Birthing a New You:
Transcending Your Ego Part 1
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Series Title: Orin's Path of Self-Realization Series Part 1 of 6
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Orin
Contains: 12 Meditations, Online PDF with Transcripts
Music by: Thaddeus
Length: Approximately 5.6 hours

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12 Meditations, PDF with Transcripts
Product Number: DS101
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Orin's Path of Self-Realization Series: Transcending Your Ego

Birthing a New You

Articles on Transcending Your Ego:
Orin's Message About Transcending Your Ego
Transcending Your Ego: Awakening to Your True Identity
Why Transcend Your Ego?
Suggestions on How to Study This Course
Exercise to Start Now to Transcend Your Ego

People's Comments Who Took This Series

Special Message to Divine Will
and Light Body Students About This Course
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About Orin's Birthing a New You Course
Are you ready to birth a new you? To experience your life and consciousness in new ways, to open to more joy, love, peace, harmonious relationships, and abundance? Are you ready to transform who you think you are from a limited, separated self to know the magnificence of your Divine Self as who you are?

If you are ready for this transformation, to know more of the wisdom, power, inspiration, and freedom of your Divine Self, to let go of pain and suffering, and to view your life and relationships in new ways, this course will assist you in doing so.

Orin's journeys are uplifting and expansive, guiding you to experience the illumination that reveals your ego and the ways your ego has limited you and caused you to suffer. You will use this increased illumination to transform your thoughts, emotions, and daily life, and to hear Divine Self guidance. You will learn ways to contact your Divine Self to know Its wisdom, strength and abundance; and to receive the energy, blessings, freedom, and peace It is offering you in every moment. You will explore and experience the nature of spiritual power, and what it means to transcend your ego.

Note about all six Transcending Your Ego Courses:  All six courses in this series work together to assist you in experiencing your Divine Self in deeper and expanded ways. Each course opens you to a unique quality of illumination that reveals an certain aspect of your ego. Each course is like a piece of a puzzle. When taken together, these six courses assist you in experiencing the illumination of your Divine Self that allows you to step outside of your ego, look into it, become aware of it, and transcend it. From these states of Illumination you are able to transform your emotions, evolve your desires, deepen your connection to your Divine Self, and transcend your ego; birthing a new you.

As you take each course you are opening to new qualities of illumination. The more courses you work with in the Transcending Your Ego series, the greater the illumination and consciousness of the Divine Self you can experience. Each expansion of illumination and consciousness reveals increasingly more about your ego and how to transcend it. Working with all six courses builds the illumination that is Orin's goal with this series, that offers you a profound shift of consciousness to a new level of being.

Orin’s 12 guided meditations in this album include:
•  Opening to Your Divine Self
•  Awakening Your Spiritual Power
•  Trusting Your Inner Wisdom
•  Calling Upon Divine Self Inspiration
•  Transforming Limiting Thoughts
•  Experiencing More Freedom in Your Life
•  Tapping Into Infinite Supply
•  Receiving Divine Self Guidance
•  Knowing the Peace of Your Divine Self
•  Rising Into Divine Consciousness
•  Enjoying Harmonious Relationships
•  Birthing a New You 

A PDF booklet with transcripts is included with the MP3 downloads.  This PDF booklet is an online product, and there is no printed version that will be sent to you. The PDF for this product will appear in your Member's Area under "My Downloads and Seminars" after purchase for you to view online, or to print.  Guided meditations are approximately 30 minutes each.

  Listen to a Free Orin audio journey, Opening to Your True Identity to start now to transcend your ego. 
A transcript of Orin's Meditation is also posted. 

Orin's Message About Transcending Your Ego
Many of you have been asking how to reach, explore, and embody awakened states of consciousness. To assist you in doing this, I offer you this series in Transcending Your Ego, one of the most transformative courses I have yet made available.

Transcending your ego is an important step that happens on the path of Self-Realization. It is changing your identity from believing that you are your mind, emotions, habits, attachments, and desires to a larger perspective, where you know you are your Divine Self. You let go of thinking you are a small, isolated, suffering self and open to the magnificence and grandeur of who you truly are–your Divine Self. Your Divine Self is the part of you that is free, unlimited, and all-knowing. It is infinite, eternal awareness, Divine Love, and consciousness and life itself.

Your Divine Self is always reaching out to you, offering you Its gifts of consciousness that make it possible for you to experience abundance, harmonious relationships, peaceful emotions, and thoughts that honor you and reflect true wisdom. However, you must contact the Self and open to It to receive these gifts.

