Serving Humanity:
Holding a Steady Light During These Changing Times and World Events


Meditation for Light Servers for these changing times, including world events (below)
Meditation to Call Upon the Great Ones for Planetary, Worldwide Assistance

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Note: The following is a written meditation you can use that links you with the Divine Self within you, the innermost part of your being; as well as the Masters and Guides to assist yourself and humanity. You can use this meditation at any time, for there are always world events occurring that can use light.  Together, we can and are making a difference. 

A new light is dawning for humanity that is creating worldwide changes, not just now but in the past few years and in the future. This new light is revealing more of the Divine Self in all life, bringing all life into greater alignment with the Divine plan, perfection, and purpose.

1.  If you want to assist humanity and all life during these changing times, start by setting your intention to deepen your connection to your soul, the innermost part of your being. Commit to being a beacon of light, bringing hope and inspiration to everyone you contact.

2.  To open to the Divine Self, to the innermost part of your being, relax your body and clear your mind. Let yourself grow more and more peaceful, more present in this moment. We have a process you can use to contact your Divine Self.

3.  Let go of your thoughts, and open to the Divine within you in a moment of silence. Ask your true, innermost Self to reveal Itself to you. Allow more of the consciousness of your Divine Self to become your consciousness.

4.  Sense your inner light becoming brighter and more visible with this contact. The light of the true Self within you is shining outward through you, like the light coming from a lighthouse.

5.  As the true Self within you reveals Itself, notice how brightly your inner light shines forth. In this light you can sense thousands of souls all around you on the inner planes. Greet these souls.

6.  Everyone's light is growing brighter as the light of the Divine Self increasingly shines forth from within each of them. An immense group light forms, becoming a beacon of light for humanity. Sense the light all of you are creating together.

7.  Open to the light and consciousness that is being offered to you by the Masters and guides, inner teachers, angels, and beings of light. Allow their love and light to amplify your inner light even more to assist you in deepening your contact with the Divine Self, so you can become a more steady, radiant, and stable light. You are immediately lifting everyone who is connected to or in resonance with you as you do this.

8.  Feel the peace and reassurance that is here in this space. You have lifted above mass consciousness and are able to experience a world of peace and harmony. Let your fears, concerns, and worries fall away. From this high vantage point there is a sense that all is well, and that everything that is happening will eventually result in a better world. Acknowledge yourself as a leader, teacher, and healer, for you are as you work in this way.

9.  Sense this group light embracing all group and world leaders, strengthening their ability to contact the Divine within them so they can act with vision and clarity, making good choices and decisions. Picture a positive future for yourself and for humanity.

10.  Be aware of the impact of your words and thoughts. Refuse to live in fear or energize negative scenarios. Resolve to support others by offering hope, encouragement, and inspiration. As you maintain and sustain your inner light and support and encourage others, you not only strengthen those around you, but this will come back to you as greater strength and stability for yourself.

11.  Imagine the group light of thousands around the world and your light expanding to include and embrace your friends and loved ones; all who are responsive to this light; then all humanity and the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms.

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Calling Upon the Great Ones

The need of the world is so great, and the present circumstances so critical, that many spiritually minded people are thinking to ask for divine intervention. There are spiritual Forces and great spiritual Intelligences and Lives, that are aware of what is going on upon our planet, and can be called upon for their guiding wisdom and that loving stimulation which will guide humanity from darkness into light, from separation into unity. ~ Alice A. Bailey

How to Call Upon the Great Ones
Who are these great Lives, also called the Great Ones? They are the Beings of Light who include the Masters and Enlightened Ones, as well as those who are even more evolved.  Although they never interfere with free will, they can be called upon to assist humanity to evolve, to live as souls, and to assist humanity in lifting some of the conditions present. They cannot help until their help is requested by a group, for the energy they send is so powerful it must be received by a large group of people, who will then be able to make changes in their own lives and become transmitters of this energy to others. 

The Great Ones work through those who call upon them and can hear and respond to the energies they are transmitting. They respond only to group need and lend their assistance when called upon by enough sincere people. They are in touch with the highest forces of light, and can work from these high levels to help humanity create powerful changes.

During these special worldwide meditation times, join with us and all lightworkers to call upon the Great Ones. Take these steps:

  1. Relax your body, calm your emotions, and clear your mind. Let yourself grow more and more peaceful.
  2. Call your soul to you and let yourself blend with it.  It does not matter if you can see or sense your soul in any way for it to be present and working with you.
  3. Imagine that you can sense or see the souls of everyone who is joining together for this meditation with you inner eyes. Join in the magnetic call that is going out to the souls of all light servers, inviting them to join in this call to the Great Ones to release energies that will help humanity. Sense more and more lightworkers joining this group.  Greet these souls with love, and sense the beautiful light and field of magnetic love that all of you are creating together.
  4. Picture being joined by many Masters and Beings of Light who are here to join you as you call upon the Great Ones.  The group light is now composed of lightworkers, and of those evolved souls who are ahead on the path, both those in a physical body and those who are helping from the other side. 
  5. Everyone calls upon the Great Ones to transmit energy to humanity. Let us call upon the Great Ones to send Divine Love to humanity during this time.   Join in this call to the Great Ones by sounding an "om".
  6. The Great Ones hear and respond. Receive their transmission into your heart center. You may have a sense of their transmission, or you may not.
  7. Imagine a positive future for yourself and for humanity. Envision humanity with more love, light, goodwill, and unity.  
  8. Finish by sounding an "om".  Imagine joining thousands around the world to send the energy you have received to:
  • Your friends and family
  • To all those who are responsive to your transmission
  • To all light servers on the planet
  • To all of humanity
  • To plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms

Have no attachment to any results, for there may be none you can measure. You have just made a valuable and important contribution to all life.

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