Change Beliefs of Scarcity into Abundance
Light Play: Creating Abundance-Changing a Belief
Light Play: Creating Abundance-Affirmations

Greetings from Orin and DaBen
You can help humanity by examining your own beliefs about scarcity and by changing them into beliefs of abundance. We have a meditation that follows to assist you in letting go of beliefs of scarcity, and changing them into beliefs of abundance.

To begin, relax your body and take a few breaths in. Imagine that you are connecting with your Higher Self. This is the self that is the highest expression of your personality. It is the self that knows you can create anything you want. With each breath in imagine you are growing wiser, clearer, and more able to see a larger vision of your life. Get a sense of this wise, more all-knowing part of yourself. You are becoming your Higher Self.

Feel the confidence and power of your Higher Self flow through you. Say to yourself, "I am the source of my abundance." You and your Higher Self are the source of your abundance; not other people, your job, or your investments.

You have the ability to
transform scarcity into abundance.

You can create abundance in any area of your life. When you learn the principles of creating abundance, consciously work to create it, change your beliefs, and open to receive, you will create abundance in any area of your life you are working with.

Affirm your trust in the universe, in yourself, and in your Higher Self and soul to bring you whatever you need when you need it. Say to yourself, "I trust my Higher Self and my soul to bring me everything I need. I now live an abundant life."

Examine your beliefs about abundance. Ask your Higher Self to show you an important area of your life to create abundance in. Explore such areas as having more abundance of free time or time for yourself; friends, clients, or business; material things; love, joy, serenity; health and vitality; creative ideas, or abundance in other areas as well.

You can create abundance in any area of your life by imagining having the feelings you think you would have if you had abundance. In what ways would you live, think, or feel differently? If you want more money, ask yourself what higher qualities having this money would create for you. Having money or specific things is not the goal; the goal is to have the feelings and qualities that having these things can create for you.

Pick one quality that you would like more of from creating abundance in this area such as peace, joy, aliveness, love, self-esteem, well-being, clearer vision, courage, trust in your inner guidance, and so on. Finding the essence of what you want to create by having abundance in an area of your life is the key to creating it.

Think of ways you can have more of these feelings and qualities right now in your life. For instance, if you want an abundance of money because it will bring you feelings of well-being, think of all the ways you can create feelings of well-being now without needing to create money first. Starting to create these feelings and qualities in your life makes you magnetic to having ALL the forms that will bring you these feelings and qualities. Opening to all the ways that these qualities can come to you is how you create abundance.

After you have identified the qualities and feelings that abundance in some area of your life could bring you, you will need to change your beliefs and thoughts to support abundance coming to you.

Energy follows thought.
You get what you think about.

Focus on all the ways you already have created abundance in that area of your life. For instance, if you want an abundance of physical vitality and energy, acknowledge every time you feel energetic and alive. Do not focus on how often you feel tired, for that brings more of it to you. Energy follows thought; you get what you think about. When you focus on what is working in your life, you draw more of the same to yourself.

Learn to think in positive ways. Positive emotions and thoughts draw to you what you want. Spend quiet, reflective time thinking positively about what you want. Acknowledge and appreciate the abundance you have already created in your life.

It is important to examine your beliefs about scarcity and change them into beliefs of abundance. One way to change your beliefs and have new thoughts is to listen to guided meditations, where your mind is in a relaxed, open state. Because this is such a powerful way to create changes we have devoted much of our time to creating meditations for you. Identify an area you want changed, and listen to one of our audio journeys, or make guided meditations for yourself that will put new, positive thoughts into your subconscious and conscious mind. Once you change your thoughts and beliefs you change the reality you create.

The universe is absolutely abundant
and always working for you.

Affirm that you and your Higher Self have the power to change anything in your life and that no one can stop you. The universe is absolutely abundant and always working for you! Affirmations are a way to focus on what you want, to change your beliefs and thoughts, and to let go of negative thinking. They are powerful ways to change your reality.

As you affirm your abundance, you may realize that you need to open to receive it and believe you deserve to have it. Work with your Higher Self right now to increase your ability to receive.

Put your hand on your heart, let your Higher Self join you, and affirm, "I now open to receive all the riches of the universe and all the good my Higher Self is sending me." Feel your heart opening and your ability to receive growing.

If you notice any negative thoughts that come up as you say this, identify them. Change them into positive affirmations. For instance, if the thought comes up that you will never be able to create abundance in some area, or that someone will stop you, change these into positive statements.

Examine how deserving you feel about having abundance in the area of your life you are working on. Notice when you cut off the flow, when you decide that you have had enough of something good. Most people are used to living with scarcity, and become nervous or anxious when they have too much abundance.

Say, "I now open to receive
the abundance of the universe."

If you notice yourself getting worried when things are going too well or stopping the flow of abundance in some way, ask your Higher Self to join you to show you how to open to receive and to allow more abundance into your life.
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Think of a time when you allowed more abundance into your life in some area than you ever thought possible. Bring that feeling of allowing, receiving, and deserving into your body. Observe how good it feels. Then, imagine that you are creating the same thing in the area of your life you are working on. Think of this area, and let yourself feel the same good feelings as you imagine having abundance in this area too. Let go of wanting something to come from a certain person, in a certain way, or in a certain time frame. Let abundance come to you in all of its forms and ways, from everyone and anyone, and in its perfect timing.

