcripts of the journeys, CDs come with a manual containing extensive information but do not include transcripts of the talks and journeys.  

DW917 product image Special Offer:  Purchase this course, Part 1: Manifesting as Your Divine Self and Part 2, Becoming a Master of Manifesting at the same time by ordering DW917 and save as you become a master of manifesting with the seven Divine Wills and your Divine Self.  Align with your Divine Self and the seven Divine Wills to learn profound and effective ways to manifest. You will be guided to stand in the center of these powerful spiritual forces and open to the power, love, wisdom, vision, inspiration, illumination, abundance, clarity, harmony, and peace of your Divine Self. 

Download offer:  If each course bought individually, total for both is $299.95.  If purchased at the same time, cost is $250. Save $49.95.
Download special offer includes 1 free MP3 Thaddeus music track download with purchase. 

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