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Guidelines for making DaBen and Orin's journeys available to your students/Internet Policies

Please read the links below if they relate to the questions you have about copyright and sharing permissions for light body or Orin courses:

Detailed Information on Our Copyright Policies for Sharing/ Copying/ Teaching Courses

Follow the links below to read about our policies for sharing, copying, and teaching these courses:
Copy/Share Policies for all Orin only courses.
Copy/Share Policies for basic Awakening Your Light Body courses (LB111-LB116).
Copy/Share Policies for DaBen and Orin graduate Light Body courses (LB121-LB126; LB914-LB916; LB924-LB927).
Copy/Share Policies for DaBen only graduate Light Body courses (LB131; LB221; LB917-LB918; LB921-LB923; LB928; LB931-LB333).
Copy/Share Policies for DaBen's Light Body Consciousness courses (LB941-LB948). (Requires teacher's course LB853 to teach) 
Copy/Share Policies for Exploring Infinite Being courses (LB951-LB956).

Copy/Share Policies for all seminar courses (LB961-LB984) or any current seminars after that.

Copy/Share Policies for DaBen's Current Series, Evolving into Your Luminous Body (LB961-LB969, all courses through LB984) and Living the Light Body, Light Play courses(LB701-LB7xx) and current graduate light body seminars

Read more about being among the first to experience these energies, DaBen's commitment and transmissions to you, and why not to share these courses. 

You agree not to give other people access to your online seminar/course journeys and talks. 
The audio talks and journeys are copyrighted and may not be shared through iPods or similar types of listening devices.
Please do not share CDs that you may burn or other methods of copying and sharing audio files with others. There will not be a teacher's training course for this series at this time, as DaBen is not designing this series in a way that it can be taught.

Web Site Copyright © and Permission
All information and content, including book excerpts, data, photographs, text, graphics, images, audio clips, MP3 audio, design, artwork, music and sounds and other material (collectively "Content") included in is the property of LuminEssence Productions and is protected by United States and international copyright laws. By using this site, you acknowledge that all such rights are valid and protected in all forms, media, and technologies now existing or hereinafter developed.  Please read Terms of Use for all of the permissions and copyrights that apply to using our site.

You do not have permission to use any part of this website for resale or commercial use of the contents of this site, any collection and use of any product listings, descriptions, or prices.  You may  not use any data gathering and extraction tools on this site. You may not use any meta tags or any other "hidden text" utilizing Sanaya and Duane's, or Orin and DaBen's name without our written consent. 

Web Articles and Content
Permission is granted to electronically copy and/or print hard copy portions of this website for your personal use, and for the purpose of placing an order or using this site. We ask that you give credit to the source, Orin and DaBen and agree to not modify, remove, delete, augment, add to, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, create derivative works from or in any way exploit, any of the content, in whole or in part. This site or any portion of this site may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without express written consent. You may download and print extracts from providing that it is not used in a derogatory or misleading context. LuminEssence Productions at should be acknowledged as the owner.

Web Art
All artwork used on this website is copyrighted and may not be downloaded or used without permission from LuminEssence, except for your personal use on your own computer as noted. If you would like to use artwork from our website, please email us, telling us who you are and what artwork you want to use, and for what purpose.  If you are a Light Body teacher, we do have a light body image you can use on your flyers and website.  Read about using the Light Body Artwork Image for your classes and flyers.

Mitch Posada is the graphic artist who designed most of the download covers, banners and illustrations for this site.  Sanaya worked with Mitch for hundreds of hours to create the download cover art and web banners just to fit the energy of the meditations and Orin and DaBen's vibration, and we are not licensing the artwork on our site for use by others as the energy in the art is very specific to Orin and DaBen's work.

Orin and DaBen Audio Courses
All guided meditations by Orin and DaBen are copyrighted and may not be duplicated.  Orin and DaBen audio recordings may not be translated and made in your language.  We do have official audio versions in various languages, with people who have signed a contract with LuminEssence.  At this time, we are no longer authorizing audio versions of Orin and DaBen's work in other languages. Please visit links at the bottom of the page for more information about copyright and permissions for specific courses.

Guidelines for making DaBen and Orin's journeys available to your students/Internet Policies

Orin and DaBen Light Body journeys:
Streaming:  Because it is too easy for people to capture and copy streaming audio, and then to post it on the internet or other sites, we do not give people permission to stream any of the Orin or DaBen audio courses or single journeys or Thaddeus' music by itself, openly via the Internet, Skype, or other applications. 

