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Greetings From Orin
I greet you with love in my heart and wishes for your greatest success. You are a special, unique person, with many wonderful gifts to offer to the world. I acknowledge your divinity, and I embrace your humanity as well. It is my wish for you that you can see yourself as you truly are–a divine spark of God, a beautiful and perfect light unfolding your divinity on earth. I am here to tell you that there is nothing you cannot do. You can reach the heights of spiritual awareness, create whatever you need in the material world, and become a source of love and inspiration to others.

I greet you as one who is a little further along than you are on the path of evolution, just as you are further along than many others. I am further along not because I no longer have a body, for many who are departed are not spiritually advanced. I am further along because I have learned how to work with and master spiritual energies and forces, as I am teaching you how to do in my books, audio courses, seminars, and online events.

I lived an earth life many ages ago and I am aware of the challenges of living on earth. Through my spiritual efforts and with the guidance of high beings, (some who had a physical body and others who were nonphysical), I achieved a consciousness that has allowed me to stay in and work from the nonphysical dimensions of light. I offer my assistance from this place of beauty and light, to lighten your load and to make the path easier as you undertake your evolution and unfoldment.

There is much assistance available to you on your spiritual journey. You are not alone! There are many of us available to assist you, including your guide, teachers you will meet along the way, and many Beings of Light. Our purpose is to offer you love, to assist you in growing spiritually and to celebrate your growing awareness of your inner beauty and perfection.

With my books and audio courses I have been inviting you to grow with joy, to trust your inner wisdom, to live in abundance, and to find and live your higher purpose. I offer to you all that I have, including my love, compassion, and wisdom. I am always available when you call upon me for extra light or guidance.

Powerful Divine Will Energies are Pouring into Humanity Right Now

Powerful energies are impacting humanity right now, coming from higher dimensions of light, from the Central Spiritual Sun, from the stars, and from within the earth itself. An important aspect of these new energies is the energies of Divine Will they carry, opening a doorway for you and humanity to live more in alignment with the Divine plan of your life and of the Universe. The purpose of this course is to teach you how to work with these Divine Will energies to manifest the Divine blueprint of your life, accelerate your spiritual growth, and take your next evolutionary steps.

The energies of Divine Will coming to the earth plane right now are bringing about a new step in human evolution.  Humanity is taking its next steps of becoming soul-infused personalities, joining the world of souls–the 5th kingdom–of the Great Ones, guides, masters, and enlightened ones. Humanity is currently part of the 4th kingdom of nature (the animal kingdom is the 3rd, the plant kingdom the 2nd, and the mineral kingdom the 1st.)  All of you are already on this path of evolution, and I am offering you this course as one of your next steps. The doors are opening for all life to take major evolutionary steps. This is a time of great opportunity for spiritual advancement. 

These new aspects of Divine Will bring the potential for great transformation, as well as for confusion and chaos, as those forms, structures, organizations, beliefs, and thoughts that are not in alignment with the Divine plan fall away. Those forms that are in alignment will be strengthened and given new life.

These new aspects of Divine Will will come to the earth plane in waves. A powerful wave came with the new Millennium and successive waves will be coming every 25 years. Each wave brings in some new aspect of Divine Will, and the effects of each wave will unfold for years afterward. Divine Will energies will have a larger and wider impact on humanity, slowly and steadily assisting humanity to unfold the Divine blueprint of their lives, and to come into alignment with the Divine plan of all life.

You can transform your life and consciousness with Divine Will

These Divine Will energies offer you great opportunity for spiritual advancement. As you call Divine Will into your life, you can more easily fulfill your purpose on earth, manifest the Divine blueprint of your life, and be of greater service to humanity. Those who ignore the impulse that this energy brings to grow and expand will still feel its effects. Some people may resist making changes, even good ones, and try to hang on to the past. Others may react with strong emotions or experience physical depletion and fatigue. Some people may give up, or feel overwhelmed, anxious, or confused by this powerful and intense energy that stimulates all life to move into greater alignment with the Divine plan.

