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Below is an excerpt from the Anniversary edition of Living With Joy:

Orin: Welcome to this revised, updated edition of Living With Joy. Since I originally wrote this book, hundreds of thousands of people have used and practiced the principles it contains. This anniversary edition contains much new material, as well as all the original chapters to assist you in growing through joy, peace, and love, and releasing struggle and pain. The chapters and the Playsheets in the original book contain key concepts and processes for living with joy, and as such all the original information is included in this book.

Furthermore, I have made a number of additions to the text to deepen and expand upon the principles taught in the original book edition. I have also added a Daily Joy Practice for each chapter, and a number of Joy Affirmations for each chapter to aid you in bringing to life the understanding you gain as you read this book about how to live a more joyful, fulfilling life.

The more you study this book and work with the practices, the more you can get out of it, the more alive and self-assured you can feel, and the more expansion and growth you can experience. You can feel uplifted, able to handle confidently the people and situations in your life. You can sustain a feeling of inner peace no matter what is happening around you. You can love and enjoy your life.

You can look forward to each day. You can learn how not to be negatively affected by other people’s energy or by world events, but instead have a positive outlook and offer your positive energy to others as well. You can attract to yourself better circumstances through your positive outlook. You can live with joy!

Sanaya: Throughout his books and audio courses Orin always suggests that you connect with your innermost self, your soul and spirit, as he will guide you to do throughout Living with Joy. It is this self that creates all transformation and draws to you the perfect circumstances, relationships, and situations that allow you to expand and grow. In this book Orin uses the terms soul, spirit, higher self, and innermost self interchangeably. He invites you to use whatever term best describes the innermost part of your being as you read and work with all of exercises in the book, including those in the Playsheets, Daily Joy Practices, and Joy Affirmations.

Orin says he is working with us at this time because humanity is going through a major transition and awakening. Through his many books and audio courses, Orin is offering a path of spiritual awakening that we call Orin’s Path of Self-Realization. Living with Joy is an important part of this path. In Orin’s Living with Joy book, you will connect with your innermost self, your soul, to live a more joyful, positive, and loving life. With this connection, you will discover how to experience more of the joy, freedom, and love of your true, innermost self.

You will learn how to have more inner peace, clarity, balance, self-respect, self-esteem, and self-love; to open to receive; to listen to the wisdom of your heart; to transform your subpersonalities; to change negatives into positives; to refine your ego; and to start recognizing and living your higher purpose. With this book, I invite you to lift up your spirit and join with me in choosing joy, releasing struggle, and opening to your unlimited potential for personal power and spiritual transformation. 

Greetings From Orin

Greetings from Orin to you who are here to learn about the higher levels of wisdom. Once you master these levels, daily living becomes simpler, and the challenge then becomes one of reaching even higher levels and staying there. I am taking all of you there so that you may pass on the information, for you who are apprentices now will be the teachers later, having your own students in time. These students will be anyone who will benefit from your love and wisdom, including your family and friends. The wiser and more compassionate you become, the more others will naturally seek out your counsel and advice. I speak to you to assist you in reaching a new, more expanded state of awareness and being that will enable you to be leaders, teachers, and healers.

I am offering you an opportunity to be among those who are moving into expanded levels of consciousness and awareness of how to live with joy and to release pain and struggle. For this wisdom, once you read and assimilate it, will seem as if you have known it all along. Anything you learn you may find yourself giving to others, as well as using for your own understanding and guidance. I am calling to any of you who are here as teachers and healers, even if you are not yet aware of who you are, to step out of the common mass thinking, to go beyond your known reality and enter into higher realms of light and love.
Joy is an attitude.
It is the presence of love for self and others
I will assist you in reaching your soul and its greater awareness, helping you discover the joy that awaits as you look through the windows of your soul. Joy is an attitude; it is the presence of love -- for self and others. It comes from a feeling of inner peace, the ability to give and receive, and appreciation of yourself and others. It is a state of gratitude and compassion, a feeling of connection to your innermost self, your soul.
In this book, you will learn how to create a nurturing, supportive environment in which your spirit, your true, innermost self, can unfold. I will help you recognize your path and higher purpose and show you how to open to it. I have dedicated this book to helping you see who you really are, to showing you how to step onto the path of joy and light. The information, suggestions, processes, practices, and affirmations it contains can enable you to live a life of ease, and yet I smile lovingly as I say ease. For those situations you consider difficult right now you will soon handle with grace, but wonderful new challenges will come, which you will also learn to handle with grace and ease.
You experience many states of awareness that you often do not pay attention to. You can learn to become aware of higher levels of information and consciousness by focusing on them. You can experience knowledge and true wisdom. I will assist you in exploring and expanding your ability to listen to your soul’s guidance. You will learn to tap into whatever information the Universe has that will assist you.
Each of you who feels called to this book can be a channel of healing and love. Each of you is on the path of planetary service and accelerated personal evolution. You express it in many different ways, such as healing through your hands, sharing wisdom through speaking, writing, or assisting others, and spreading light and love to those around you.
Many realities exist, and I would like to lead you into some of the higher and finer realms of love, joy, and wisdom. I ask you, as you read this, to reach out and stretch your thinking into new ideas that right now the masses may not yet accept. As human consciousness expands, more and more people will reach these new levels of love and wisdom. These concepts will be the norm one hundred years from now. 