It is through contacting and opening to your Divine Self
that the ego is transcended.

In this six-volume course you will link with your Divine Self to dissolve the filters of your mind, emotions, and desires–your ego–that have kept you from hearing the guidance of your Divine Self and from receiving all the gifts It has to offer you. You do not need will power to transcend your ego. As you open to your Divine Self It will provide you with the courage, understanding, energy, awareness, enthusiasm, and motivation you need for this shift.

The guided meditations in this course are very expansive, offering you experiences of illumination, expanded awareness, and radiant love and light as you open to the Self within you. This course is immensely practical as you learn how to bring the truth that is revealed in these higher states into your daily life. Your life and everything you experience can change from ordinary to extraordinary when viewed from and experienced in this new context.

As you transcend your ego you begin to recognize that every thing in your life can be a blessing. You relate to your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, desires, and stories in new ways so that you experience less suffering. You realize you no longer need to experience hurt, fear, loss, helplessness, or anxiety.

As you transcend your ego, it can no longer hold you back,
sabotage your goals, or create lack and limitation.

I want to add that your life will not become perfect, having no issues to deal with, or feeling blissful all the time. Transcending your ego and becoming awakened is not about escaping your life, but instead about gaining the consciousness and understanding to live fully and embrace your life. Your growth will continue and likely accelerate, however the way you respond to the circumstances in your life will be different. You will be more able to stay centered and balanced, flow with the universe, understand why things are happening, and deal with them from a higher level.

These six courses work together to expand and deepen your connection to your Divine Self and to build the illumination needed to transcend your ego. The synergy of all these albums is powerful and builds, and the wonderful changes in your consciousness will continue for many years past the immediate insights you experience as you listen. When taken together, these six courses accelerate your growth and give you the foundation necessary to transform your life and consciousness in wonderful ways.  You come to know yourself as the Divine Self rather than your ego, release the causes of pain and suffering, and open to greater inner peace, joy, and love.

As you progress through this course, you will find enormous support on the inner. I, your own guides, and many beings of light will be present as you take this next step. I invite you to take a leap into the higher consciousness of your Divine Self, transcend your ego, and awaken to who you are. Take a moment to get still and ask yourself if this is your next step. If it is, know that all that you need will be provided for you on your journey of Self-Realization. ~ Orin

Transcending Your Ego: Awakening to Your True Identity by Sanaya
Orin and I are inviting you to be among the first to work with Orin's new series, Transcending Your Ego. This is a major, life-changing course, several years in the making. It is for you who want to make significant progress in your spiritual growth by learning ways to transcend your ego so you can better know your true identity as Spirit, as your Divine Self. With this shift, you can begin to more fully embody and express your innermost Self in your daily life.

Originally taught to a small group of people, we have watched the changes in their lives and consciousness since they took this course. These people felt that studying this course and the results they experienced was leaving behind old ways of thinking, being, and feeling, and experiencing a new, richer, expanded consciousness.

I have personally found that studying this course has brought about a major transformation in my life and consciousness, one that continues to expand and deepen over time.

Orin is holding the door wide open for you
to make a quantum shift into a new identity.

We are now offering this course to you. You can experience greater love, and move into the Divine consciousness of your Divine Self. Orin, with your Divine Self, will sponsor you in taking this step throughout your study of this series.

Many of you have already prepared for this step as you linked with Divine Will, learned to channel, awakened your light body, and/or opened to your soul and Divine Self in other of Orin and DaBen's courses. You may be ready through your studies with other teachers, or through your life experiences or meditations. If you feel ready to open to your Divine Self and transform your ego, then you are already responding to the energy of your Divine Self that is calling you to Itself for transformation at every level of your being.

As you open to your Divine Self
your spiritual growth will be greatly accelerated
and you will begin to transcend your ego.

You who are ready for this course will know it through your interest and excitement in taking this step. You may feel ready for a quantum leap in your spiritual growth. There may be a feeling of rightness, as if transcending your ego, letting go of suffering, and living in a higher state of consciousness is something you have been waiting for. You may have read about or already opened to your Divine Self, and feel drawn to explore and deepen this connection. You may have had experiences that felt transcendent, even if just for a few moments, and want to further explore and deepen this awareness.

In this series, you open to the consciousness of your Divine Self to directly experience states of inner illumination that can take you beyond the ego into the pure awareness of your Divine Self. It is the consciousness of your Divine Self, the innermost part of your being, that provides the illumination that reveals and transforms your ego-your emotions, desires, and thoughts. It also brings you the insights, courage, inspiration, motivation, and understanding needed to transcend your ego.

