Welcome to Orin's Sacred Transmuting Violet Flame Audio Meditation!
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Contacting the Sacred Transmuting Violet Flame
Call upon the Sacred Transmuting Violet Flame and
Transmute lesser energies into divine energy.
Feel more self-love and inner peace.
Experience higher, clearer thoughts and greater physical well-being.
Send this energy out to the world.

 product image   Orin's The Sacred Transmuting Violet Flame Audio Meditation
Length 25:55 minutes
Music: Thaddeus TH070 Sanctuary of Peace
Transcript and Information.
This is one of our most requested free audio meditation. Working with the Violet Flame is a powerful way to transmute your energy into a higher state of consciousness, releasing everything that is holding you back. After you work with your own energy you will then help offer this healing light to humanity.
Worldwide Meditation on the Violet Flame:
Join us for a Worldwide Meditation on the Violet Flame October 24, 2021. Go here for more information on the Worldwide meditations.You can listen to Orin's Violet Flame meditation (see below) at any time you want to transform energy into a higher vibration.
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More about the Transmuting Violet Flame: A powerful way to shift into higher consciousness and to sustain and maintain a new way of being is to call upon the Sacred Transmuting Violet Flame.  I offer you this free, full-length guided meditation that offers you ways to contact and work with the Violet Flame. You can do this throughout the day, whenever you want to remove doubts, fears, anxiety, negative thoughts, unwanted memories, regrets, guilt, and disharmonious conditions and relationships. With the Sacred Transmuting Flame lesser energies are dissolved. This helps you experience more of the harmony, beauty, and divine perfection that is possible in all the forms, relationships, activities, and circumstances in your life.

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Orin's Sacred Transmuting Flame Transcript
Greetings from Orin and all of the beings of light. In preparation for a great transmutation of energy, focus now upon a great Master, an Enlightened One, who holds the energy of transmutation, of bringing energy from one form into another.

And this being is sending a ray of light to each one of you that will enhance your ability to transform energy, to take it from one state into another. Holding open a space. All of these beings are working with the seventh ray, the incoming ray. The ray of alchemy, of transmutation, the ray of manifestation of light into form.

Good.  And we are calling now upon the power and the light and energy, I and all the beings of light and your guides, to open up a space for you to have an experience of the transmuting, sacred flame, an aspect, a part of, or God  Itself, depending on your perspective.

So sense in front of you a living consciousness in the form of a sacred flame. Some see it as very tall, very enormous. Begin to fall into resonance with this flame. It is aware, alive.

And as you fall into resonance with this, you begin to move into this flame, as if you are standing in the center of it, as if you are becoming this flame, this sacred fire of transmutation, of taking you from one energy state into another. Find whatever you can of this.

And with your intention, let it begin to come into your mind, your mental body. Begin to burn away all limiting, imprisoning thoughts and mental concepts that do not reflect to you the light of the real, but instead keep you trapped or stuck in a lesser vibration.

Let this transmuting flame begin to burn away all that says you are not perfect, all the thoughts that are inaccurate reflections, distortions of reality.

And as this work is done, thoughts may come up as they are burned away. Just let them go and know that this is perfect.

All the imperfect thought forms, from this and other lifetimes, understandings that came from a lesser level of light, all the thoughtforms that have blocked the light of the real, the light of the beautiful, that have blocked the light from reaching you, let these be burned away. Just affirm that you are ready to let them go, and you give permission to this transmuting fire to release their hold over you.

And as this happens, it is as if the sun, the light, is beginning to burst forth in your inner mind, the rising sun of the East, the light of hope, of the future, of the new.

If you are ready, ask that anything, any thought that has been an illusion, a misperception, that has kept you in a lesser pattern, ask that it be burned away so that you may see the new pattern that needs to emerge in your life.

And now let this violet flame, that is often called, this transmuting flame, the sacred fire, come through your emotional body, removing the doubts, the fears, the insecurities, the desires, all the lesser energies in your emotional body that stand like a fog between you and the light. Let this sacred fire burn through this fog so that the light of day may shine through you.

Burning through the sense of helplessness or hopelessness. Burning through any anger. Burning through any emotions that have held you back.

