Opening to Your True Identity by Orin

   product image Orin's Opening to Your True Identity Audio Meditation
Music:  Thaddeus TH047, Spiritual Sun Lifting
Length: 27:36 minutes  Transcript below  

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About Orin's Opening to Your True Identity Meditation:
Orin has provided a free guided meditation for you to listen to, to open to your true identity as a Divine Self rather than just a personality-self, an ego.  As you listen, set your intention to experience more of your true identity and to let your inner light radiate with greater clarity and beauty.  Start to transcend your ego and move into divine consciousness as you listen. Lift the veils and permit yourself to express who you really are, deep within:  a beautiful, radiant, confident, serene, and abundant being.  Listen to Orin's journey as often as you would like to prepare to experience even higher states of consciousness.

In Orin's guided meditation you will link with Divine Will and be joined by your guides and the masters, angelic kingdom, and inner teachers to assist you in opening to your true identity.  You will set your intention to move beyond your ego into divine consciousness, then receive a quality of light that will assist you in transforming your emotions, evolving your desires, and illuminating your mind.  You will be offered a flame of light, a living seed that will assist you in expanding your consciousness and taking the next steps on your path of Self-Realization.  As you listen to Orin's journey you are planting seeds that will unfold for months to come as new insights, understandings, and ways of being.

Explore Orin's Audio Courses that Assist You in Opening to Your True Identity:

product imageOrin's Transcending Your Ego (DS101-DS106) course.  In this six-volume course you will link with your Divine Self to know this as your true identity, and to accept the love, harmony, peace, joy, and abundance that comes from contact with this, your true Self.

product imageOrin's series, Becoming Your Divine Self, starting with the Knowing Your True Identity (DS201) album, assists you in moving into higher consciousness beyond the ego, continuing your journey to a realized, enlightened Self.

You can read more about Orin's Path of Self-Realization, giving you an overview of all of Orin's courses and how they work together to lead you into higher states of consciousness.  We also have many single journeys to assist you.

Transcript of Orin's Meditation, Opening to Your True Identity

Greetings from Orin and all of the beings of light who are here. Imagine that you are standing in the center of all Will, standing in the center where the Will of God is known. In this place every thought you have and everything you do is aligned with Divine Will.

It is almost as if you are standing in a beam of light; light that holds the divine pattern and plan. As you are in this light, you are aligned with the divine pattern and plan of the universe and of your life. Something about your energy is growing stronger, freer; some limitation is being released as you stand in this light.

As you look outward with your inner eyes, you might sense many guides, angelic beings, masters, and the Great Ones beginning to appear around you. Each of them holds a quality of consciousness--of love, of beauty, of wisdom, and truth, of inspiration, illumination, guidance, and hope.

One by one, or perhaps several at a time, an enormous light is being formed all around you as those inner teachers--those that hold and radiate Divine Will, Divine Love, and all the qualities of consciousness of the Divine Self, the Divine within you--are appearing. It is as if you are in a vast place. More and more beings are joining you.

Notice your breathing, smooth and relaxed; something about your energy growing freer. You are opening up to the light that is all around you, becoming more receptive to this light; more aware of all the guidance, connections, and assistance that is there for you, right now, in this moment.

Imagine that your ego has been like the petals of a flower and that you have been inside these petals and they have been folded up around your light--the innermost part of your being. As you stand in the center of all Will with the guides and angels around you, something is beginning to open up so that your inner light is starting to be revealed.

One quality of light that is being offered to you right now is the quality that awakens and transforms your emotional body and frees you to move to a higher level of consciousness.

If you are open to transform your emotions, to move into a new consciousness, set this as your intention, and open to receive the energy that will assist you in doing this so that some veil can fall away; some of the petals can unfold, and you can transcend your ego through transforming your emotions. Let this happen now.

In the light of Divine Will and divine perfection, if you would like to evolve your desires, to release any that would veil and hide your true path from you, to open to the inspiration of the Divine within you, set this as your intention. So that you desire that which is on your path, that is your purpose. All lesser desires can fall away, so that you can be guided by inspiration and moved forward to an all new future.

