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Audio Short Courses by Orin with Affirmations
Products below contain one program of affirmations, and one guided journey by Orin.  Music is by Thaddeus.
Living With Joy Affirmations for self-love, joy, receiving, clarity, and more.
Personal Power Through Awareness Affirmations to increase your awareness of subtle energies and your psychic abilities.
Spiritual Growth Affirmations to link with the higher forces, transform your inner being and take your light out to the world.
Magnetizing Abundance Affirmations Contains the abundance affirmations from the Creating Money book, many of which you will find under the topic of Creating Money/Abundance on this website.

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Affirmations offer a powerful way to create changes in your life
Affirmations are positive statements that help focus your awareness on your power and ability to create what you want. They are stated in the present tense, such as "I have unlimited abundance." Your thoughts and feelings create your reality, and as you say these positive statements to yourself, you can begin to create them as true. 

These affirmations were designed by Orin and DaBen to open and expand your awareness of what you can have, to align you with your soul's wisdom, and to assist you in attuning with the unlimited abundance of the universe.  Most of the affirmations start with "I".  We use "I" to refer to all of who you are: your greater self, also called your higher self, your soul, your Divine Self, the part of you that is connected to the God-within, or the Presence, the One Life, the deeper part of your being, as well as the ego and personality self.  As you think or say affirmations, you are calling upon the greater "I" within you to be present and express Itself, opening the doorway to experience a new, higher reality. 

Saying "I AM"
Too often people say "I am....." and follow it with a negative statement. It is important to catch yourself if you find yourself doing this, and change what you say about yourself and your life to reflect a more positive reality. Every time you say "I am" you are evoking the Divine Self within you, calling upon the power of the universe to make it so. If you can follow the statement "I am..." with positive thoughts you are invoking the power of the universe, the Divine within you, to assist you in creating this as your reality. 

As you say these affirmations, feel the reality and power of the "I" within you to create the reality you want. The words themselves do not have power; repeating them rotely over and over will not create the reality you want. It is the energy of your greater Self you are calling upon when you say these affirmations that has the power to make these thoughts a reality.

Imagine feeling the power, love, and wisdom of the innermost part of your being, your soul and spirit, as you say each affirmation.  Use these affirmations as a way to open the doorway to all the riches and gifts of consciousness your true, innermost Self is waiting to give you.  All you need to do is ask, affirm, and be open to receive. Let go of the specific form, way, and timing of what you have asked for, and know that your true Self will bring to you exactly what you need at the perfect time and in the perfect way.

Use only those affirmations that feel appropriate to you
It is important that the words feel comfortable to you and are aligned with who you are. Feel free to substitute other words that have a special meaning to you, for the power is increased when the statements are meaningful and feel comfortable. We also encourage you to make up your own affirmations.  As you say the affirmation, feel it, sense it, and picture it being true in your life. 

There are several ways to use affirmations
As you click on the topics and receive an affirmation, you can look at it as it comes up, say it aloud to yourself, and then move on, or stay and receive another affirmation. You may want to print out or write down your affirmation, and say it to yourself with meaning and feeling as you do.  Repeating affirmations over and over as a mantra will not create them as real; the power of affirmations is in their "livingness" to you. Let them evolve.  As you say them, new affirmations may come to you.  A deeper meaning may unfold.  Those you are drawn to initially may change in their nature. 

We have several wonderful short audio courses which contain one program of affirmations and a guided meditation by Orin. The affirmations are to reprogram your subconscious for the qualities and results you want to create in your life. You may listen to these affirmations any time, including while driving or working around the house or garden.

Listening to guided Meditations is an effective way to transform your life
Orin believes that listening to guided meditations where you work with your conscious mind, subconscious mind, higher self, soul, and Divine Self is one of the fastest, most effective ways to change your reality.  Listening when your mind is in a relaxed, open state, is a powerful and effective way to create lasting changes and assist you to put the principles taught in the book into action. Because the guided journey will take you to deep levels of relaxation, listening to the guided meditation while driving is not recommended.

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