I open to receive the power, love,
wisdom, harmony, vision, clarity, illumination, and inspiration
of my Divine Self.

You cannot do this work of transcending your ego and moving forward on your spiritual path through will power, effort, or struggle. You can contact your Divine Self open to Its consciousness, and allow It to transform you. As you deepen your contact with your Divine Self and birth a new you through this contact, you can experience deep inner peace, love, wise understanding, spiritual vision, inspiration, and much more. You gain the greatest gift of all–an opportunity to realize your Divine Self as as your true identity, and to experience Its divine qualities as who you are.

Taking this step opens the door wider
for all those who are in resonance with you,
and lifts you even higher.

As you reach a deeper level of conviction that your Divine Self is who you truly are and begin to transcend your ego, you open the door wider for all those who are in resonance with you and ready for this step. As you increase your ability to embody and radiate the light and consciousness of your Divine Self, you offer this expanded consciousness to everyone you know simply by your presence.

You who are among the first to take this course are part of an inner group who will take this illumination out to the world in a much larger way as you experience it yourself. You will help create an important shift for humanity. As you do, the energy that comes back makes it possible for you to more fully embrace and embody the consciousness of your Divine Self.

We invite you to become a co-creator
with the highest light within you, your Divine Self.

Allow your Divine Self to shine forth into every area of your life as radiant consciousness, love, wisdom, and unlimited abundance. More awaits you than you can even think to ask for.  As you open to your Divine Self and transform your ego, you have access to all that the Self has to offer, which is freely and gladly given.  ~ Sanaya

Why Transcend Your Ego?
When your identity and consciousness are based in your ego rather than your Divine Self, you have no true center to help you stay balanced and peaceful in an ever-changing world. You are like a small ship flung about on the waves of the ocean of life.

When your identity is based in your Divine Self, you are no longer a small ship
being flung about in the turbulence of the ocean.  You are the ocean itself.

You can stay centered in the light and love that you are, no matter what kind of energy you are around. You are no longer a separated self, alone, confused, hurt, or helpless. Instead, you are your Divine Self–a Self that is the essence of spiritual power, wisdom, vision, truth, Will and Love.

As you transcend your ego, suffering is lessened. You let go of the battles and choose peace and harmony. You view the events in your life with understanding, acceptance, and love, both for yourself and others. You recognize that what seem like problems are really blessings and opportunities. Things that happen no longer upset you, or if they do, the upset lasts for shorter periods of time before you right yourself and continue on your peaceful path.

Fear and worry about the future lessen. The past loses its grip on you. You experience more gratitude for all that you have. You trust that you will always have everything you need in every moment, for you know that you are your Divine Self, and that you have access to all that It has, to all the abundance of the Universe.

Your Divine Self is already shining through you.
You are already hearing Its call.

Your Divine Self is drawing you into Itself, into the consciousness of Oneness, harmony, understanding, and abundance. Take a moment to acknowledge the Self that is always there, waiting for you with love and ready to offer you all It has.  ~ Sanaya

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People's Comments Who Took This Course
This course was originally taught to a group of students over a period of a year. These are some of their comments during and after taking this course. We would love to hear from you about your stories and feedback as well!

"I sense the love the universe has for me, I trust more."
"I have been able to stop sabotaging myself."
"I have less resistance to what is."
"I have more courage to be myself and speak my truth."
"Listening to these journeys helps me feel stronger and more confident."
"This course works really well with the Light Body courses, I have experienced many shifts listening to this course along with the light body course."
"I love listening to Orin's meditations before going to work, I always have a better day and things flow more smoothly."
"I finished the Divine Will courses, and was wondering what was next. This series has been perfect as my next step of growth."
"I get to such a high state as I listen. I feel more balanced all day."
"I get so many insights after listening I just love the journeys."
"Things have gotten easier. I have less drama and tension in my life."
"After working with these journeys I feel more certainty about what choices to make. My inner guidance is clearer."
"My life has gone from ordinary to extraordinary. All events become an opportunity to practice what I am learning."
"This course has given more purpose and meaning to my life."
"I have less fear and worry, I feel much more peaceful. I have more trust in myself and the universe."
"I have fewer feelings of stress and overwhelm, and am actually getting more done."
"I am more accepting of things as they are. It's OK for people to be as they are, me too, less judgment."
"I experience love and compassion on a more consistent basis."
"My thoughts are more comforting and reassuring, not as fearful."

