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Becoming Your Soul

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Join Orin, Sanaya, and all who are studying the seven qualities of Divine Will to transform their lives. This information assumes that you are working with Orin's Divine Will: Living a Soul Life audio course program 1: Becoming Your Soul.  See links at bottom of page for more Divine Will links and information.

You can join the Divine Will study group, and contact Divine Will with or without using Orin's audio course. However, you may get the greatest shift from using both the audio course in addition to the online written material that follows.

Greetings from Orin
Welcome to the "Living a Soul Life" Divine Will course.  In this course you will transmit the 7 qualities of Divine Will to various areas of your life so you can live a soul life.

Divine Will is a powerful force.  Its energy will change and make more beautiful anything It is transmitted to.  It is a force that is unbendable and unstoppable.  It takes the lesser pattern and makes it into a greater pattern of more beauty, harmony, and order.  As you work with Divine Will you are working with one of the most powerful forces in the universe - a force that can change your life for the better, expand your consciousness, and bring you into alignment with your soul so you can create a life of joy, love, and abundance.

Now that you have completed the Transforming with Divine Will series, you have worked intensively and individually with each quality of Divine Will.  In this course you will be working with all 7 Wills to transform various areas of your life, to bring them into alignment with the Divine plan of your life and to live a soul life.  You are welcome to work with any quality or qualities of Divine Will that you feel drawn to.  Choose which ones might create the shift that you need in that moment or in that particular situation.  Share with everyone the shifts and all the ways you have discovered to play with Divine Will as you do.~ Orin

In all of Orin's journeys during the Living a Soul Life course you will be asked to work from the soul level, expanding into your soul to receive Divine Will.  You are also asked to join with the souls of everyone who is studying Divine Will and to observe the group light and energy that you are a part of.  This group light is always available to you to enhance your own light and experience of Divine Will. 

You will journey to the soul plane,  and then go to an even higher plane of light where you can contact Divine Will.  When you contact Divine Will in this way you can deepen your experience of it.  However, call Divine Will to you simply by doing so throughout the day.  Note what changes, for Divine Will always responds to your call.  You can call individual Wills or all 7 at the same time.

Work with the Will to Initiate as you contact your soul to have new insights and realizations, and to experience more your soul's consciousness.  This is the Will that initiates the true activity of your soul in accordance with the divine plan and purpose of your life.  Draw in this Will to release obstacles that stand in the way of becoming your soul.  Open to receive this Will that shows you the most effective, shortest path to your goal of becoming your soul.  This is the Will that moves energy, initiates the new, and brings with it courage, strength, and fearlessness. Observe and write about any new insights, awareness, perspectives, and observations of your life that you receive as you expand into your soul with the Will to Initiate.

Link with the Will to Unify, bringing this Will into your heart center, to unify with your soul and higher self; and to unify all the parts of your personality with the higher parts of your being.  With this blending you gain clear vision.  You can see and know through the eyes of your soul your right relationship to other people and to all life.  Your ability to know that you are your soul will grow stronger as you work with this quality of Will. Write about any new vision of your relationship to others, to your soul, and to your subpersonalities. 

Work with the Will to Evolve so that you may know and express the creative intelligence of your soul.  Bring the Will to Evolve into your throat center to awaken communication and your ability to know the plans and purposes of your soul.  Use this energy to evolve your consciousness into the full consciousness of your soul.  As you work with this Will you can know yourself as the One Life, the life that is neither consciousness nor form, but greater than both.  Observe if you have any new plans, or new thoughts about how to become your soul.  

Open to the 4th quality of Divine Will, the Will to Harmonize, that releases limitations.  This Will releases the limitations your personality has put on your soul.  It releases the limitations that have kept you from knowing that you are your soul.  Work with this Will so you can more easily identify soul desires versus personality desires, and to surrender to your soul's will for your life.  As you do this your personality will evolve, be strengthened, and acquire new abilities and powers.  This is the Will that can bring you more balance and the serene acceptance of ups and downs.  Work with this Will to allow your personality to better reflect your soul's serenity, confidence, and balance. Note feelings of serenity about situations that might have caused you emotional upset, or a greater sense of your soul in some way.

Receive the 5th quality of Divine Will, the Will to Act, that assists you to formulate clear, concise thoughts and to know what actions to take that reflect your soul's desires for your life.  This Will creates a mind that is illumined with your soul's light and power.  Let your mind become filled with thoughts that bring you liberation from the world of form and matter.  Experience the ability to think with objectivity and detachment, and to liberate yourself from old personality patterns.  As you work with this will observe if you can note thoughts that reflect your soul's serenity, light, purpose, and joy.  

Work with the Will to Cause, drawing it into your Ajna center between your eyebrows, so that you can see the motivation for your actions.  This is the Will that transforms personality motivation into your soul's motivation.  It can strengthen your desire to carry out the ideals of your soul, to create more beauty, love, harmony, and light in the world.  Draw in this Will to strengthen your devotion to creating a soul life, and to become devoted to your soul and its goals.  Discover more about your motives for the actions you are taking, and imagine what action you might take if your motive were your soul's. 

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Bring in the Will to Express, letting it come down into the top of your head to the base of your spine, blending your soul with your personality, until there is no distinction.  The inertia of the personality--the desire to stay at rest, to stay the same--expands with this Will into the movement and flow and expansion of your soul.  Let yourself expand into being all that you can be!  What actions are you drawn to take to get closer to your soul?

Play with all 7 qualities of Will to have more soul awareness.  Reflect this week on how you can sense your soul, how often you can become aware of your soul, and what shifts about your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, perceptions, body, breath, and so on as you practice bringing in your soul throughout the day and working with Divine Will.

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