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Orin and DaBen
People who become good channels enjoy thinking for themselves, are independent, and like being in control of their lives. The people who become skilled at channeling are often very curious and open-minded. They are aware, sensitive, and in touch with their feelings. They are people who enjoy learning and opening to new skills and knowledge. People involved in creative fields of all kinds are natural channels - writers, healers, therapists, poets, musicians, artists, planners, designers, and so on. People who channel come from all walks of life, from every profession.  The qualities most highly valued by the guides are dedication, enthusiasm, and the willingness to be a channel.

Those of you who are intelligent or intuitive, who like to think for yourselves, who value truth, and who can recognize higher wisdom will become very good at channeling. People who channel are kind to other people. They are sincere and hardworking. They become enthusiastic when they get involved in projects. They have vivid imaginations and like to daydream or fantasize. They seem to be able to anticipate other people's needs and care about their families and friends. In relationships they are sometimes unable to distinguish between what is fact and what is fantasy, because they so often see people's potential rather than who they are at present.

Guides will help you achieve
new levels of personal power
and spiritual growth.

A person who is able to get things done is highly valued. We do not expect your life to be working perfectly, for part of our commitment to you is to help you put your life in order. We expect that making your life work is important to you. We prefer to connect with those who would love our work together so much that they would do it for play. We seek those who are grateful for the opportunity to have this connection.

The highest guides come to those who use and value the information they bring through to the best of their ability. We are interested in people who have spiritual interests, perseverance, and enthusiasm. As high-level guides we are here to make a difference, to serve mankind, and to work with you in a co-creative venture. We take our commitment to you seriously and will do all within our power to assist you. We expect you to also take your commitment and our work together seriously. We highly value those who would give time and energy to our work together, for those are the greatest gifts you offer us.

Having a desire to assist others, and a concern for their well-being also helps in attracting a high-level guide. Channeling always serves others in one way or another, elevating the vibration of the world around you. Any of you who are assisting others in any way - through your business, personal or family lives, or through your creative endeavors - will be able to attract a high-level guide. As you heal and help others to whatever degree you desire, you will also grow.

Do not feel intimidated or doubtful of your ability to attract a high-level guide, for there are many of us and we are here to serve you. We will do all we can to assist you in breaking through to us once you have indicated the desire to do so. We are interested in bringing higher consciousness to mankind, and we will also bring a higher consciousness to you.

People who channel
report feeling more grounded,
stable, and in charge of their lives.

Some people are afraid that if they learn to channel they will get too "far out" or "spacey" and lose touch with reality. They tell us they already have trouble handling the practical details of their lives and need to be more grounded. We have observed that channeling has helped people feel more grounded, more centered, and more able to deal effectively with their daily lives.

Some people are afraid that if they channel or connect with a guide, they will lose their personal identity or get "swallowed up" by the guide's presence. High-level guides never want to take over your life. Channeling is not a surrender of control. Guides have lives of their own, and their intent is to serve you in your spiritual path. You will keep your own identity, and you are likely to find your sense of self greatly enhanced. You may be able to set limits and define your personal boundaries with others more easily than ever before. Far from being taken over by guides, you will know yourself as a more powerful, balanced, clear-thinking person while they are with you. One man was concerned that he would lose his personal boundaries and be controlled by his guide. After learning to channel, he said that he felt more in control of his life and better able to maintain his integrity than ever before.

Some people are afraid that if they open up they will be vulnerable to negative or lower entities. In actuality you are not vulnerable, for you will easily recognize lower entities by their negativity; all you need do is be firm and ask them to leave. You may also call on us, Orin and DaBen, or any high teacher, such as Christ, Buddha, or your guardian angel. These beings are far more powerful than any lower entity. Once you ask for a high-level guide, this guide will begin to protect you whether or not you are consciously channeling. We only ask and caution you not to play with lower entities out of idle curiosity.

You can connect with a high-level guide.
The only requirements are your
desire and intent to do so.

If you have been interested in metaphysics, if you have been reading channeled, self-help, science fiction, or psychology books, and if you enjoy the ideas you find in them, you have the ability to connect with and channel a high-level guide. If you have been drawn to things which are a step beyond mass thought, if you enjoy being on the leading edge and in the forefront of a movement, then you are ready for channeling. As you begin to channel, the ability to maintain a trance state, focus mentally, good physical health, and emotional stability will contribute to your clarity as a channel and help you to reach the higher levels of wisdom.

Although channeling is of immediate value to you in your life, it takes practice to become good. Those who become adept are people who set aside time to bring through guidance regularly. Just as most people do not become concert pianists in just one session, most of those who develop clear links and good connections to their guides practice on a regular basis.

Ultimately, only you can know if you are ready to channel. Go within and ask, "Do I have a deep desire to channel or to connect with my guide? Does there seem to be an inner urge or voice drawing me in this direction?" Listen to your inner messages.

