The Four Alignments by Orin

Living from Your Center
Learn how to stay aligned with higher energies so you can know who you are and be true to yourself.

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Written and Free Audio Short Alignment Meditations below on:
Orin's Message on the 4 Alignments
Aligning with your Soul
Aligning with Your Divine Self
Aligning with Divine Will
Aligning with Star Energies

The written meditation for each alignment is different than the Audio meditation. Both work together. The written meditation is reprinted from our printed newsletter.

The 5-7 minute audio alignment exercises offer another way to explore and experience alignment. Know that every time you call upon your soul, divine Self, divine Will or star energies, they always respond.

Enjoy the meditations and do not get too intellectual about them. It is more important to just be open, enjoy whatever experiences you have, and let go of trying to do this in the "right way."  This is all about you and your responses and experiences, so enjoy!

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Greetings from Orin!
The following short audio journeys and written alignment exercises are to assist you in living from your center through aligning with your soul, divine Self, Divine Will, and certain star energies.

How does it feel to live from the center of your being? Your body feels relaxed. You are able to think clearly. You have more certainty about what to say and do. You face your fears and life with courage and decisiveness.

When you live from your center your heart is open. You are confident and secure in your own being. You like yourself!

When you live from your center you are in harmony with all life. Whatever you need is there when you need it; you are in the flow. 

You do not need to meditate for hours every day to stay balanced and in your center. While meditation will enhance your life in every way, you can easily go within and connect upward throughout the day, aligning with your soul and divine Self, and attuning to higher energies that are guiding humanity.

You can learn to recognize when you are not living from your center and then quickly align with higher energies to return to your center.

You can recognize when you are not living from your center.
There are many signs that you are out of balance such as pain, muscle tension, strong emotions, or stressful thoughts. You may have an uneasy or anxious feeling that things are not “right.” You may have too many things to do and feel overwhelmed or unable to focus. You may find yourself avoiding facing issues in your life through over-eating, or spending too much time on the internet or watching TV.

The 4 alignments below are important in being able to live from your center. You may first want to practice each alignment separately, sensing what inner shifts each one offers. You can also work with some of the alignments together, or all four at once. These exercises are a very brief summary of some of the possibilities; explore them and let them lead you to the next steps on your path.

The soul alignment will assist you in experiencing soul love. The divine Self alignment will help you connect with your divine Self for Its peace and guidance. Aligning with Divine Will can help you unfold divine perfection in every area of your life. You can align with star energy to be in harmony with the incoming energies that are awakening humanity and causing many global changes.

You can turn within and align frequently throughout the day, taking just seconds to transform your life and consciousness as you do. There is also great benefit in experiencing these alignments in greater depth when you feel drawn to do so. Receiving the energy that comes back to you from these alignments will greatly accelerate your spiritual evolution, as through these alignments you are lifted up to new levels of consciousness. ~Orin

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Aligning with Your Soul: Opening to Love

product imageOrin's Aligning with Your Soul Short Audio Meditation
  Length 6:39
Music: Thaddeus TH015 Cellular Evolution
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 Aligning With Your Soul Written Meditation. (This is different than the Audio meditation)
Your soul is with you all the time; it is a bridge between your divine Self and your personality. Most of you on a spiritual path are already very connected to your soul and responsive to its love and light.

You can align with your soul to open your heart and express soul love. When you are filled with soul love you are magnetic to your higher good. You offer wisdom, kindness, forgiveness and compassion to yourself and others.

You can link with your soul and open to soul love any time you choose. Start by calling your soul to you. This might feel as if you are simply shifting your focus to become aware of your soul that is always with you. Picture a beautiful sphere of light all around you.

Imagine you are blending your heart center with your soul’s heart center, feeling the love within you expand as you do. Let as much of your soul’s love into your heart center as you can. Feel the peace, love, and bliss of your soul. Let soul love pour into every cell of your body. As you do this you can experience and express soul love.

When you are connected to your soul, living from your center, you can love and accept yourself, let go of the past, and release any guilt or self-recrimination that may be holding you back. 

As you align with your soul you can experience the kind of love that releases sadness, anger, hopelessness, or pain and replaces these with inner peace. You can connect with your soul’s love to remove unloving thoughts you have about yourself and replace them with confident, positive, and supportive thoughts.

Align with your soul’s heart center whenever you feel guided to do so. You become the love that heals, the sun that warms and nurtures. You become the love that allows all that is good to emerge and blossom. ~Orin 

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Living from Your Center: Aligning with Your Divine Self

product image  Orin's Aligning with Your Divine Self Short Audio Meditation
  Length 7:11
Music: Thaddeus TH052 Emotional Flow Calm
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Aligning With Your Divine Self  Written Meditation. (This is different than the Audio meditation)
Your divine Self is the source of life and light within you. It is your innermost Self that is always with you, looking after you and guiding you through the still, small voice within you.

