Light Body Manifesting

Table of Contents:
Message from Duane and Sanaya
Manifesting and the Importance of Exploring Connections
Manifesting From the Fourth Dimension
Light Body Manifesting Involves Finding, Sustaining, and Following the Flow
Manifesting Becomes Automatic, a Natural Outcome of Your Consciousness 


Greetings from Duane and Sanaya!
This is a wonderful time to manifest new consciousness and directions, and to use and practice your manifesting skills! It is a time to shift energy and offer your light to the world. It is a time to use the consciousness you have been acquiring and the foundation you have set as you awakened your light body. The light of spirit is more visible and people are more open to it than ever before.

The energies present right now are even better for manifesting
than the calmer economic conditions that used to exist.

The energies present are those that move you forward.  Do not sit around waiting for things to return to the way they were; use this as a time to launch a new business, move forward into new opportunities, and to do what you may have been dreaming about doing. Release limited thinking and think big! 

You might imagine that the energies on the earth plane have gotten very turbulent, much like the ocean during a storm.  As you awakened your light body, you built an enormous boat to ride in on the ocean.  The turbulent waves are very small compared to the size of your boat, a boat that represents the expanded consciousness you now experience. In fact, the waves and turbulence are so small compared to the boat of your consciousness that they barely affect you. 

For those who haven't expanded their consciousness, their "boat" is very small and the waves are enormous. They feel flung about, helpless against the forces that seem arrayed against them. 

In a quiet period, there isn't as much current, wind, or power to move you.  However, during more turbulent times the storm provides energy, wind, and power for movement into new areas with less effort.  We are offering you the following information to assist you in understanding more about what you can do to manifest using the higher states of consciousness your light body opens up, and to deepen your understanding of how to manifest in new ways. 

A goal of the Light Body Consciousness Manifesting courses by DaBen is to lift you to a new consciousness where you can learn new ways of manifesting and use the energies that are present right now to move in new directions and to make your life more fulfilling than ever before. 

Manifesting and the Importance of Exploring Connections
Duane and Sanaya: In DaBen's Exploring Connections and Manifesting from Light Body Consciousness, you will learn new manifesting skills that will teach you how to manifest from a light body consciousness that is high and expanded enough, aware of all the connections you are a part of, to realize that what seem like obstacles and limitations from a lower level do not really exist. Shifting energy at the level of consciousness you will reach even just once during the seminar can change your life in wonderful ways, and you will have many opportunities to shift energy throughout the course.

Why Explore Connections?
You can tap into the unlimited power that lies within you. Imagine that you are a drop in the ocean.  If you think you are separate from the ocean you feel powerless, helpless, and unable to tap into the abundance of the ocean that is all around you.  If you know you are a part of the ocean, you have the power of the ocean with you.  Through learning to expand all your connections to the ocean - consciousness Itself - you can tap into the unlimited power, abundance, and consciousness that is available to you.  You will no longer have the identity of a small, helpless drop in the ocean, but instead your identity will be the ocean itself, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscience.

Another way of viewing connections is to imagine you have bought an electrical appliance, and you want it to work. You can picture it working all you want, but until you plug it in, there is no energy for it to work. When you connect with Spirit, Source, consciousness Itself, you have the power for everything to work.  In another example, imagine you want a suntan. You can meditate on it, think about it, and wish it were so.  However, until you connect with the sun or a source of light, you can not get one. 

As you expand your awareness of your connections to consciousness Itself, what you manifest will be exactly what you need, make a contribution to others, and allow you to shift the energy around you. With this connection you can experience having all you need when you need it, such as opportunities, circumstances, ideas, new perspectives and ways of thinking, energy, enthusiasm, inspiration, funds, contacts, business, clients, a job, and resources to carry out a project.  Things will appear as you need them and leave when they have fulfilled their purpose. What you manifest will come about automatically as you follow the flow and will be a reflection of the connections you have become aware of and the new potential you activate from this higher level.

Manifesting from the Fourth Dimension
Imagine that you are a two-dimensional being and that a fence has been created between you and what you want.  It would appear as a rectangle.  The only way through to getting what you want is by cutting through the fence, and so everything you study at this level would be about how to move through obstacles and cut through fences. 

If you were suddenly given 3-dimensional consciousness, you would look from ”above” at the two dimensional rectangle and realize you could simply reach in and take hold of what you want, and that the rectangle or fence was not an obstacle from this higher perspective. 

Now imagine you have 4th dimensional consciousness.  As you work with connections and apply your light body consciousness manifesting skills, you will be viewing your ordinary, 3 dimensional reality from the 4th dimension.  From this higher dimension, what appears as obstacles and limitations of the third dimension disappear.  Even putting your consciousness into the 4th dimension for a split second can bring with it the realization of what you can have and create.  You gain the consciousness to move beyond the limitations and stuck places that seem real from a 3rd dimensional perspective.

