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Greetings from Orin!

I send love from my heart to yours, and greet you with a transmission of radiant love.  I invite you to work with Divine Will to awaken the Divine Love within you.  Divine Love is an aspect of Divine Will, and can be most felt with the Will to Unify.  You may want to focus on the Will to Unify, however, you will find it beneficial to work with all the qualities of Divine Will to strengthen your ability to know and experience Divine Love.  

Draw in the Will to Initiate to initiate new experiences of love.  Feel the power of this Will to awaken your heart center and to release anything that stands in your way of expressing Divine Love.  This Will is like an electrical power that you can bring into your heart center to awaken it, creating a field of love all around you.  Awakening Divine Love with the Will to Initiate brings new consciousness, revelations, insights, and understandings about how to love.  Observe these new revelations and insights and share them if you choose.  

Connect with the Will to Unify to create loving relationships, and to recognize what is good and beautiful in others.  Through your vision of the divinity within them, you can help them bring it out.  This is love that brings together the personality and soul, and that makes all things whole.  

Experience more unconditional love as you awaken your heart center with the Will to Unify.  Let love pour out of you, a generous love that needs nothing in return.  Radiate love that is magnetic to all that is good and beautiful.  Divine Love is a gentle, wise love that expresses itself as goodwill to all humanity.  Divine Love is a sense of oneness with others and with all life.  It is expressed as kindness, inclusiveness, compassion, forgiveness, and harmlessness.   Note what you draw to you as you radiate Divine Love.

Connect with the Will to Evolve, drawing it in to evolve your heart center.  Your heart center ignites with new love, and energy from your heart center flows up into your throat center.  Note as you work with the Will to Evolve that you can better communicate love, wisdom, and compassion through your words and in your interactions with others. Observe your evolving love that becomes a wise love and not a sentimental love. 

Draw in the Will to Harmonize to release limitations, so that anything that has limited you from expressing love is dissolved.  Enjoy creating harmony between yourself and others.  You create beauty as you express love.  Explore any insights you have about what has limited your ability to love and how you can transform these limitations.  With the Will to Harmonize, take time to imagine complete harmony between your soul, your heart center, and Divine Love.  As you do this, you create an opening for a new and even more powerful stream of Divine Love to enter into your heart center.  

Bring in the Will to Act so that your thoughts can reflect the love of your heart and to achieve liberation through love.  Imagine you are standing in God's pure light.  Your heart center is becoming radiant, and your thoughts are clear, shimmering with your soul's love. Pay attention to thoughts you have that are loving and compassionate.
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As you work with Will to Cause, draw it into your heart center. Awaken to the ideals of your soul, which are to express love.  Let this quality of Will transform your desires into your soul's desires and your soul's motivations, so you can act as your soul, love as you soul, and express soul love.  Imagine what it would be like if the motive for every action you took was to express Divine Love.  Notice if you have a shift in motive this week at some time into wanting to create more love instead of feelings of separateness.  

As you open to the Will to Express, you can express love in action.  Let this Will bring in the qualities of love and your heart center awaken in a rhythmic, orderly way.  Your heart center is like a flower that is blooming, sending out a beautiful fragrance.  It sends forth a beautiful sound that brings out the best in others.  It radiates a magnetic light that helps draw all life closer to its source. Pay attention to the love you are radiating.  Note what actions you take to bring out the love between you and others.  

Let all 7 qualities of Will pour into your heart center, awakening it.  Observe and write about what Divine Love means to you, and note even the smallest shifts in your ability to express love.

Radiate Divine love to the Universe, to humanity, to the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms, and to the earth itself.

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