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Writing, Being Published

Becoming a Writer (SI016) is our most popular course for writers.  This course will teach you the processes Orin gave Sanaya to write and attract a publisher for the books. Orin's album Becoming a World Server contains the processes Orin gave Sanaya to get their work out to the world. Orin's audio journey, "Public Recognition" uses a process that will assist you in drawing people to your work, and preparing for increasing numbers of people to be connecting with your work.  If you have a business and would like to increase your sales, Orin's audio journey, "For Self-Employed People" teaches you how to magnetize business, clients, sales, and money.


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Orin's Becoming a World Server M200
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download, PDF
Get your work out to the world, clear blockages, and join with higher beings to energize your world service. Call clients to your business, students to your classes, and discover more about your path and purpose. These are the processes Orin and DaBen gave Sanaya and Duane to get their work out to the world.   More...

Manifesting Your Destiny SI009
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
You will learn many powerful processes to assist you in seeing why you are here and to discover more about your path and purpose. Release limiting beliefs, become magnetic to success, and expand without limits. Works well with Orin's Living Your Life Purpose (OR914).

Public Recognition SI015
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
This meditation is to assist you in getting your work out to the world in a larger way. Magnetize people to your work and open to greater success. Prepare at an energy level for more and more people to connect with you and your work as you link with them on the inner planes. This process really does work!

Becoming a Writer SI016
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download, PDF
Visualize yourself as a writer and use advanced manifesting techniques to birth your book, project, or play in its highest form. Feel inspired to write, to bring through new ideas, to be creative, to release blockages, and to magnetize a publisher/producer. This is a wonderful album to assist you in any writing endeavor you are undertaking.   More...

Learning to Concentrate SI045
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Let your soul's light illuminate your thoughts for greater concentration and focus. Do twice as much in half the time. The ideas you bring through will be more completely formed and include more of the bigger picture. Do all of your activities with a clear, focused mind.

Opening Creativity: Attracting Ideas SI046
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Ideas can flow after you connect with the Universal Mind. The processes in this journey will assist you in any creative endeavor you are undertaking--writing, music, art, and business.

Unlimited Thinking SI108
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Link with your Higher Self and soul to expand your vision of what you can have. As you expand your thoughts and imagine greater possibilities, your reality changes to reflect your new, expanded vision.

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Creating Money and Abundance Audio Products

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View links to our many Orin and DaBen Creating Money and Abundance articles and exercises to help you create more abundance.

Listen to the Creating Money Audio Book, read by Sanaya with transmissions from Orin to assist you in creating more abundance.

Recommended Audio Courses to Help Create Abundance
M100Guided Meditations: Creating Money guided journeys to reprogram your subconscious for abundance.  The audio course contains 8 meditations to reprogram your subconscious for abundance, using the principles taught in the Creating Money book.  Audio titles include: Magnetizing Yourself; Clearing Beliefs and Old Programs; Success!!; Creating Abundance; Awakening Your Prosperity Self; Aura Clearing, Energy and Lightwork; Releasing Doubts and Fears; and Linking with Your Soul and the Guides. These audio programs are also available as singles you can download.

product image Audiobook: Orin and DaBen's Creating Money Audiobook, read by Sanaya Roman, transmitting Orin's energy as you listen.  More than just an audio book, it contains over 11 hours of audio.  There are 23 chapters and 24 exercises, and the affirmations from the book. Expand your abundance potential as you listen, either in meditation, or while driving or doing other activities. You can also listen to a free 8 minute excerpt from the book. 

MM070Orin's Divine Manifesting Course
Manifesting With the 7 Divine Wills and Divine Self 
Part 1: Manifesting as Your Divine Self
Part 2: Becoming a Master of Manifesting These are Orin's newest and most powerful courses in Manifesting.These processes will expand your consciousness and assist you in realizing more of the consciousness of your Divine Self, the source of all Divine Manifesting.

M001Creating Money Audio Short Course: Creating Money Affirmations Program 1 contains affirmations from the Creating Money book; Program 2 contains a magnetizing journey by Orin.  These audio journeys will help reprogram your subconscious for abundance and help you put into motion the principles and spiritual laws of abundance you will learn in the Creating Money: Attracting Abundance book.

Recommended Orin Single Audio Journeys
Unlimited Thinking and for Self-Employed People: Attracting business, clients, sales, and money, Discovering Your Life Purpose, and Manifesting Your Destiny.
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