Teacher's Light Body journeys:
Internet Applications: The light body journeys given by a teacher can be posted on a website type application where they are only available to the students who've opted to join the class and are password protected for those students only.  The light body journeys may not be shared with others who have not taken that class. No Orin and DaBen meditations may be posted online or through any social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and so on.

Conference Call: It is fine to offer light body meditations by conference call to students, as long as they are not the actual Orin and DaBen meditations being played, but the teacher's class meditations. The only thing we ask is that the journeys not be posted on the internet unless they are password protected and only available to the students taking that class, and that students do not share or make them available through the internet to other people.
Skype or Video Conferencing: It is fine to hold video conferences teaching people the light body as long as the students own the six-volume Orin and DaBen light body courses if being taught in English or the Japanese version if being taught in Japan, just as if it were being taught in person in a live class setting. Orin and DaBen journeys may not be played on Skype, just the teacher's class meditations.  We ask that the video conference or Skype sessions be kept private, not open to the public, and not be shared with any one who is not taking that class.
PDF: We do ask that students not share or post the PDF material that comes with the courses as each student should have their own to work with.
Selling downloads: If the downloads will be the actual Orin and DaBen meditations from the audio courses, we request that the teacher not make them available for download in any format as they are copyrighted and we do not allow people to offer them via other websites as we want to make sure the quality is maintained. USA: Students are required to own the six-part Awakening Your Light Body course. International: While students are not required to purchase the course, if the teacher is teaching in a manner other than a live class setting, the teacher is required to either transmit the journeys themselves as DaBen does, or have each student purchase the official language version of the course, if one is available, like Japanese.
Orin Meditations you can play and share online:
You can lead meditations by using the exercises at the end of each chapter in the books, or base them on Orin's meditations. Go here for more information on teaching Orin courses based on Orin's books and audio.
You have permission to play Orin's FREE full length guided meditations and/or his short 3-5 minute guided meditations for teleseminars or like classes. The Orin meditations on this web page are fine to play for an audience.  We would appreciate your mentioning our website, so people can explore our site and learn more about the source of the meditations and others they might be interested in.  If you go to Orin's Meditation Room on our website, you will see the following:
Go here to start listening to Orin's short 3-5 minute meditations
Go here for full-length free Orin Audio Meditations
You may not post any of the other Orin journeys, including those from seminars, on any media, including YouTube, FaceBook, your own site, and so on. 


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Thaddeus Music
You may use any of Thaddeus' music samples available on our site for your personal use.  Thaddeus music is available, royalty-free as background for CDs, DVDs, streaming audio, or videos.  Please go to Thaddeus' music royalty-free for more information and requirements. You may not copy, duplicate, or post Thaddeus music on the internet without written permission.

Linking to Our Site
We are glad to have you link to our site!  Be aware that from time to time our page names or links may change.  You can create a hyperlink to our site as long as you do not misrepresent our products or put up incorrect, misleading, or negative matter.  

Book Excerpts
All of the book excerpts are copyrighted, and we ask that you honor copyright laws on this material. Book excerpts, up to 300 words, may be quoted as long as proper credit is given. When using our website for reference, please provide a link to our website. If used as printed material, please provide our website address: as reference.  In both cases, we ask that LuminEssence Productions is notified with the website address linked to and/or where the publication is located. If printed a copy of the publication, permission is given for translation, please send a copy of the publication to us, or you provide us with the website address in which Orin and DaBen will be referenced.  You may not print, download, transfer, upload, post, reproduce, save, or distribute book excerpts in any other way without written permission.

Request Permission for Book Quotes Information
If you want to use book excerpts that exceed 300 words, please submit a request to us in writing.  We are delighted you want to share the Orin and DaBen material with others, however we have to honor our copyright agreements with our publisher.  Please make your request as complete as possible.  To grant you permission to use information from or from our books, you will need to send us the following information:

  1. What you wish to excerpt; include the book title and pages, or the material you wish to quote from this Internet site, artwork you wish to use, guided meditations you want to produce in your language, etc.
  2. Book Excerpts:  Please include all information about where the excerpted material will appear.  This might include your newsletter or magazine, including which month, an Internet site, or a book you are writing.  We will need the title, as well as the proposed date of publication, price, and print run for permission to print.  Any other information that you feel may be helpful in evaluating your request may be included.  For photocopy requests, please indicate which pages from the Orin and DaBen books you would like to copy, how many copies you would like to make, and to whom the copies will be distributed to. 

Incomplete requests will be returned to you for more information. Please allow approximately 1 week to receive a response, which will be sent by email.  Submit your request for permission as early as you can.  There is no fee involved.

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