Once you have identified the abundance you want, expand your thinking. Imagine having even more abundance. Unlimited thinking is more than thinking big; it is thinking creatively. It is allowing yourself to imagine having all that you might have. Ask your Higher Self to assist you through your thoughts, dreams, and visions to see an even bigger vision of what you can have in this area of your life.

Your imagination is very powerful. It creates your reality. If you can imagine it, you can create it. Use your imagination and your ability to daydream and fantasize. Don't think, "That's impossible; it can't be done." Think in possibilities. Ask yourself, "What is the best possible outcome, circumstance, or thing I can create?" After you have imagined the best, think of an even better result. Challenge yourself to go beyond the boundaries you have set for what you think you can have.

Say to yourself,
"I live in an abundant universe.
I always have everything I need."

Expand your trust in the universe. Believe that it is abundant. Say to yourself, "I live in an abundant universe." Believe in your ability to create what you want, and demonstrate your belief through your actions, words, and behavior.

If you feel you have a scarcity of something in your life, pretend you have abundance in this area. What would you do differently if this were the case? Take at least one small action everyday to demonstrate your trust in your Higher Self to create abundance in this area. Be patient! Whatever you are experiencing now is the result of your past thoughts and beliefs. As you start changing these, you will experience a different reality.

Examine other areas of your life in which you are operating on beliefs of scarcity. Explore an area that is causing you anxiety. Is there a belief in scarcity that is underlying your problems with this area? Imagine having complete abundance. How would it change the way you handle this problem? Then, go back and work with the process you just learned to bring abundance into this area of your life.

Picture having abundance
in every area of your life. 

Picture having everything you want in every area of your life. See how this would be a benefit to those around you. Imagine what it would be like if everyone you knew had abundance. As you picture having abundance for yourself, make a picture of everyone in the world experiencing abundance too.

Imagine you are picking blackberries. At first you cannot find the bushes. You keep looking, find a few bushes, and pick a few ripe blackberries. As you keep exploring, you find more and more blackberry bushes. Pretty soon you are in fields of blackberry bushes, with more ripe, tasty blackberries than you can ever eat. You take exactly what you need, no more, no less. You have found abundance!

This is what it is like when you start to create abundance in an area of your life. At first it may be hard to find. There may only be small signs that it is coming. Soon there will be more and more. After awhile, your greatest challenge will be in accepting and living with all the abundance that is there. You can have abundance in every area of your life; you can have enough of everything you need. Things can come into your life and flow out of your life in a balanced way.

Imagine how the world might be different if there was a belief in abundance. Picture a world where there was enough for everyone; that no one believed they needed to take from others to create abundance for themselves. If everyone could create the abundance that is his or her natural birthright, you would have fewer reasons for war or to harm the earth. These new beliefs will draw to humanity ways to create abundance for everyone, ways humanity has not even conceived of yet that tap into sunlight and the unlimited resources of the universe. The universal supply is infinite. You can start by believing that it is possible to have abundance in your own life, then picturing abundance for everyone.

As you picture abundance and the changes it could bring, you are helping to bring about a better world. You are adding energy to assist in creating a changed world, one that reflects the light of the higher dimensions and yourselves as you exist there.
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Light Play: Creating Abundance: Changing a Belief
Beliefs are thoughts and statements you make to yourself about the nature of reality. For instance, a common belief about abundance is that if one person has abundance, they have "taken" something from someone else. Negative beliefs such as these may be standing in the way of your creating abundance, without your even being aware of them.
To transform a belief, you need to identify it.

Think of the area of your life you want to transform with abundance.
Mentally complete the following:

I believe that having abundance in this area is:
I get/don't get what I want__________.
If I succeed in getting what I want, others will see me as, or feel:
If I did what I truly wanted I would:
Abundance is ____________ to create.

Sit quietly and let your higher self show you other negative beliefs that may be standing in the way of your having abundance.
Take each negative belief you uncover and change it into a positive one. Say these to yourself over and over. You might imagine that you are putting all negative beliefs into a fire of transformation, releasing them forever.

Light Play: Creating Abundance: Affirmations
Affirmations are positive statements made over and over. As you repeat them they go directly to your subconscious where they begin to manifest as your reality. Always affirm what you want in present terms, such as "I have unlimited abundance." To create results, your affirmations need to feel possible to create. Repeat your positive statements frequently.

  1. Start by thinking of the area you want to create abundance in.
  2. List every reason you can think of that you may have been telling yourself why you cannot have abundance in this area. Use a separate sheet if you need to.
  3. Take each statement, and turn it into an affirmation.
  4. Write on notes or cards your most important affirmations of abundance from the above list. Put them where you can see them. Say these statements aloud and read them often, especially when you want to feel more positive about creating abundance in this area of your life. This is a powerful step to take to change any area of your life.

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