And bring this into your etheric body, that blueprint that forms the physical that records all the lifetimes of experiences, a web of light. Let this flame burn through this web of light, erasing all memories of failure, discordance. Let it burn through all patterns of disease, limitations, and disintegration.

This flame is all-powerful. There is no energy it cannot transmute – no memory, no feeling, no thought.

And let this flame of transmutation come into your physical body, into every cell, as if the breath of God has come into every cell in your body, bringing with it vitality, life. As if the sacred fire is being lit in every cell in your body, burning away all imperfection.

It is as if you are becoming transparent, the you, the personality self. And you are becoming this sacred fire, this fire that is omnipotent, all-powerful, and all-loving.

You are resonating with this flame and there is nothing that is standing in its way.

Let it move through all four of your lower bodies now, continuing to burn away, to dissolve all imperfection from this and any life time, all causes that might result in negative effects.

And you have a master who is working with you. The beings of light are sponsoring you in this transmutation of energy.

As all that stands in the way is dissolved, see if you can become this sacred fire.

And from this state, allow your consciousness to become completely peaceful, growing quieter and quieter, until you come to a state of rest, no thought, no feeling.

And you will come out of this state, and you will go back in. Your divine Self will bring you back into Itself, into this state of rest, a moment inbetween time.

And as you come out of this space, new thoughts are forming, thoughts of beauty, thoughts that allow you to see the divine in all life and in yourself. Thoughts of hope. Thoughts that are clear and reflect reality, and that tell you the truth of who you are, the beauty of the light within you. Illumined thoughts.

Feel your divine Self, through resonance putting you in touch with new thoughts that open the way to the new future, the new forms, the new life ahead. Thoughts that refuse and reject all thoughts of limitation, all limiting thoughts, every thought that does not show you the real.

All the thoughts that are coming out of your divine Self are thoughts that show you how to reach enlightenment, that you are already enlightened, you just have not realized it yet, but you are rapidly doing so.

Go back in now, to this state of complete peace, let your divine Self draw you in. And as you come out, new emotions are being stimulated, emotions of trust in the Universe, knowing that you always have everything you need when you need it.

Feelings of joy, of expansiveness, of spaciousness in your life. Going into the divine Self, coming out with more joy, more peace, more harmony.

So feel yourself coming together in a new way, a new alignment with a higher light. As if the sun is rising and a new level of illumination is coming into your life, the light of the real, of the divine. And feel your resonance with this light.

Your energy is so stable, so harmonious, so clear that you are in resonance with this higher light.

And holding this resonance, turn to an area of your life that you would like to transform. And all you need do is stay in this state, the sacred flame, the divine Self, the resonance with this higher light, and just hold this area until it comes into resonance with this space.

Until all that is left of this area is beauty, and light, and the real.

And in this light turn to a new area of your life, one that has not yet taken form–the future. And just hold this pattern of beauty.

As you hold this state where your thoughts are pure, your emotions are clear, and you have transmuted much of the filters you have projected onto reality, what will manifest will be in harmony with this state of your divine Self.

Let this sacred fire transmute anything – any energy within you at any level that might distort what you  experience in this new area of your life. Any memories from the past, any sense of failure, any fear. Let it take this away until you are facing this future situation with the light of confidence, of power, of beauty, of trust, of a knowingness of who you are.

And as this new area comes about, see it happening with beautiful, precise energy. You are guided in every moment how to create it and bring it into form.

And you do not need to know what that form will be or when or how it will come about. It will be in resonance with this state that you are creating it from.

And now take this beautiful space, this sacred space and the sacred flame, and let us hold the world in this transmuting, sacred fire. And ask that all that can be released from humanity, be released.  All the thought forms, all the emotions, all the karma, and the ancient patterns – let us hold together this sacred transmuting flame, this fire, as if we are encircling the world.

And seeing the light of the rising sun, the light of the new, dawning on humanity, new thoughts, new feelings, fresh perspectives. The light coming up for humanity. It is as if everyone is starting to wake up from a deep sleep. The mists and fogs are leaving, and the light of the real is dawning.  All right, I bid you good day for now.