The Power of Affirmations

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Greetings from Orin and DaBen
We greet you with a transmission of light meant just for you, to assist you in taking the next steps on your path. If you choose to receive this transmission, take a moment to get quiet, invite your Higher Self and soul to join you, and open to receive it. You can also ask to receive energy from your guide and the Enlightened Ones who guide humanity. Accept the energy of light and love that is always available to assist you. All you need do is ask, then open to receive the love and light that will be sent to you.

You may be aware of the waves of light and energy that are coming to earth, energies we have talked about in our books for years. The nature of time is changing; more events are happening in a shorter period. Your thoughts are creating your reality more quickly in these new energies, for time is speeding up. Because of this, you can transform your life, your consciousness, and your circumstances more rapidly than ever before.

You need not be stuck in any area of your life. There are no circumstances that cannot be changed for the better, no situations you need endure or suffer through. There is unlimited potential in these new energies to change your circumstances, to experience abundance, to grow spiritually, to connect with your soul, and to reach many expanded states of awareness.

Because your thoughts create your reality, it is important to pay attention to them. You have great potential to transform any area of your life and consciousness by modifying your thoughts. As you revise your thoughts, you can create new circumstances.  

Think of some area of your life you would like to change. Perhaps this is an area that is not working as well as you would like. Or, you may want to take a quantum leap, such as to awaken your intuitive abilities and your light body, to become a channel, or to find your soul-mate. You can start transforming this area by changing your thoughts about it. One way is to create positive statements about what you want, stated in the present tense, such as, "I am now financially independent and free." As you say these positive statements, called "affirmations," you will begin to create them as your reality. We have included many affirmations on our website for you to use. We encourage you to discover your own as well.

As you affirm "I am...." followed by a positive thought or image about what you want to be, you are calling upon the power of your higher self, soul, and Divine Self to be with you.  Words in themselves are not a power.  When you use affirmations you are calling up the divine within you to assist you in changing your reality.  You are opening to all the gifts your Self has for you. 

Do not just repeat affirmations mindlessly, hoping that if you repeat them often enough they will come true.  Make the affirmations as real as you can when you say them.  Most importantly, imagine that as you say an affirmation you are linking with and calling upon the power of your true, innermost divine Self, and joining your consciousness with this unlimited consciousness that lies within you.  It is this Self that has the power, love, wisdom, harmony, joy, and abundance that you are seeking.  Then as you say the affirmation, feel the love, power, and wisdom of this Self revealing itself to you, bringing you all the gifts of consciousness, supply, and abundance that lie within you, waiting to unfold. 

Invent wonderful new thoughts and possibilities for yourself; dare to think big and affirm that your dreams can be your reality. Be playful and have fun as you think of new affirmations! Watch what you say to yourself and others, and listen to people as they speak. When you hear something negative, mentally change it into a positive statement.

If you are having trouble imagining a positive reality, make a list of all the reasons why you can't create the reality you want. Then make these into positive statements about why you can manifest the reality you want.

If you can't identify what thoughts are creating your reality, ask your Higher Self and soul to bring them to your awareness so you can change them. Be alert and pay attention to your thoughts, and revise them to reflect the reality you want to create.

Thoughts are easy to change, but it takes persistence to not fall back into old ways of thinking. Don't get discouraged if you catch old, negative thoughts recurring. Simply replace them with the new thoughts you have created. Write down your favorite affirmations, and post them somewhere you will see them. Keep repeating these positive thoughts until you think in new ways automatically. We send you light as you create your new reality. ~ Orin and DaBen

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