Creating Your Highest Future Room
Using the Messages You Receive

Greetings from Orin and DaBen!
We offer you these words of wisdom from our books as our gift to remind you of who you are and all the power that lies within you to create the life you want. The paragraphs you are reading come up randomly. Let whatever message that comes up be a message from your higher self or soul for you to pay attention to. These are seed thoughts that have been selected from the books to inspire you and to give you daily thoughts to ponder on.

You can receive as many book quotes as you want. Reflect on the information that comes up, and let it open up a greater, wiser part of yourself. Use the information to express more love, to add light and harmony to your life, and to take new steps on your spiritual path toward enlightenment.

The information you will receive from Orin and DaBen as you click on each book title was designed to open and expand your awareness of what you can have, to align you with your soul's wisdom, and to attune you with the unlimited abundance of the universe. Use these seed thoughts to create positive and better circumstances in your life. Always trust your own wisdom; take only the information that rings true to you, and let go of any that does not.

Reflect on these messages as you read them on your screen. Additionally, you can print out the messages, or write them down. Reread and reflect on the information you receive and let the deeper meaning behind the messages unfold as you work with them. We send our light and love to you and we hold a vision of your creating your highest future and unfolding your potential.

From Sanaya and Duane:
The book quotes that are available here only represent a small portion of what is in each of the books. There are many processes and additional information in each book that was not included in the quotes, as it takes more than a paragraph to fully present the information.

There is extensive information in the Creating Money: Attracting Abundance book about specific processes to magnetize money, objects, and abundance which require too many steps to be included here. The Opening to Channel book contains many steps and processes to teach you to channel, recognize your guide, give readings, look into the future, and so on that we were not able to include because of the length of the instructions.

The Living with Joy book has many playsheets and much additional information about how to live a life of joy. The Personal Power Through Awareness book has much information about telepathic sending and receiving, sensing subtle energies, and recognizing and transforming the energy you are around. The Personal Power book was recently revised to include a new section on Clearing Energy. The Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self book has many guided meditations to become your higher self, create with light, link with the higher will, and much more that you may enjoy.

The Soul Love: Awakening the Heart Centers book is included only in small part, as there are many wonderful exercises in the book to link soul-to-soul, to attract a soul mate, and to create your ideal relationships with everyone in your life.

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