With the power of Divine Will and all of the assistance and qualities of consciousness held by those who have evolved their desires, open now to let this transformation occur, right now.

Something within you is shifting. It is occurring at a level beyond the mind so it is fine if you do not feel anything. Simply setting your intention and being open is all that is needed for change to come about.

Sense an inner light within you growing brighter, the petals of the ego beginning to unfold even more. Something about your path and purpose becoming clearer, more recognizable, and bringing you the qualities that enable you to follow your dreams.

Standing in the center of all Will, sense those guides, teachers and angelic beings on the inner who are holding for you this space of illuminating your mind. These beings have illuminated minds; they function beyond the mind.

It is part of the divine plan of your life to have an illumined mind, to have thoughts that show you your path and lead you forward, that bring you the ideas to manifest that which is your purpose, thoughts that inspire you, that come from your Divine Self, that open the way and lead you forward on your spiritual path.

If you would like an illumined mind, to begin that process of deepening your mental illumination, set this as your intention right now. Open to Divine Will that wills this to be. And sense your resonance with all those guides and inner Teachers who have illumined minds. Open right now to letting this become your reality.

Sense your inner light growing as if there were a core or a pillar of light within you, or a sense of peace that is deepening, or light that is growing stronger and more brilliant within you.

You might use your imagination to picture the petals of the ego beginning to fall down like a flower awakening, opening, blooming. And you, the essence of your being, is like that light in the middle beginning to reveal itself--shining out in 360 degrees all around you. The petals of the mind, the emotions and the desires begin to unfold to reveal your innermost being--a being of great light, strength, courage, love and wisdom.

All of the guides and the beings of Light who are with you are assisting you in holding this space of revealing the deepest part of your being so that you may deepen your connection to this Self and know It to be who you are.

Imagine right now that some blending is taking place, with your permission, between your personality self, your ego self, and your Divine Self. So that some of the edges of the ego are softening, opening up and receiving the light of your Divine Self that is you. And you are beginning to shift your identity into this Self, into this radiance, this infinite, eternal light.

This light within of the Self, your true Self, is beginning to shine forth into every area of your life. And your ego, the petals, are folding down more and more. Or in some way your ego is becoming more transparent, so that more of your innermost beauty, the essence of your being, is shining forth. Enjoy right now, for a moment, the infinite beauty, light, and consciousness that is who you are deep within.

You are standing in the center of all Will. Purpose is unfolding within you, in every moment, in your desires, in the illumination and inspiration that unfolds through your thoughts.

You are beginning to rise up out of the ego into divine consciousness. Attachments are falling away. You see the light above you--the greater light that draws you upward. The light of the Self, of the love, that is everywhere. Your eyes turn away, just for now, from the material world. And with your inner eyes, you look upward, symbolically, to a new quality of light that is opening up for you as your next step, as your next illumination.

In the light of Divine Will, with the assistance of all the beings around you, something opens up. With your permission, a new quality of light is offered to you; one that will lift you and guide you to a more harmonious, more peaceful, more loving existence.

If you would like, you might imagine this down flow as a divine flame of consciousness. It is not truly a flame, but a living spark carrying with it a seed, a birth into the next level of your divine nature.

Take this seed into your heart, if you choose; for it carries the light just for you, to open you to the next steps on your spiritual path, to the next insights, growth, and forward movement.

It is a sacred seed of life that you are awakening. The energy you can receive right now, again and again, is the energy that awakens the Divine within you and carries with it all the understanding, illumination, realization, and all that you will need to fulfill your being at this next level of light.

Now imagine as you stand in this light--brilliant, eternal, infinite light that you are--wise, loving and compassionate, let an area of your life come to mind that you would like to lift to this new level.

As your Divine Self standing in this light of Will with every quality of consciousness that you need being held by the guides and teachers around you, embrace this area of your life. Take it into this consciousness until it dissolves as a separate area. Do this now if you choose.

