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Sanaya: As you spend time and energy receiving and then transmitting the seven qualities of Divine Will to your goals, you have much more spiritual energy and spiritual power behind your goals than when you began. With this infusion of spiritual energy you are ready to add even more spiritual energy to your goals as you transmit all seven qualities of Divine Will to your goals at the same time. Allow your goals to change as you bring them into alignment with Divine Will. Your goals will come to you in whatever form, timing, and way that best serves your higher good.

Pick one goal to manifest
During the time you are studying the concept of manifesting with Divine Will, I suggest you pick one specific goal to work on manifesting. If you choose an intangible goal, such as "I want to live a soul-infused life," pick one way you would recognize if you were doing so, and write this out as your goal.  For instance, "When I am living a soul-infused life I will know it because...."  You might select 1 or 2 events that when they occurred, you could say, "I am now living a soul-infused life."  Or, you could pick a project to manifest, something specific you want to bring into your life that you have been working on.  Make sure your goal is something specific enough that you could recognize it when it comes into your life.  In addition, do not choose a goal that requires someone else to change; make this goal something that is within your ability to create.

Write out your goal as clearly as you can
You are forming a clear "thought" of what you want to bring into your life.  Thoughts have a substance, they are living things, that go out into the universe and attract to you what you are thinking of.  This time you are going to infuse all 7 qualities of Divine will into the thought of your goal, then send this thought out to the universe to manifest.  Your clearly stated goal will gather substance around it, and begin drawing to you events, situations, circumstances, and inner changes to make you more magnetic to this goal.  Some call this "precipitating energy" –condensing the subtle energy of thoughts into denser matter that appears as forms, circumstances, and situations in your physical world. 

Additional things to observe
Observe how it feels to work with all 7 qualities of Divine Will at once, and anything else you can note about your experiences in manifesting with the 7 qualities of Divine Will.  You may even note that some of your goals are already manifesting, have begun coming to you, have changed, or have been replaced with new goals.  Your goals may not manifest immediately, but–as energy follows thought–you have set in motion the energy for your goals to come to you at the perfect time and in the perfect way. 
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A brief summary of how to manifest with all 7 Wills

  1. To manifest a goal, you can start by initiating new consciousness with Divine Will 1, the Will to Initiate, as you cannot create something new without a change in your awareness and understanding. It also assists you in releasing whatever energies, situations, thoughts, beliefs, and so on that are not in alignment with your inner most Self, your soul and spirit. 
  2. You can link with Divine Will 2, the Will to Unify , to join with your soul, gain soul vision so you can better know what changes need to be made, unify all the parts of your being, expand your capacity to love, and become more a part of the oneness of all life and thus more magnetic to all that is for your higher good.
  3. Connecting with Divine Will 3, the Will to Evolve, you can evolve your knowledge and skills, align your goals with higher purpose, evolve your inner knowingness, and begin to develop plans and know what steps to take to bring your goals about.
  4. Working with Divine Will 4, the Will to Harmonize, you will learn how to release limitations, battles, struggle, and duality. You can bring peace and harmony into any area of your life, and release any stuck places and limitations. With more harmony and peace, you can better hear the still small voice of your intuition. Acting on your intuition will bring you your goals in the fastest, most efficient way. Your deepening intuition will guide you to taking those actions and steps that will align you with the greater flow of the universe and with Divine Will.
  5. Linking with Divine Will 5, the Will to Act can assist you in creating clear mental ideas, infused with the light of your higher mind, so that you gain clarity about what you are manifesting. You can let what you manifest be a part of liberating your soul from any forms that limit it's expression. You can liberate yourself from all that limits you, and learn to think clearly and scientifically about your goals. With this Will, you will open to new thoughts and release the beliefs and illusions that have veiled the path so you can take right action.
  6. As you join with Divine Will 6, the Will to Cause, you will open to the qualities that allow you to become more focused on your goals, that strengthen your ability to reach upward to the light, and to be guided by the higher light of your soul and the Divine in every choice and decision you make. You can discover your underlying motives for manifesting and seek to release those that are ego based, and emphasize those are your soul's aspirations for your life. In this way what you create will bring you more joy and fulfill the higher purpose of your life.
  7. As you draw in the energy of Divine Will 7, the Will to Express, you can bring your goals into manifestation in an organized way, with care and precision, and attention to detail so that you are expressing divinity in form. You bring in the energy that manifests your goals, and that brings the action of all the other six Divine Wills into their expression on the earth plane. You are creating heaven on earth; bringing "that which is above into that which is below."

Creating new opportunities with Divine Will
The summary above is very brief, and Divine Will is much more vast and complex than what can be explained in a few sentences. The energy of Divine Will works in harmony with your being at every level. Calling Divine Will into your life plants the seeds of change and evolution that you can harvest for years to come. Opportunities will come to you, new paths will open up, and your consciousness will continue to expand.

There is much more that Divine Will will assist you with than can be quickly summarized. You can read general information about Divine Will here, and start working with Divine Will right now to change your life.

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