You May Be More Ready Than You Think
Awareness of your guide usually occurs in stages. During the beginning stages, you may not be consciously aware of your guide. Guidance may come to you in your dreams. You may dream that you are going to school, or you may dream that someone is talking to you in the night, giving you lessons and instructions. You may be asking if you have a guide, or thinking about guides. You may be drawn to books that are channeled by or talk about guides.

Guides often connect with you
in your dreams.

During the first stages of your preparation for channeling, you may start feeling dissatisfied with your life, relationships, or job, and find that you really want your relationships and work to be more meaningful and fulfilling. You will probably desire to find out more about your spiritual path and about what form your life's work will take. You may become increasingly aware of your desire to be a teacher or healer, to connect with people in healing and therapeutic ways. You may discover a desire to write, work with the media, play music, or meet new friends. You may find yourself wanting a higher purpose in your activities, and feeling that spending time without purpose isn't as fun as it once was. You may feel as if something important is coming, that you are in a transition stage. You may be looking for something new but are uncertain what it will be.

You may have reached some of your goals but not felt the satisfaction you expected, and you may be wondering what you could create that would really make you happy. You may already know what your path is and feel a need to experience it in a more concrete or meaningful way. You may be feeling ready to go to a higher consciousness, and want a more open connection to the higher realms.

Channeling will help you
discover your higher purpose.

Some people have startling experiences that serve to open them up. Something happens to them that they can't explain rationally, such as a premonition about an event that later comes true, a visit to a new place that seems hauntingly familiar, an out-of-body experience, or a precognitive dream. Others say they feel swept up in something - coincidences start to happen, doors open, books come their way. They start meeting new people and their whole view of reality begins to shift. Some people who have been studying yoga and meditation, explored the Eastern religions, or participated in New Age seminars  find that as they ask, "What's next?" they are increasingly drawn to learn more about their healing and channeling abilities. Some people have not even thought much about guides. Then one day they read about guides and channeling, and it suddenly feels right to learn more about it. They feel it will provide them with the shift they have been searching for in all of their previous explorations.

Asking for a guide brings one to you.

As you evolve, your sensitivity to the higher realms increases. Ideas seem to come to you from somewhere beyond yourself. You find yourself knowing things that you didn't know before. You may feel that you are connecting to an energy that is higher than or different from your normal awareness. What is happening is that you are beginning to consciously experience the higher dimensions. If you request a guide to assist you, one will begin to work with you. At this stage the connection to a guide may occur most often in your dream states or in spontaneous or unexpected moments.

You may at some point have a vivid dream in which you are aware that your guide has contacted you. During meditation you may begin to get guidance that seems to be of a greater wisdom than what you have experienced before. There are many methods used to initiate the connection. There is no one set way to become ready to channel. Preparation is an individual experience and is different for each person.

Those who are not ready to become channels usually know it, and they are quite clear that channeling is not for them. They may not have a world view that encompasses channeling as a possibility. Their skepticism serves to keep them from it until they are ready. It may not be appropriate for them at this stage in their lives, so do not attempt to convince those who are skeptical to try it.

As your connection with your guide and higher self gets stronger, you may think more often about channeling a guide or connecting with your own higher self. You may have had a reading by someone else's guide. You may have gone to hear a channeling, read about someone else's guide, or heard or seen a guide channeled on audio or video tape. Although you may have doubts and questions about channeling, you will find yourself valuing the experience and eager to learn more. If you are ready, thinking about connecting with your guide will bring a sense of anticipation and excitement.

What You Can Use Your Channeling For
Orin and DaBen
Besides channeling to obtain higher wisdom and personal guidance, some people use channeling for their creative endeavors, such as writing plays, music, or lyrics; and painting, sculpting, ceramics, and handwork of all kinds. Some people's guides assist them in counseling, teaching, therapy, healing, or bodywork. Some use the channeling state and their guide's higher vibration to expand their creativity in acting, directing, and the production of events of all kinds. Each guide and each connection is different, special, and unique. Some guides are poetic, some are inspirational, some are instructive. Some of you may find yourselves able to channel books or write with such ease that books just seem to "get written" for you, for channeling seems ideally suited to writing. Channeling helps you connect to a constant, steady source of inspiration and information.

Creativity is greatly enhanced
by channeling.

Artists tell us that by maintaining a light trance, they can bring in their guides and channel with their eyes open. Their paintings or sculptures seem to appear in visions even before their hands begin to move. Some artists feel that their hands move instinctively to realize the pictures in their minds. Many have felt a slightly altered state of consciousness, in which they were more relaxed and more aware of a richness of impressions that went beyond their normal experiences.

Many musicians find it easier to write music after they learn to channel. They discover a deepening sense of their personal style. Some discover that the state they go into to create their music is a natural channeling state. Connecting to their guides enhances and refines this state, and gives them a more consistent and steady flow of creativity. Some have found that the trance state allows them to flow more with their music, creating it intuitively rather than intellectually. One well-known musician channeled sixteen tracks of music at separate times, and they all fit together perfectly on the first attempt.

People have used their abilities to tune into higher wisdom to discover what exercise, diet, foods, and mental disciplines are best suited to them. We encourage you to discover for yourself all the different ways you can use this connection to the higher realms.

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