Experiencing a New Chapter in Your Life

Orin: I am delighted to connect with you to share transformative information, exercises, meditations,  and audio courses. These can assist you in starting and sustaining a new chapter in your life as you make the shift to a higher vibration.

If you choose, pause for a moment and ask for and receive a seed of divine purpose from your innermost Self, your true, Divine Self. This seed contains inspiration, clarity, vision, and any other qualities of divine consciousness you need to create your highest, most fulfilling life, including the courage to make whatever changes are needed to do so.

In some way, in some area of your life you are starting a new chapter. You may be at the beginning of making some important changes in your life, or you may have already transformed your life in significant ways. Or, you may be ready to start a new chapter, but not know what to do next. Ask yourself, “Where in my life am I already entering into a new phase, or wish to do so?” What do I want to improve or strengthen about my life?”

The desire for, motivation, and impetus to start a new chapter or phase in some part of your life comes from your Divine Self. You may be feeling that it is time to update some area of your life to fit who you are now, to match the greater light that is shining out from within you. If you need energy, motivation, or perseverance to start or sustain a higher way of being, contact your innermost Self and ask for and receive any divine quality you need.  A new chapter in your life can and will open up for you. You can let go of old ways of being and experience new possibilities.

A powerful way to release the past to sustain and maintain a new way of being is to work with the Sacred Transmuting Violet Flame. This Flame transmutes negative human energy into divine energy. It can aid you in experiencing positive, clear thoughts and peaceful, loving emotions. The Violet Flame assists in erasing the effects of past actions and limitations that may be drawing undesirable events to you. It can help you clear your mind, body, and emotions of undesirable energies that may be holding you back.

The Sacred Flame aids you in bringing about beneficial conditions. It helps you let go of anxiety, doubts, and fears, and release punishing memories and thoughts. It transforms guilt and self-recrimination into feelings of peace, self-love, and self-acceptance. As lesser energies are transmuted into divine energies you can experience more of the harmony, beauty, and divine perfection of your Divine Self in all the forms, relationships, activities, and circumstances in your life.

Be open and expect things to change.  Listen to your inner messages. Your innermost Self will show you the best way forward and bring you all you need to make your new life a reality. Ask your Divine Self to go ahead of you and clear the way, and to bring you all the resources you need to move into and sustain the changes you want to make. You can also ask for guidance and energy from your inner guides and teachers.

You are here for a higher purpose, and you have ahead of you your greatest future work. There is more that wants to unfold right now in your life, waiting for you to claim your highest good, believe in yourself, and realize you can create the life you want.

Orin: Experiencing a New Chapter in Your Life Exercise

You can work with this meditation if you are ready to start a new chapter in some area of your life, and to better support, continue, and sustain any improvements you have recently made. If there is some area of your life in which you want to move forward, to start a new chapter, or are already experiencing a major change you want to continue with, think of that area now.  

1) Start by making contact with your Divine Self, your innermost, true Self. You can use the exercise here if this is your first time. Affirm that you are wise, loving, confident, and powerful.
2) You have entered into, or are ready to enter into a new chapter of your life. You are already experiencing positive inner changes. Your Divine Self is the source of your motivation and impetus to change and It is always with you, showing you the way. Take a moment to acknowledge how much of your true Self is already shining through you, expressing as increased love, harmony, vision, clarity, confidence, and wisdom.
3) Think of the area you want to improve or change. Sense the beautiful light of your Divine Self within you permeating your being, illuminating your path, and going ahead of you to clear the way. Pay attention to the vision and steps that come through your inner guidance and from contact with your inner teachers and guides.
4) Ask that any blockage to creating your new life be removed. Your Divine Self lifts you out of the thoughts and beliefs that might hold you back. In Its radiant light you can let go of some blockage, some limitation that has kept you from moving forward. Give permission for all that represents a lesser level of illumination to leave.
5) In the light of your Divine Self, sense clarity about who you are and what you want. Feel the inner shift, the vision that is emerging of your life, showing you more of the potential that is possible to unfold and experience right now.
6) Ask for and open to receive from your Self any and all qualities of divine consciousness you need to move forward–inspiration, illumination, clarity, clear guidance, and motivation, as well as contacts, opportunities, and resources. Sense your path opening up and your greater future work unfolding.
7) Imagine your inner light blazing forth, as if you are taking off a garment that has veiled your inner light. Let this light permeate the area you are working on improving and shifting.
8) Picture your inner light that awakens potential going out to all who are in resonance with you and who can benefit from this light. Visualize your radiant inner light going to the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms, and to the Earth.
Note: Orin’s Asking and Receiving from Your Divine Self course is also an effective and accelerated way to start and experience a new chapter in your life.