Manifesting from Light Body Consciousness
is far more than manifesting an object;
it is manifesting your entire earth life

Expanding your consciousness allows you to manifest everything in your life in harmony with your deepest being. The shifts you precipitate at a higher level will express or manifest in many ways, some materially, and others as changes in your consciousness such as more love, an inner knowingness of actions to take, feelings of greater peace and harmony, new ideas, and a wider understanding of whatever you focus on. 

Other expressions of this higher consciousness come as new, expanded ideas, the ability to recognize potential in some area and then to manifest it, and an ability to be around discordant energies and stay in the flow.  You gain a greater ability to recognize and shift thought forms and beliefs, to see through obstacles, and to realize more of what is possible for you to create, accomplish, and have in your life.

Light Body Manifesting Involves Finding, Sustaining, and Following the Flow

What does it mean to be in the flow?  With the flow that you opened to as you awakened your light body and as you continue to expand your light body skills, your life begins to change in wonderful ways.  When you are in the flow you have the experience of "everything working."  You are carried by the energies, one activity flows into the next, there is no sense of self-criticism or self-judgment.  You are in a different state of time; things can be rapid and slow simultaneously. 

When you are in the flow there is a feeling of oneness; you can sense the way you fit into everything else.  Everything you do contributes to increasing your light.  Your mind is clear and your thoughts flow one into another without circling around.  Each thought brings you a new idea, insight, or clarity to what you are thinking about.  You are creative, intuitive, and aware of your inner guidance.  Your emotions are flowing, peaceful, and harmonious.  Your heart is open.  You can just "be" allowing ideas and opportunities to come to you without pushing or working for them.  In a state of flow you are more fully present in each moment.

Manifesting Happens Differently When You Are in the Flow,
Connected to the Vast Ocean of Consciousness

As you join the flow of life, and become part of the ocean of consciousness you move out of the old way of manifesting, a logical left brain way of thinking.  You stop trying to figure everything out, or to control and manipulate the universe into giving you what you want. You let go of thinking that you will have more abundance if you work hard, put in more hours, worry, or convince people to do things. You no longer think that having what you want is dependent upon someone else's power or decisions.  You are no longer experiencing obstacles and limitations such as lack of funds, opportunities, jobs, clients, sales, ideas, and so on.  You no longer measure your progress or success by traditional cultural terms, but instead by the feeling of rightness. 

Manifesting is no longer about HOW to manifest,
but instead about WHAT to manifest

In the new way of manifesting you open up to a softer way of thinking, you focus on being in harmony with the universe and being a part of the flow. You trust that you will be carried by that flow into all the circumstances, relationships, supply, and situations that are perfect for you. You realize that if you don't control things mentally, the universe will give you more and better than what you could have even thought to ask for. 

The challenge is no longer how to manifest, but instead what to manifest, so you can create the forms that most match the flow you are in and carry you further. Your awareness of the process of manifesting no longer starts with a desire for something material.  That is often the last step in the process of manifesting.  Manifesting simply happens as you follow your inner knowingness and guidance.  The actual bringing about of your manifesting goals happens automatically, through the ideas and opportunities that come to you, and through synchronicity.

Flow and Light Body Consciousness/ Fourth Dimensional Manifesting
As you move into higher levels of light body skills and consciousness, as you will if you study the Light Body Consciousness Levels 1-5  you will experience flow as a state of resonance, where you are aligned and in harmony with the higher energies about you.  Beyond resonance you will learn to move into states of being beyond the mind, into and out of Simultaneous Time, developing fourth dimensional consciousness and beyond.

Even a split second in Simultaneous Time can precipitate wonderful shifts in every area of your life and consciousness. All of this is done experientially, playing with the energies, enjoying the higher spaces you are capable of reaching, and opening to the wonderful peace, joy, and love that comes as you find the flow, open to all your connections, and express the beauty that is within your consciousness.

Manifesting Becomes Automatic, a Natural Outcome of Your Consciousness

The smallest part of manifesting is bringing things into matter.  After you work at higher levels, exploring connections and shifting energy, you are in the flow, changes simply happen, and manifesting becomes automatic and a part of that flow.  Things work better, and you discover new ways of thinking that bring about more potential in each area. You are happy in areas of your life you have never felt happy or fulfilled in before. 

You can recognize that your manifesting is working by the synchronicity that starts to happen, by the increasing harmony you experience, in your gratitude for all you have, and through the increasing recognition that you have what you need in every moment.

That is what manifesting from the light body is about; moving into a higher consciousness that allows you to change things experientially from light body spaces, playing with the energies, making them more beautiful, opening to a higher consciousness, becoming radiant, and finding a higher flow, and in all the other ways you have learned to be in these spaces.  Manifesting comes about automatically as what you need in each moment, appears in your life, comes in the perfect form to fulfill your needs, and leaves when it is time to make way for the next need you have.