Living With Joy Meditation/Affirmations
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Type: Audio Short Course
Journeys By: Orin
Contains: 1 Orin Journey and 1 program Affirmations
Music by: Thaddeus
Length: Approximately 40 minutes

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Guided Orin Journey and Affirmations
Product Number: L100
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Living With Joy
Affirmations/ Guided Meditation

Contains two programs by Orin.  One program is a guided meditation, the second programs contains affirmations.  Use both to live with joy; to experience more self love, clarity, freedom, and inner peace; and to open to receive your higher good.  Explore your higher purpose, live your life purpose, and take a quantum leap.  Listen to affirmations while you drive, work around the house, garden, and more.  Based on Orin's book, Living With Joy.

Affirmations: A powerful way to create changes in your life
Affirmations are positive statements that help focus your awareness on your power and ability to create what you want. Listen to affirmations while you drive, work around the house, garden, and more. 
About Affirmations
The Power of Affirmations

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L100 Living with Joy SingleLiving With Joy teaches the principles in the Living With Joy book and contains one program of affirmations and a guided meditation by Orin.

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Living With Joy book: Learn how to love and nurture yourself, set boundaries, radiate love, feel inner peace, open to receive, take a quantum leap, and live in higher purpose. Sound a note of joy as you move through the day.  Go here to read an Introduction and Excerpt from the anniversary edition of Orin's Living With Joy book.

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