Keep holding this space until there is a feeling of release or relief, or something opens up and know that as this happens you have changed your reality in this area.

As you come back, remember who you are. Let a sense of that powerful, loving, wise being that you are come into your consciousness more and more often, and remember this is you; this is your true identity. All you need do is make the contact with your Divine Self and through this contact, all that you need and even more will come to you in every moment.

And so coming back now, feeling wonderful, full of light and wide awake. I bid you my good day for now. 

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The six courses in Orin's Transcending Your Ego series are part of a comprehensive series of Orin courses called Orin's Path of Self-Realization series, offering you who are ready an accelerated course in higher consciousness that assists you in becoming an awakened, realized Self. All six albums in Orin’s Transcending Your Ego series work together to connect you with your Divine Self. It is only through contacting your Divine Self that you can transcend your ego.

Experiencing the spaces and transformation Orin offers in these journeys expands and deepens your connection to your Divine Self, creating the illumination needed to transcend your ego. The synergy of all six albums in this course is powerful and builds, and the wonderful changes in your consciousness will continue for many years past the immediate insights you experience as you listen. These six courses accelerate your growth and offer you the foundation necessary to transform your life and consciousness in magnificent ways.  You come to know yourself as the Divine Self, rather than your ego, release the causes of pain and suffering, and open to greater inner peace, joy, and love.

Orin’s guided meditations in these courses have layers of transmissions and energy in them. You can listen to these journeys over and over. Whenever you listen, you are listening with a more illumined consciousness that makes it possible for you to move into states of even greater illumination and have many new insights and shifts.  All albums contain 12 Orin journeys, and online PDF with written material and transcripts.

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Transcending Your Ego DS106In Part 6, Transcending Your Ego, you can experience high, transcendent states as you open to the illumination of the Divine Self that reveals more of your ego-personality. You open to the sun of light within you and let it move out through every area of your life to transform it. You can move beyond needing approval, practice self-forgiveness, release the need to suffer, learn to love what is and let things be, free yourself from attachments, respond with love as your Self, and radiate your inner beauty. 

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product imageIn Part 1, Knowing Your True Identity, you will connect with your Divine Self to experience your self as a non-physical, eternal, invisible, infinite, unlimited, pure, illuminating light. Knowing your true identity can be one of the most life-changing, transformative steps you can take. Knowing your true identity clears the way; opens doors; and brings you energy, answers, opportunities, solutions, and all that you need to move forward into your highest future.

product imageIn Part 2, Awakening Spiritual Power, you will explore the nature of spiritual power that reveals the truth that there is only one power, that of the Divine Self.  When you are in contact with your Divine Self, no thoughts, beliefs, memories, people, feelings, obstacles, situations, or outside circumstances can have any power over you or can stop you from creating a life that reflects more of the unlimited potential of your Divine Self.  

product imageIn Part 3, Clearing Energy with Your Divine Self, you will open to the illumination of your Divine Self that clears any energy that veils your inner light, such as fears, emotions, beliefs, thoughts, stories, memories, and energy from mass consciousness and other people.  Learn how to recognize when you are not clear, and return to clear states where you can be hear your inner guidance and feel more joyful, insightful, inspired, focused, confident, and optimistic. 

About Orin's Path of Self-Realization Series that this set of 3 courses is a part of:  Orin says that each album in his Path of Self-Realization series (consisting of the six Transcending Your Ego courses, and the three Becoming Your Divine Self courses at this time) contains some of the major steps, understanding, and realizations that will assist you on your path of awakening and Self-realization.  Orin is mapping out for you some of the steps and understandings that will carry you forward into the higher light of greater freedom, the light of initiation, revelations, and new understandings.  The courses in this series are to assist you in learning to viewing your daily life and the world around you from a spiritual awareness, rather than a personality-based awareness.

In all of Orin's courses in this series you will work with your guides and inner teachers who are here to assist you in your continuing transformation from a personality-based consciousness to having an awakened spiritual consciousness.

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