Exercise to Start NOW to Transcend Your Ego
You do not need to wait to start transcending your ego. Start now to prepare for the transformation that lies ahead.  Begin by setting your intention right now, in this moment, to be free through contacting and becoming one with your innermost, Divine Self. Setting your intention, asking, and being open are important qualities for taking this step of transcending your ego, and bring about new choices and paths.

We have provided a process to Contact Your Divine Self that you can use to open to the consciousness of your Divine Self. Commit to yourself, to your life, and to the light within you.  Know that your Divine Self is offering you all the support, love, and guidance you need to take this step into the light, knowing your true Self as who you are, and transcending your ego. 

If you would like, ask for a gift of consciousness
from your Divine Self.

Let your Divine Self bring you some new awareness, understanding, or more peace and harmony.  As you follow this up with receptivity and openness to what comes back, your growth will be greatly accelerated and the presence of your Divine Self will grow more real. Let your transformation into more light begin right now, in this moment!

Suggestions for How to Study This Course
In each album you will be guided to contact your Divine Self, and open to Its illumination that reveals aspects of your ego. This illumination builds from album to album, each course progressively revealing more about your ego and how to transcend it.

While you can gain much by taking these albums in any sequence, we suggest studying the albums in order to get the most out of this series.  Take this course at your own pace.  It is fine to work with it intensely and go right through it. Always trust your inner guidance, and be the authority of what is good for you, above all else.  If you use these journeys as a daily spiritual practice, you can experience many profound transformations of consciousness and in every day life.

Brief Overview of all six of Orin's Transcending Your Ego albums:
These are part of Orin's Path to Self-Realization series.

The six courses in Orin's Transcending Your Ego series are part of a comprehensive series of Orin courses called Orin's Path of Self-Realization series, offering you who are ready an accelerated course in higher consciousness that assists you in becoming an awakened, realized Self. All six albums in Orin’s Transcending Your Ego series work together to connect you with your Divine Self. It is only through contacting your Divine Self that you can transcend your ego.

Experiencing the spaces and transformation Orin offers in these journeys expands and deepens your connection to your Divine Self, creating the illumination needed to transcend your ego. The synergy of all six albums in this course is powerful and builds, and the wonderful changes in your consciousness will continue for many years past the immediate insights you experience as you listen. These six courses accelerate your growth and offer you the foundation necessary to transform your life and consciousness in magnificent ways.  You come to know yourself as the Divine Self, rather than your ego, release the causes of pain and suffering, and open to greater inner peace, joy, and love.

Orin’s guided meditations in these courses have layers of transmissions and energy in them. You can listen to these journeys over and over. Whenever you listen, you are listening with a more illumined consciousness that makes it possible for you to move into states of even greater illumination and have many new insights and shifts.  All albums contain 12 Orin journeys, and online PDF with written material and transcripts.

product imageIn Part 1, Birthing a New You, you will connect with your Divine Self to awaken your spiritual power, trust your inner wisdom, release limiting thoughts, tap into infinite supply, receive Divine Self guidance and inspiration, enjoy harmonious relationships, and to feel the peace of your Divine Self.  Rise into divine consciousness and birth a new you as you open to your Divine Self.


Transforming Your Emotions DS102In Part 2, Transforming Your Emotions, you will experience the Divine Self illumination that reveals the nature of emotions, an aspect of your ego. Open to divine love, stay clear around negative emotions, clear obstacles to knowing infinite supply, free yourself from repeating the past, move beyond pain and suffering, deepen and sustain inner peace, and accept more joy, love, and freedom into your life.   

product imageIn Part 3, Evolving Your Desire Body, you will evolve your desire body—the part of your ego that is composed of desires.  Align your desires with higher purpose, free yourself from unfulfilling desires, become pure awareness without desire, release old desires, and allow your desire body to transform into a new field of awareness that responds to your Divine Self rather than to mass consciousness or the desires of people around you. Experience greater contentment, gratitude, and appreciation for the richness of your life just as it is.  

product imageIn Part 4, Illuminating Your Mind, you will experience the light of your Divine Self that reveals the mind and takes you beyond the mind into pure awareness. Love your thoughts and respond to them in new ways, rise above mind chatter, release worry thoughts, free yourself from limiting beliefs, and open to divine ideas as you enjoy new ways of thinking. Strengthen Divine Self guidance, connect with the Divine Self of others, and experience greater abundance. Release negative thoughts about aging, health, and your body.

