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Aligning with Your Soul to Express Love as Your Purpose
Aligning with Your Divine Self to Know Your Life Purpose and
  Aligning with Divine Will to
Creatively Express Your Purpose
  Aligning with Star Energy to
 Expand Your Purpose

About the Four Alignments series These free Orin audio guided meditations will assist you in transforming your life and raising your vibration through aligning with the energies of your soul, divine Self, Divine Will, and Star Energies. Orin feels these energies are among the most important ones you can align with to live your purpose and awaken to the truth of your being.

product imageOrin's Aligning with Your Soul to Express Love as Your Purpose

  Length 12:42
Music: Thaddeus TH016 Healing Treatment
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This Orin Alignment meditation, Aligning with Your Soul to Express Love as Your Purpose will assist you linking with your soul to experience more love, compassion, and forgiveness for yourself and others. As you blend your heart center with your soul's heart center, a beautiful note of love flows out from you, a pure, harmonious, loving, magnetic energy that heals past hurts and lifts all life around you.  You can use this meditation and the process in it whenever you want to feel more love.

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Transcript of Orin's Aligning with Your Soul to Express Love as Your Purpose
Greetings from Orin. One of the purposes of your soul is to love, to radiate love, to express love, and to change the energies about you by holding a focus of love.

You can do this by connecting with your soul, opening to receive its love to increase your capacity to love and to express more love, a higher love, in every area of your life. No matter what situation you are in, as you express love you will transform that situation, and in so doing you will be fulfilling your purpose.

Start by joining with your soul, by becoming aware of your soul, perhaps as a radiant sphere of light all around you lifting you higher, increasing your vibration.

You might think of your heart center as having many petals, with a jewel in its middle. 

Your soul also has a heart center made of many petals with a central jewel that represents the highest energy within you. As you picture your heart center imagine you are blending with your soul’s heart center.

A beautiful note is sounded. A very pure, kind, loving vibration travels through your body, harmonizing all of your energy and synchronizing it to a higher note — a more harmonious, loving, very magnetic, pure vibration of love.

Your soul’s  love is pouring into your heart center. If there is anything in your heart where you feel hurt, separate, or alone, let this energy of your soul begin to heal that area with love and compassion for you and all you have been through.

As you deepen your connection to your soul and allow its love to heal you, you then have more to offer others. Think of a situation in your life, an event or circumstance that you would like to shift and align with your soul’s purpose.

As this situation comes to mind, sense that beautiful, harmonious note that comes out of your heart right now. As your heart center is blended with your soul’s heart, you are now beginning to radiate love to that situation, to everyone involved, and to yourself, lifting it with love. Expressing your purpose as love.

Imagine what would be different, or just watch the energies change as you express loving understanding and how that might change this situation, expressing your purpose of love. 

Let the quality of compassion radiate out from you into this situation, circumstance, and to everyone involved.

Let that note of harmony pour forth from the center of your being, your heart center aligned with your soul’s heart.

Let the quality of forgiveness shine forth from the center of your being, forgiveness of yourself; forgiveness wherever it is needed.

As you align with your soul your soul will show you exactly where these qualities are needed and will create a shift, both now and whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Feel that quality of compassion and forgiveness shining through you like a soft, gentle, healing light.

And with your soul let go of any sense of separateness, of criticism of yourself or the other.

And just rest for a moment in the peace of love as you express your purpose as love.

Let that love expand throughout the day, knowing that every time you do this your capacity for love will grow. Your ability to lift all the energies about you with love will expand, and you will be able to experience more peace and harmony.

And come back when you are ready.  Remember that beautiful note that flows out from you, bringing the light of love to all the energies around you.

And I bid you good day for now.

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Orin's Aligning with Your Divine Self, Knowing Your Life Purpose
Align with your divine Self throughout the day to know what is on your path and part of your purpose, and what is not.
  Length 11:45
Music: Thaddeus TH064 The Blessed One

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Experience Your Life Happening Magically as You Align with Your Divine Self
Orin: I offer many audio courses on contacting your divine Self to assist you in creating a more rewarding, fulfilling life. As you connect with your divine Self you can experience more wisdom, joy, clarity, vision, freedom, peace, illumination, inspiration, and much more. I invite you to align with your divine Self in these audio courses as you listen:
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Series, 3 audio courses.

Transcript of Orin's Aligning with Your Divine Self, Knowing Your Life Purpose
Greetings from Orin. You can work with this alignment to connect with your divine Self that is all-knowing, infinitely wise, and that can infuse you with anything you need to know about your purpose and how to express it in your life.

You can pause in the moment, or at the beginning of the day, or whenever you change activities; make contact with your divine Self, allow Its knowingness to permeate your being, and to proceed with a certainty that you know what to do to fulfill your purpose.

So think of your day ahead, or the activities you will be doing, or think you will be doing.

Make contact with your divine Self right now. You might do so by letting yourself grow very quiet, finding a state of peace and inner stillness, and just being open, receptive, and listening.

The divine Self is ever present and It knows what you need. Your divine Self is a higher part of your being that extends to all dimensions and realms, where you are connected with all beings as you make this alignment with your divine Self.

You might even experience a sense of inner light, like a pillar of light within you, Source energy!

Light that is so high, so radiant, so beautiful, that it lights up your path in front of you and shows you the way forward.

So as you think of your day ahead with the light of the divine shining through you, illuminating your purpose, perhaps your day begins to rearrange itself. Notice if there are any activities or plans that you made that you feel drawn to change in some way.

You are shining the light of purpose, of all-knowledge, all wisdom, upon your day, upon your week, or for whatever period of time you want to look at.

You may receive ideas or insights, or you may find that things simply begin to change in the moment. Some of the things you thought you had planned may change. Unexpected new happenings may occur, for you are shining the light of purpose, of all-knowing wisdom upon your day, and the days ahead.

