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Greetings from Orin!
In this journey you will call Divine Will to you to transform your mind to create clear, illumined thoughts, to lift the veils of illusion, and to release beliefs that do not serve you.

Bring in the Will to Initiate to initiate new consciousness and to release hindrances to clear mental thinking.  This Will can assist you in creating vast thoughts, unlimited thoughts, and creative thoughts.  Let your mind expand with this Will.  Open to revelations, new awareness, perspectives, and insights.  As you work with this Will the cells in your physical brain can awaken and become clear receivers and interpreters of your higher mind and of information coming from the Universal Mind.  Observe and write about any new feelings, experiences, or insights as you work with this and all of the following Wills to illumine your mind.

The Will to Initiate can be contacted to bring you the courage and fearlessness to think in new ways, to expand your thinking, and to initiate new consciousness.  You can work with It to receive revelations about your own nature, and the nature of your soul and the universe.  You have the ability to contact the thoughts of the Enlightened Ones, and the thoughts that are being sent to humanity of what is next--the ideas and ideals that are ready for embodiment.

Connect with the Will to Unify to unify with your soul and the souls of others, and to expand your vision.  With this quality of Will you can recognize others who are on the path, and become more aware of the guides, teachers, and Enlightened Ones who are always offering assistance and love through their broadcasts on the inner planes.  As you unify with your soul, imagine your soul's mind blending with your mind.  Let these two minds come together, bringing you new, more loving thoughts--thoughts that lead you to know your oneness with others.  Let your vision expand as you sense the greater oneness of which you are a part.

With the Will to Evolve, deepen your link to the creative intelligence of the universe and of your soul.  Let this Will enhance your ability to plan, to bring things into form, and to set goals that reflect your soul's goals.  This Will allows matter to respond to your mind.  As you surrender your personality goals to your soul's goals, you can use this Will to express and to know more about your soul's goals, and to find creative ways to bring them about.

Link with the Will to Harmonize to create beauty and peace into your life, and to bring harmony where there is conflict or struggle.  Let your mind become so illumined with this Will (and all of the Divine Wills) that it is like a beacon of light that lights the way through denser emotions, through the dualities, and through the ups and downs.  As your mind grows clear with your soul's light and the light of Divine Will, you can find the way of harmony and balance.  You can find the winning solution for yourself and for everyone involved.

The Will to Act is one of the most powerful influences on your thoughts, along with the Will to Evolve.  The Will to Evolve stimulates your ability to think about the bigger picture and to think in abstract ways.  As you work with the Will to Act, you gain the ability to formulate clear mental thoughts about the issues in your life and to have greater certainty about what to do.  This Will leads to thoughts of truth about the nature of reality so you can liberate yourself from the bonds of the material world and see the true reality of love and light that lies beyond. Your thoughts can then show you the way to your path of higher evolution.
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Whenever you want more clarity, imagine that you are standing in God's pure light, the light of the Presence, the light that reveals truth.  Draw in the Will to Act and imagine that illusions and limiting thoughts and beliefs are dissolving.  Imagine that your mind is becoming a channel for Divine Will.  Pay attention to the thoughts that you have after you do this.  Decide to allow into your mind positive, supportive, uplifting thoughts and to refuse any thoughts that you do not want.

Your mind, illumined with your soul's light and with Divine Will, is a light bearer, lighting the way for you. All separative thoughts, thoughts that tell you that you aren't good enough, thoughts that hold you back, will leave.  Critical thoughts of yourself and others will be replaced with compassion and understanding.  Doubting and fearful thoughts will be replaced with peaceful thoughts.

Draw in the Will to Cause to release illusions, thoughts, and beliefs that do not represent your soul's ideals and beliefs.  Open to new ideals that motivate you to live a soul life, to live in alignment with the Divine Plan of your life.  Open to those ideas and ideals that guide you to your evolution, that put you on an upward spiral.  Note any changes in your thinking and in your beliefs about the nature of reality as you work in this way.

Bring in the Will to Express divinity in form.  Your mind is able to reach upward to the heavens, and bring the elevated thoughts down into your daily life.  Your mind helps you organize and bring about your soul purposes in a rhythmic, orderly way.  Your mind shows you what needs to be built and brought into your life, and what needs to be released.

As you work with Divine Will and the Will to Express, let your mind transform and become an illuminating light.  Your thoughts become beautiful; you have higher, more loving, compassionate, focused, and clear thoughts.  Your thoughts carry you closer to enlightenment, serve others in their growth, and add light all about you.  Your mind will be a field of light for Divine Will to pour into.  Your thoughts will be your soul's positive, loving thoughts about you, other people, and the situations in your life.

Let your higher thoughts become more visible, thoughts that have come from the highest planes of light, enlightened thoughts that carry the energy of Divine Will.  Let these new thoughts be like seeds that are beginning to sprout everywhere.  Enjoy your illumined mind!

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