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Recognizing High Level Guides

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Recognizing High Level Guides
Orin and DaBen
There are so many places that guides come from that they appear to be infinite.  You might find it useful to classify guides into those who have been incarnated on the earth and have lived at least one earth life; those who have not lived an earth life and are from dimensions outside the galaxy and stars, such as the fourth dimension; the Masters, guardian angels and entities from other galaxies and planets.  There are other guides that do not fit into these categories.  I, Orin, have lived an earth life very long ago in your years, so that I could better understand physical existence.  I have long since evolved into pure light and spirit, having no physical body.  DaBen is also a being of light.

Many high level guides are nearly pure energy, having evolved into spirit and taken on a shimmer of light.  Some could be called "beings of light" because they work in the spectrum of light and use the language of light, transmitting thought impulses directly into the souls of those who have given their permission and with whom they work.  We, Orin and DaBen, are beings of light.  We are able to navigate the fourth dimension as well as the fifth and higher dimensions.  We work from the worlds of pure spirit; worlds of beauty and love.   Our assistance is available when you call on us or your guide.  We can only assist you if you request it; we cannot transmit energy to you or do anything you do not ask for and want. 

Your guide chooses you
to work with because of a
similarity of goals and purposes.

Not all entities from the higher realms choose to be guides, just as not all of you choose to be channels.  Work on the other planes of reality is as varied as your work can be on earth.  Guides are certain beings who are highly skilled at transmitting energy from their dimension into yours.  It takes an enormous amount of energy from our plane to reach through to yours, and it is done most often out of pure love of humanity and devotion to transmitting higher ideals.  As you reach the higher realms, altruistic service to others is a path of rapid evolution.   We pick you because of an alignment of goals and because we love you.

Even at the highest levels, guides have different talents and areas of expertise, just as you do.  Some may be very good at giving concrete advice, problem solving, and help you out with your everyday life.  Some may be good at giving inspiring, informative talks or relaying spiritual truths.  If you ask a question about a subject that is outside their specialty, they will find the information and get it to you.  For instance, a guide may be quite adept at channeling spiritual information, but he might not have information about scientific matters.  If you need scientific information for something, and it is important for you to have it, your guide will get it to you - perhaps by sending a book or a person with the knowledge your way - or it will come from another guide.

Don't think that once you channel you must be able to do everything.  Guides pick you because you are most aligned with what they want to bring to earth.  So most likely, what you have been wanting to do or are already doing with your life will continue to be developed with the help of your guide.  Let it be all right if there are areas outside your or your guide's realm of knowledge.  

People often ask us, "How can you tell if the guide you attract is a high-level guide?"  We think that all of you have the ability to recognize a guide who is not high.  When you meet people, you have an immediate sense of how wise and loving they are.  You know if you feel good and happy around them or depreciated and unhappy.  With a guide, use the same faculty of judgment that you use with people.  You have the ability to recognize wisdom.   Truth feels as if you already know it.

High guides come to light your path.  Their only wish is for your higher good.  They are there to help you with such things as remembering who you are, letting go of fear, and learning to love yourself and others.  They come to add to your joy and to assist you with you personal growth and your work here on earth.

High level guides neither frighten you nor build up your ego.  They do not flatter, although they will applaud your progress.  They create a sense of expanded awareness and greater inner vision.  They encourage you to use your own wisdom and discernment rather than blindly follow anything you are told.   They never tell you that you "have to" do something or attempt to determine a direct outcome in your personal life.  They support and encourage you to develop and use your inner strengths and deeper wisdom.  They will encourage you not to give your power to them.

High level guides are humble, and acknowledge that their truth is not the only truth.  They may make strong suggestions and assist you in making your own choices.  High-level guides may point out something that is not working in your life, but they will do so in such a way that will make you feel empowered and strong.

High-level guides rarely predict future events.  If they do, it is only because the information is useful for your growth or for humanity.   If the information you receive from someone else's guide diminishes you or makes you feel bad about yourself, or fearful in some way, you do not have to choose to make it your reality.  If you come away from a reading feeling fearful about your life, then you have not been with a high-level guide, for they leave you feeling uplifted and supported in who you are.  They help you see yourself in new and expanded ways.   Be aware, however, that you can turn an uplifting message into one of less joy if you choose to hear it as negative rather than positive.

High-level guides
have your higher purpose
as their main concern.

High-level guides express themselves with precision, and say much in a few words.  They teach tolerance and encourage forgiveness. Their advice is practical, often simple, modest, never boastful, and follows good sense.   Any steps they advise are useful and bring greater good to a person's life.   High level guides speak only good about people, for their whole nature is filled with love and goodness.

If you ask, they will show you your lessons, speak to you of what you are here to learn, yet allow you to continue in a situation if you choose.   They are careful not to take away your lessons.  If you are headed towards something that will teach you a valuable, but difficult lesson, they may show you more joyful ways to learn the same thing.  However, if you persist in your original way they will not stop you.  It is up to you to choose joy, but if you learn best through pain and struggle high guides will not take these lessons away. 

Recognizing Entities Who Are Less Evolved
Orin and DaBen
There is sometimes confusion about whether or not to follow the advice of a particular guide.  It is up to you to use your own ability to discriminate and recognize wisdom.  When you receive advice from your guide or from someone else's guide, ask yourself, "Is it appropriate for me to follow this information? Does the information limit me or expand me?  Is it accurate?  Does it have practical value for me, and is it immediately useful?  Does it feel like my inner truth?"  

Use your common sense to decide whether to use the information or not; don't just blindly accept information about your life.   High-level guidance will assist you in having greater confidence in your own truth.   Channeled advice is to be followed only if it rings true to you, not just because it is channeled.  Do only those things that feel joyful or right to you.

Only accept those messages
which ring true to the
deepest part of your being.

How do you recognize entities who are less evolved?   Some of them love to give predictions of a disastrous nature about your life, and enjoy the heightened emotions such as fear that they can stir up in people.  Their messages may falsely build up people's egos by telling them they are going to be rich or famous when that is clearly not their path.  Some will tell you their path is the only path, and want you to turn your inner authority over to them.  You will know if you are connected to a lower guide.  You may feel scared, powerless, depressed, or worried about your life after they have given you advice. 

Less evolved entities may want to incite you to take action that you know is not high and loving.  Some will simply waste your time and give you inaccurate or inconsequential information.  Right from the beginning a high level guide will help guide you to feel more whole and complete, will assist you on your spiritual path, and will bring out the best in you.  Remember that you are "king" in this reality, and that you can choose to create whatever reality you want.

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