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Greetings from Orin and DaBen!
Since your thoughts create your reality, you can create an even better life for yourself by learning to think in bigger and unlimited ways. Unlimited thinking increases creativity, expands your possibilities, draws opportunities to you, and allows you to have more. Unlimited thinking lets you experience in advance the feelings you will have when you have received the abundance you want, and these feelings are the vehicle that brings abundance to you. Use these visions to open your mind to greater possibilities.

My choices and possibilities
are expanding every day.

Unlimited thinking helps you get in touch with the larger picture of your life and links you with the greater vision of your higher self. It helps you fulfill your potential. All great works start with a vision. Those of you who have children often engage in the process of unlimited thinking for them, weaving around them visions of who they might be and the great things they might accomplish. You help them recognize their ability to create whatever is best for them. When you are in love you recognize the potential that lies within the other person and help him or her create it. Unlimited thinking means having the same wonderful visions for yourself, recognizing and fulfilling your potential. Every time you think of the future you are creating a possible direction.

To unfold your potential you will want to imagine having your dreams come true, for your dreams and fantasies are showing you your potential. Your dreams are there for a reason; they are guiding you to your higher path here on earth. Enlarge your vision of what is possible for you to do. Dare to dream and think big. If you are thinking of starting a business, don't compromise on what you think you can have or do. If you are thinking of serving one client a week, think of serving five. If you are thinking of starting your work in a year, think about what it would be like to start it in a month. Pretend that it is one year from today and you are reflecting back on all your accomplishments. What did you accomplish over the last year?

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