Wearing Your Cloak of Tetrahedrons:
Visiting Realms that Enhance Source Consciousness
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Series Title: Interdimensional Traveling with Your Jeweled Vehicle (5 Volumes)
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Sanaya Roman and Orin
Contains: 12 Orin Meditations, PDF transcripts
Music by: Thaddeus
Prerequisites: JV351 , JV352

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12 Orin Meditations, PDF transcripts
Product Number: JV353
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Interdimensional Traveling with Your Jeweled Vehicle

Wearing Your Cloak of Tetrahedrons and
Visiting Realms that Enhance Source Consciousness

(Volume 3 of 5)

Welcome to this third course in Interdimensional traveling with your jeweled vehicle series. With each course in this series you are building your jeweled vehicle in ways that allow you to become aware of and explore increasingly higher, vaster realms.

Now that you have traveled to the realms of infinite possibilities you have added tetrahedrons and light to your jeweled vehicle. This will allow you to better experience the Source consciousness that you will explore in this course.

Source consciousness is the essence of all life, consciousness itself.

Source consciousness is pure, core consciousness. You may experience it as radiant light and energy that has no form. Source consciousness is the essence of all life, consciousness itself. All energy, life, and consciousness of all dimensions, realms, and worlds are made up of Source consciousness.

While Source energy is all about you, it can be difficult at times to sense this beautiful, harmonious, peaceful energy as there are so many filters on it. Through the journeys in this course you will learn to travel interdimensionally in your jeweled vehicle to places where you can have a purer experience of Source energy without as many filters that make it less bright.

You can learn how to experience the realms of Source energy more directly and handle this intense energy.

To do this you will create and wear your cloak of tetrahedrons, which aligns you with Source energy wherever you go. It allows you to experience Source energy that is very direct and intense, lifting you into higher realities. The more you travel in the dimensions of pure Source energy, the more you increase your vibration and ability to reach even higher worlds interdimensionally.

You will create a cloak of tetrahedrons to wear as you travel into Source worlds.

You can also wear your cloak in ordinary reality, using it to be transparent or invisible to the energy around you.

You will have an opportunity to connect with some wonderful beings during your travels who will share with you energy tools you can use to have more consciousness of Source. You can learn to align with Source in whatever worlds and dimensions you visit.

You can use this awareness to connect more directly with Source in your daily life, and to clear the filters that may be standing in the way of your doing so.

Traveling in the Source worlds increases your vibration.

As you gain the ability to recognize and travel in worlds that radiate source energy with fewer filters, you will have a stable base to travel into many different realms on the network of light and still maintain your own identity with an upward focus.

As is the case in all these Interdimensional traveling journeys, the places you will visit have been selected in advance and the beings have been contacted to prepare for you to visit them. Orin spent over two weeks developing each journey and opening up the space being offered to you. These journeys can be listened to over and over and will offer continual new experiences.

Enjoy your travels and the adventures and awakenings that lie ahead!

Guided journeys in this course are by Orin:

Program 01 Activating Your Jeweled Vehicle to Align with Source Universes
Program 02 Wearing Your Cloak of Tetrahedrons to Align with Source

Program 03 Going into the Pure Light of Source Consciousness 
Program 04 Taking a Quantum Jump in Source Consciousness with the Electrical Beings 
Program 05 Visiting Beings Who Help You Fine-Tune Your Electrical Systems for Interdimensional Travel 
Program 06 Receiving Core Frequency Attunements in a Source Realm

Program 07 Traveling to a Higher Dimension Opened by the Crystalline Beings 
Program 08 Opening to a Dimension Where Source is Expressed as Sound (Orin intentionally left music off of this track)

Program 09 Becoming Liquid Golden Light in the Pools of Regeneration
Program 10 Taking a Quantum Jump into Source with the Mirror Beings
Program 11 Learning Invisibility and Transparency with Evolved Beings

Program 12 Going Into the Center of Divine Love


JV353 Twelve journeys by Orin with music by Thaddeus. Journeys run from 25 to 30 minutes each. Download/streaming format. Comes with PDF booklet containing transcripts of the journeys. Courses must be taken in sequence as you are building your jeweled vehicle in each course that allows you to experience the energies being presented.