Your divine Self knows exactly what you need and wants to give you all that It has including peace, joy, abundance, confidence, and love. However, you need to consciously connect with this Self to receive all of Its gifts. With contact you can experience having whatever you need that is for your higher good, for nothing is ever withheld.

It is easy to make contact with your Divine Self, and you can do so in a moment of inner stillness. Close your eyes for a moment, take a breath in, and turn within. Let go of the outside world and feel yourself growing quieter and more peaceful.

Think of your divine Self. It is a wise, powerful, clear, loving Self within you that is you. Ask for and open up to receive from your divine Self exactly what you need in this moment.

Note that contact with the Self takes place beyond the mind, so you may not have any awareness of making a connection. However, contact always creates a shift in some way, now or later.

After connecting with your divine Self, listen and pay attention! Is there any message? Do you feel more balanced or peaceful? Notice if some problem seems less pressing. Are you still able to think about what was bothering you moments earlier, or has some new opportunity opened up to think about?

You can feel centered and balanced in a quick moment, no matter what energies you are around. You can live from the center of your being. It is very effective to have frequent ten or twenty second periods during the day when you pause, get still, contact your divine Self, and then open to receive.    ~ Orin

Listen to a free Divine Self audio meditation, Opening to Your True Identity. View Orin's divine Self audio courses here.

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Aligning with Divine Will, Opening to Divine Purpose and Perfection.

product image Orin's Aligning with Divine Will Short Audio Meditation
Length 5:47
Music: Thaddeus TH051 Spiritual Sun Vortex
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Aligning With Divine Will Written Meditation. (This is different than the Audio meditation)
You can align with a quality of Divine Will that attunes you to your higher purpose and the divine plan of your life. It is the Divine Will quality that releases all that is holding you back from expressing your true, divine Self. Ongoing contact with this Will helps you realize your potential and unfold the divine plan and purpose of your life.

This Divine Will quality is called the Will to Initiate. Because all outer changes must start first with a change in your consciousness, this Will initiates and brings about new consciousness, the consciousness of the divine within you.

You can live from your center by contacting the Will to Initiate. You can call upon it to guide you to unfold the divine blueprint of your life, align you with your higher purpose, and help you manifest in harmony with the divine plan of your life. You can contact Divine Will to release blockages and illusions that keep you from expressing your full potential. You can receive energy from the Will to Initiate any time you want to know what to do next. It can help you create the divine, perfect pattern rather than putting energy into something that does not lift or serve you.

To align with the Will to Initiate, take a moment to set your intention to make contact. Affirm that you are open to receive its gifts of new consciousness. Then get quiet, and imagine aligning with Divine Will. Picture symbolically “standing” in the center of this divine Will, completely immersed in it, attuned to divine perfection and the divine plan of your life.

As you align with Divine Will, you become a transmitter of it. Imagine that the energy of divine perfection is flowing out from you into your life, relationships, situations, and to other people. As you hold this connection, sense what is next for you, and open to new ideas and thoughts about your life and path.     ~ Orin

View information on Orin's Divine Will audio courses here. You may especially enjoy Orin's Transforming Your Life with Divine Will (MM050) and Living a Soul Life (MM060).

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Aligning with Star Energy

product image   Orin's Aligning with Star Energy Short Audio Meditation
  Length 6:08
Music: Thaddeus Polestar TH037
See below for streaming and download information 

Aligning With Star Energy Written Meditation. (This is different than the Audio meditation)
As you align with the energy radiating from the Big Dipper, Sirius, and Pleiades, you are attuning yourself to some of the highest vibrational energies that are influencing the earth plane. Opening to the awakened consciousness of these special stars can greatly accelerate your spiritual growth as it brings you into contact with a vast Universe of spiritual energies.

These star energies contain very potent radiations of light that inspire humanity to reach new heights and to create a higher, better future.

You can align with the consciousness of these stars and receive their transformative energies. This contact can inspire your life and creations so that whatever you create will carry the energy of what is next for humanity and will be supported by the Universe.

As these energies impact humanity they can cause massive changes. Consciously aligning with these energies can help you stay centered in the face of world events, mass consciousness fears and thoughts, and the waves of emotional energy that world events can trigger. You can become a center of peace since you are no longer buffeted about by lower, denser energies. Your light and peace is a gift to others that can help them stay centered and balanced as well.

To align with star energy, start by thinking of the 7 stars of the Big Dipper (divine Will), Sirius (divine Love), and the 7 Sisters, called the Pleiades (divine Creative Intelligence). Imagine a triangle of light connecting them.

Picture yourself in the middle of this star energy, basking in and drawing in this light and consciousness. You are joining a much larger, vaster Universe. You are a point of light within a greater light. You are in harmony with that greater light, energized by it, and able to radiate the light of transformation to all who are receptive. ~ Orin

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