Deepening Divine Self Consciousness DS105In Part 5, Deepening Divine Self Consciousness, you will deepen your Divine Self connection so you have the illumination and consciousness to transcend your ego. Break through to a new consciousness, come into resonance with your Divine Self, let go of old identities, update the roles you play, release identification with form and know your formless Self, free yourself from past labels, clear the storms of emotions, strengthen your ability to be true to yourself, and embrace your new identity of being your Divine Self.  

Transcending Your Ego DS106In Part 6, Transcending Your Ego, you can experience high, transcendent states as you open to the illumination of the Divine Self that reveals more of your ego-personality. You open to the sun of light within you and let it move out through every area of your life to transform it. You can move beyond needing approval, practice self-forgiveness, release the need to suffer, learn to love what is and let things be, free yourself from attachments, respond with love as your Self, and radiate your inner beauty. 

Message to Light Body and Divine Will Students

Light Body Students:  Orin's Transcending Your Ego courses work well with any of the Light Body Courses, including the graduate light body courses.  In the light body courses you are reaching states of flow and illumination, which can be enhanced by the Orin journeys in this series.  Both of these courses complement each other.  While some of the themes of the meditations may be similar, there is no duplication of journeys.  In addition, the processes used by Orin in this series are to bring your increasing illumination into your daily life and into your thoughts, emotions, and desires.  Doing this will enhance any path you are on in your ability to embody the higher energies you are contacting.

Divine Will Students:  You who have been studying Divine Will are part of an inner group holding open the doorway for all of humanity to live their lives in alignment with Divine Will. Orin feels that you as a group are ready to take a major step on your spiritual path by transcending your ego, for those of you who feel drawn to doing so. As you do, you will offer this energy and awakening to all who are in resonance with you, building an even stronger foundation for you to take this step, and assisting all of humanity.

Studying Divine Will is a wonderful step to take before, during, or after studying the Transcending Your Ego courses.
Linking with Divine Will unfolds the divine perfection of your life, and helps you create your highest potential. It gives you a foundation of understanding and direct experience of higher states that assists you in sustaining the states of illumination Orin offers you in his Transcending Your Ego courses.

Divine Will is a bridge between you and your Divine Self. Each quality of Divine Will embodies a quality of consciousness of your Divine Self. As you connect with Divine Will you bring these divine qualities into your consciousness and into your life. Linking with Divine Will leads to transcending your ego, and Orin's courses on Transcending Your Ego will assist you in deepening, understanding, and strengthening this transition in consciousness.

Studying Divine Will can:
• Develop your spiritual power, courage and trust to live in more light.
• Align you with your higher purpose and open the way for you to take the next steps on your spiritual path.
• Make you magnetic to love and your higher good.
• Develop your intuitive abilities.
• Bring you the understanding that helps you make and sustain a transition into higher consciousness.
• Increase your motivation and commitment to living in alignment with your Divine Self.
• Strengthen your awareness of your soul and Divine Self.
• Release everything that stands in the way of living as your Divine Self
• Deepen your spiritual vision and the illumination that reveals the ego.
• Awaken the mental illumination that allows you to become more aware of the nature of your mind and thoughts.
• Allow you to manifest as your Divine Self and create divinity in form.

Important Links

Orin's Path of Self-Realization
This link contains an overview of all of Orin's courses and how they assist you on your path of Self-Realization. 

Contacting Your Divine Self
This link contains a process to deepen your connection to your Divine that you can use right now to start the transformation that lies ahead.  Even one moment of connecting with your Divine Self, with sincere intention to make connection, and a receptivity and openness to the energy that comes back to you from your Divine Self is all that is required.

Teaching courses from Orin's Transcending Your Ego, Becoming Your Divine Self, and Unfolding Divine Consciousness Series:

Note about Orin's Transcending Your Ego, Becoming Your Divine Self, Unfolding Divine Consciousness and Interdimensional Traveling with Your Jeweled Vehicle Series:

Orin has asked people not to teach any of these courses (DS101-DS106, DS201-DS203, DS204, JV351-JV355) by leading or teaching the meditations in your own voice at this time.  Orin asks that you present these courses to others by playing his audio journeys for them. Orin does not feel that people are able to transmit from the spaces beyond the ego that Orin is transmitting from during the journeys. We just ask that you not lead the guided meditations for these courses in your own voice, record them, or teach classes based on similar meditations given in your own voice. 

If you want to teach others these courses, you can hold classes or get together with one or two friends and play your journeys for them. You can also purchase multiple download courses and receive a discount. (Email our office for details).