You can attune to and align with Divine Will to find your higher path and purpose, to take those steps that are next for you, to see what is essential and life-affirming from your soul's perspective, and to let go of what is nonessential and that takes away your life energy. You can let Divine Will into your life for transformation at every level of your being.

You can build a stable ship that will sail smoothly on the ocean of change and opportunity. You can rise above the turbulence, uncertainty, and strong emotions of others that may happen, as changes occur to bring each person and humanity more into alignment with the Divine plan. You can be serene and calm as you link with your soul and these higher, stable forces that are like a lighthouse in the sometimes dark and stormy sea of life. You can become a beacon of light for others as you draw in and transmit these energies of Divine Will.

I work together with many other Beings of Light to assist humanity in taking their next evolutionary steps. We are aware of the powerful energies of Divine Will that are pouring into humanity and we are aware that their impact will grow stronger. Many of us are devoting ourselves to assisting you in using these incoming energies of Divine Will to make them more easily understandable and available for your daily use and personal transformation.

I will teach you ways to align with Divine Will, so you can use these new, incoming energies in a positive way. The energy flowing in to the earth plane can be expansive and wonderful. When you connect with Divine Will, miracles can happen in your life. You are no longer fighting the flow, but joining the higher currents and riding the upward spiral.

Divine Will is real. It does work to change your life for the better. You do not even need to believe that it is real for Divine Will to make a difference in your life. You need only be willing to call upon it and to follow your inner guidance about what actions to take.
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Why call upon Divine Will to transform your life?
If you choose to call Divine Will into your life, unfold the Divine blueprint of your life, and connect with your Divine Self, ask yourself if you are ready to have increased self-esteem, to love and nurture yourself more, and to create better relationships with everyone in your life. Do you want to expand your consciousness, experience more love, and step onto your higher path? Are you ready to release those things that are not for your highest good, and open to those that are? Ask yourself, "How much joy, love, and light can I allow into my life? Am I willing to have an amazing, beautiful life, to create a life worth living?"

Have you wanted all this, and yet feel unable to do so? Do you feel that you lack will power, or that a part of you sabotages your efforts to do what you know is good for you?

You do not need to suffer or struggle. You do not need to strain to expand your consciousness, to know yourself as a soul, to experience expanded vision, or to have greater understanding, more creativity, and take the next steps on your higher path. You can call upon Divine Will and let it work with you to bring every area of your life and your consciousness up to a higher level, into more beautiful patterns.

Divine Will is easy to contact when you have the intention to do so. When contacted it must respond. You reach upward, and Divine Will comes downward into your soul, your consciousness, your mind, your emotions, and into your life.

You can become so familiar with Divine Will that you can call it to you in a brief moment. You can then radiate it into your life, creating positive changes in your consciousness and in your outer circumstances.

As you align with Divine Will and allow your life to change for the better, you make a wonderful contribution to humanity. One life well lived, aligned with the soul, guided by higher energies, and in harmony with the souls of all life can impact thousands of lives in a positive way. You do not need to be famous, give speeches, change professions, or do anything differently with your life to serve humanity and to make an important contribution. It is your vibration, your inner light, and the qualities that you embody that are your greatest gifts to humanity.

Every moment you express love, draw in and radiate Divine Will, show your compassion and express wisdom, you are serving humanity in the highest way. You are embodying expansive qualities of energy that radiate outward to humanity, lifting all life to a higher octave. One life of beauty, joy, and love telepathically rings that note through thousands of people and opens up that potential for everyone.~Orin

Orin Welcome to Divine Will Study Group
I welcome you to the Divine Will Study group. It is wonderful to have new ways to join together for group work such as this.  You are not only transforming your life as you join together and work in this way, but you are also helping to anchor these qualities of Divine Will onto the planet for the good of humanity and the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms.  Group work is the keynote of the coming times.

Through this study group, and during the next months of study, you have a wonderful opportunity to focus on Divine Will and how to work with it to change your life. I will be transmitting to you as well as all the inner guides and teachers who are holding a focus for Divine Will to transform humanity and all life on earth.~Orin
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