Transmitting Divine Will

Greetings from Orin!
You are doing a great service for humanity as you embody these new Divine Will Energies and then transmit them. The purpose of this group is to embody specific qualities of Divine Will and thus radiate them to humanity. As you do this you are assisting in opening up a path to restore and bring about more of the divine plan for humanity.

You may want to transmit to individuals or to groups. If you find that you are drawn to work a specific group each time you transmit, that is fine. Or, if you want to include many groups in your transmissions, that is fine as well. Some people spend months or even years transmitting to one area as they feel guided to. There is no dilution of effort by including many groups in your awareness while you are in a high state, and all it takes is a moment to transmit by bringing them into your awareness.

The great work you as a group are doing is creating a vortex of Divine Will energy that is becoming a radiating center restoring the divine plan of humanity.  I and all the beings of light thank you for your participation in this work and are deeply grateful to you for your willingness to help in this way.~Orin

Bringing Divine Will to humanity is a great work, and I celebrate with all of you the transformation that is possible when we work together in this way.

Some suggestions on groups to transmit to to assist them in aligning with Divine Will and receiving the energies being sent to all of you:

  1. Remember, whatever you transmit comes back to you multiplied; however you are not transmitting for that purpose.
  2. Everyone who is in resonance with this energy and can be helped by it
  3. All those who are one step behind
  4. World leaders
  5. Souls who are just now entering the earth plane, all babies
  6. Souls who are leaving the earth plane
  7. Souls who are experiencing relationship challenges that are keeping them from living their higher purpose
  8. Souls who are experiencing a lack of abundance
  9. Everyone who is ready to go to their next level, to assist them in having the power, consciousness, will, love, and light to do so.

For ideas of visions we can hold and transmit to, the meditation Visions to hold for the world is available.

Sanaya on Transmitting
As you hold your life, personality, humanity, or the plant, animal, or mineral kingdoms in your awareness at the same time. Transmitting means thinking of others, all life, or humanity as you draw in the energy of each or all the seven qualities of Divine Will. Transmission happens by the principle of resonance, and is not really a sending, but offering this energy through your embodiment of it.

If you are transmitting to someone who has asked for assistance, call the 7 qualities of Divine Will or the Will Quality being studied (see a Schedule of Divine Will)  to you, and as you do, hold that person in your awareness. That is all that is necessary to transmit energy to someone!

If it feels hard to transmit, then stop, for your transmission of Divine Will is not being received.  Only continue to radiate Divine Will to someone if it feels good to do so. There may be a noticeable impact of your transmission of Divine Will, or you may not be able to note any differences.  Let go of any attachment to results, and transmit Divine Will whenever it feels right to do so.

If you want everyone to transmit to a world event or condition, do not focus on all the ways this group is suffering, as you are then energizing what you are focusing on. Instead, transmit to the condition you want to bring about. Energy follows thought; as more people hold a positive vision it helps to bring about the positive results people are focusing on.

Imagine what the world might be like if everyone was aligned with Divine Will, living their purpose, filled with Divine Love, and thinking in terms of the group well-being.  As you imagine this and transmit Divine Will to humanity, you are helping to bring it about.~Sanaya
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