You are seeding the world
with new thought forms

I extend an invitation to anyone who is willing to participate in the opportunities that are coming and in the opportunities that are already here. Imagine yourself as part of a larger group, all coming together to explore consciousness, to seed the Universe with new ideas. These are beliefs that the Universe is friendly, that it is abundant, and that you can live in a state of joy and love. As you contribute your higher thoughts to the “general atmosphere,” you create ideas that will assist others in loving themselves more.

I am inviting those of you on a path of light and joy to join with my essence as you read these pages and feel the community of all who are sharing this knowledge and wisdom. A group of people, holding certain thoughtforms in their joint mind, can accomplish much. Whenever certain thoughts and beliefs are held and practiced by a group of people -- and the focus is love, spiritual growth, and higher purpose -- they magnify tenfold the ability of each person to create them in his or her life and to make those thoughts available to others who are reaching upward.

The world is undergoing much spiritual transformation. Major changes are happening in the mass thoughtforms, and this will continue to happen for many hundreds of years. You can help plant the new thoughts that will lift and evolve humankind. You can hold an image of greatness, of universal concerns, and of helping the earth itself. To utilize the energy and opportunities during these and future times, you will need to develop such soul qualities as peace, clarity, love, and joy. I am not speaking of a worldwide calamity that is coming, for I do not see that happening. I am speaking of the need to bring peace to the planet by bringing peace into your own life. Take this opportunity to utilize the energy and transitional atmosphere of these times to propel yourself into a higher consciousness.

There are many wise teachers, and we are all bringing through the same message of universal love, peace, and oneness. We speak in different vocabularies, using the words that best reach the groups with whom we are communicating. It is happening in many places. You have probably felt a sense of community with all those who are focusing on expanded awareness and self-growth. You may find yourself in two worlds, connecting with people who do not believe in these things and those who do. You may discover that you have relationships that span several worlds, for this information must be planted in many places. We are encouraging people to cross-pollinate the world, to be a part of more than their own group of like-minded people, to be willing to reach out to people in other fields of work and study, with different interests. The more areas you can be a part of, the more valuable you and your ideas will be to the planet.

You can learn ways to transcend power struggles and move your relationships into the heart and soul, connecting with each other in a more loving way. As you read, you will explore many joyful ways to link with your friends and others in your life, to establish connections that will bring you joy and inner peace. You who read this are on a path of uniting with other people from the heart and not from the power center. You can pass on and share what you discover. It is time for new thoughtforms on the planet, new ways of joining and being with each other, ways that create peace and not disharmony.

I am a being of light

Orin: I am assisting you who are on a path of light and joy on earth, who are willing to serve the planet through your interest in personal growth and evolution. I offer guidance and assistance in both your personal life and your path of world service. I am transmitting spiritual teachings to the earth plane. Certain truths operate throughout the known universes; I am here to offer you those spiritual truths, principles, and practices that can assist you in living a more joyful, fulfilling life. The understanding and practice of these truths always creates expanded awareness and growth.

I invite your soul to join with me as we explore your greater potential. My essence is behind the thoughts in this book and will help you open to your deeper, wiser self. It will feel as if you are becoming who you always knew you were. Many of you have always felt different from those around you, as if you knew you had a mission, something special to accomplish with your life. I hope to help you discover more about that mission and purpose. I invite you to journey with me to the realms of light and love that you come from.

Many of you beautiful souls of light have gotten caught in the denser energies of the earth. With the concepts in this book, I will attempt to lead you back to those finer realms you so naturally seek. Allow yourself to absorb the energy behind the words, for I have written this book in such a way that both the words and the energy I send with them will assist you in opening your heart. 

There is great love, compassion, and guidance
available through us, the Beings of Light

I am not distant, and my love and guidance is available to any who ask for it. You must ask, however, before the Universe can give anything to you. I and others who offer assistance from the higher realms cannot help those who do not ask. What I am saying is but a small part of what will be happening to all of you as you open to your innermost self and follow a path of joy.

I hope that in some way I can make your transition to a higher consciousness more joyful, for all of you drawn to this book are undergoing major change and personal and spiritual transformation. I am here as an assistant and spiritual teacher, to aid you with your personal transformation. I welcome you to a more joyful, loving, and peaceful vision of who you are. 

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