Policies for Sharing
Orin's Audio Journeys and Teaching Orin Courses

We appreciate your enthusiasm in assisting others by sharing the Orin guided meditations from which you have grown and benefited! The following guidelines and policies are to support you in your spiritual growth and to support those that you wish to involve in this work to be successful in developing the skills and consciousness in the Orin guided meditations. 

We have evolved our policies after much thought, reflection, and experience based on today’s technology. These policies may evolve and change as future technologies are developed. Please know that your support and willingness to purchase the audio journeys from LuminEssence makes it possible to keep this work available and to allow for new work to be created.  We thank you for your integrity and your support of Orin’s work by not sharing or teaching these journeys except as noted.

These rules supersede any rules found in the PDF's that go with the courses.

Sharing Orin’s journeys
1. You may play your downloaded Orin journeys for others who are able to listen through using the device (such as your computer or audio player) that you have your download audio journeys on. If you own the tapes or CDs of this course, you may lend your original copy to others to listen to, but they may not make copies of your audio nor share this audio with others. Only purchased audio can be shared.
This policy is intended to allow you to share your course with a few people such as special friends or loved ones who you know well and who you think will benefit from learning these skills. You may only share audio that you yourself have paid for an ordered; if you have received audio from others you may not share it. Shared audio cannot be transferred to another person.
2. Do not duplicate, copy, or transfer any LuminEssence audio recordings onto any format, including tapes, CDs, DVDs, audio listening devices, digital media, file sharing programs, or through the Internet or any other medium or method except for your own personal use, as they are copyrighted.
3. You are not authorized to record any LuminEssence journeys in your own voice for commercial resale or to copy any audio journeys onto any media for commercial sale, or to post on the internet, such as through a webinar.
4. Do not share any Orin journeys by making them available in any format on the Internet. Once the audio journeys are available via the Internet it is very easy for others to find them and to post them on other websites.
5. Please honor and respect this work and its copyright by not advertising that you are renting out, charging for, or sharing Orin’s audio journeys via the Internet or any other medium for a fee or for free as this was never our original intention in allowing people to share their physical courses with a few friends when the courses were available in tape and/or CD format. This includes but is not limited to any broadcast or podcast of the journeys.

Sharing Orin’s journeys in a live class setting
You can read more information on teaching classes based Orin's books and guided meditations.
In addition to the above policies for sharing your LuminEssence audio journeys, please note these policies for holding live classes:
1. You may play your Orin journeys in a live class setting with the members attending in person. You may not play or post these Orin journeys online for classes conducted through the Internet.
2. You may not make copies of your Orin journeys for students; each class member who wants these Orin journeys will need to purchase and own their own course.

Teaching using your own journeys based on Orin's books and guided meditations
1. You may record and make copies of your own live seminars based on Orin’s material for students who attend your classes. You may not make your seminar recordings available commercially. You may not post them on the Internet unless they are password protected and only for members who attended your class. Please make sure you have worked with these journeys a number of times and have experience with the skills taught.
2. You may not make a set of your audio journeys based on this course in advance that you make available to all your classes (instead of making live class recordings for each class, based just on that class). To pre-record your journeys, you would need to have signed agreements with LuminEssence to produce and sell albums as the official set in your language.
Our policies are designed to support people who are drawn to this course in being successful in learning what is being taught. We have repeatedly found that when people do not purchase or make an investment in the course, they usually do not value the course enough to finish it. Know that when people are ready for the course, their soul, higher self, guides, and the Divine within will provide them with all the resources they need to take this course.

You may use any of Thaddeus’ music for your classes and for your audio recordings, royalty free, as our gift to you. Please read our terms and agreements about using Thaddeus’ music.

Copy/Share Policies for Orin and/or DaBen Courses

Detailed Information on Our Copyright Policies for Sharing/ Copying/ Teaching Courses

Follow the links below to read about our policies for sharing, copying, and teaching these courses:
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Copy/Share Policies for DaBen and Orin graduate Light Body courses (LB121-LB126; LB914-LB916; LB924-LB927).
Copy/Share Policies for DaBen only graduate Light Body courses (LB131; LB221; LB917-LB918; LB921-LB923; LB928; LB931-LB333).
Copy/Share Policies for DaBen's Light Body Consciousness courses (LB941-LB948). (Requires teacher's course LB853 to teach) 
Copy/Share Policies for Exploring Infinite Being courses (LB951-LB956).

Copy/Share Policies for all seminar courses (LB961-LB984, or any current seminars after thyat.

Copy/Share Policies for DaBen's Current Series, Evolving into Your Luminous Body (LB961-LB969, all courses through LB984) and Living the Light Body, Light Play courses(LB701-LB7xx) and current graduate light body seminars

Read more about being among the first to experience these energies, DaBen's commitment and transmissions to you, and why not to share these courses. 

You agree not to give other people access to your online seminar/course journeys and talks. 
The audio talks and journeys are copyrighted and may not be shared through iPods or similar types of listening devices.
Please do not share CDs that you may burn or other methods of copying and sharing audio files with others. There will not be a teacher's training course for this series at this time, as DaBen is not designing this series in a way that it can be taught.