You are asking to have revealed to you that which is on-purpose for you, and that which is not. And to have everything that is not your purpose fall away.

With the light of all-knowing wisdom pouring forth from the center of your being you can say to yourself, “I know! I know that I know what to do!”

And as you encounter choices and decisions, you will say to yourself today, “I know what to do. As I connect with my divine Self I know that I know. My choices are clear. I feel the strength of knowingness pour through me, showing me my purpose.”

Let that light of purpose shine onto any event, circumstance, or relationship right now, beginning to bring to the surface, to your awareness, the higher purposes of these connections and events.

Let the light from the center of your being shine upon your life, highlighting now and in the future those activities and directions that are next for you, that fulfill your purpose.

“I know that I know. I am all-knowing wisdom.”

Let the truth of this statement permeate your being, bringing you clarity and confidence and wisdom to know what is on your path and what is a distraction.

Let come to mind right now something you can radiate the light of purpose to, to shift it into a higher, finer frequency and vibration right now, in this moment.

And with that, I bid you good day for now. 

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Align with Divine Will to Creatively Express Your Purpose
  Length 9:50
Music: Thaddeus TH061 Illumination
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Greetings from Orin!  I have created a free audio meditation to assist you in connecting with a quality of Divine Will called the Will to Evolve, to assist you in aligning with your purpose and to express more of the infinite potential that lies within you.

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Transcript of Orin's Aligning with Divine Will, Creatively Expressing Your Purpose

Greetings from Orin. To live and create your higher purpose you can align with a quality of Divine Will called the Will to Evolve. This is the Will of the Universal Mind, of infinite intelligence and creativity.

With this alignment you can open to and receive many creative ideas about how to carry out your purpose. You can link with the Mind that has all ideas, all knowledge, all wisdom, and holds the pure note of infinite intelligence.

Sense your innermost Self, your divine Self, as a pillar of light, a core of light within you.

This core of light represents all the spiritual light you have gathered throughout this lifetime and others. It is your inner illumination that shines out on the world.

You can align with the Will to Evolve to increase your inner illumination and your ability to create those forms that fulfill your purpose, to match your inner light, your inner purpose with your activities and with all that you create.

So attune right now to the Divine Will to Evolve. You can find it with your intention to make this connection.

Affirm that you are ready to open even more to the Universal Mind, to receive more ideas, to experience your infinite creativity, to dip into the pool of all possibilities, and to creatively, with planning, foresight, and the infinite wisdom within you, bring forth those forms and situations and circumstances and relationships that fulfill your purpose.

Call upon this Will to Evolve. Perhaps you can sense it filling up the central core of light within you, so that your inner illumination is growing. Your mind is growing sharper, your thoughts are more attuned to this higher frequency. This Will always responds.

And now begin to radiate that to various areas of your life. Start with a current situation, an area you will evolve through your creativity and your link with the Universal Mind that provides you with the ideas and answers and solutions that you need. Radiate your inner light now to this area.

Be open to receive any ideas that come back to you of what to do.

And radiate this light to the day ahead so that you live this day creatively, applying the ideas and intelligence that are yours with this link, with this connection flowing through you and out to your day ahead.

Surrender your need to control and open to the infinite intelligence and creativity that is flowing through you, showing you what to do, providing you with new solutions, fresh insights, and original ideas.

Let this connection release all limitations so that new possibilities are now appearing.

Today as you go about your day you will be alert to new thoughts and new ideas, and you will be receptive and responsive. You will recognize that all you need do is make this connection to experience more of the infinite intelligence and creativity that is yours!

And with that I bid you good day for now.

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Aligning with Star Energy: Expanding Your Life Purpose
  Length 9:07
Music: Thaddeus Pleiades TH036
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 Read more about star energy.  Listen to a full-length free audio meditation by Orin, Aligning with Star Energy.

Orin Courses Based on Star Energy
product imageproduct imageOrin's Vision courses, Vision: Seeing and Sensing Subtle Energies and Vision: Creating Your Highest Future. The Vision courses help increase your ability to accurately translate the star energy you contact into thoughts, ideas, insights, revelations, activities, forms, circumstances, relationships, and new conditions so that what you create will best unfold these higher energies and all the opportunities they offer.  

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Orin has made 4 courses in the Millennium Journeys series to assist you in aligning with the higher light that is coming to humanity from star energies. In the first course, Increasing Your Inner Light, you work with star energies to expand your inner light, and thus change what you draw to you.

Transcript of Orin's Aligning with Star Energy, Expanding Your Life Purpose
Greetings from Orin. You can align with star energy, some of the highest energies coming into the earth plane, so that your purpose can expand, your service can become bigger and more effective, and your ability to shift energy on a larger scale can increase.
Think of the dog star, Sirius, a star that radiates pure divine love. 
And imagine that you are connecting with the Big Dipper, for the stars have consciousness and awareness. And the stars of the Big Dipper are radiating the qualities of Divine Will. 
Think of the stars of the Pleiades, stars that guide the creation of form, to guide divine purpose into form.  
Imagine a triangle of light between these 3 star energies – the purest of Will; the most beautiful, radiant love; and the light of creation, guiding many realms and dimensions - extra-planetary energies that go beyond the earth plane. 
And you can sense that central pillar of light within you, a light of the divine as it shines through you. 
Imagine these 3 energies, like a triangle of light, and that you are standing in the middle of them. 
Picture the light of Sirius, of pure divine love, coming into your central pillar of light, illuminating it with a very, very beautiful light, a very high frequency of love, love that extends into many dimensions and realms. Love that is the builder, that attracts, and brings to you all you need to fulfill an even more expanded purpose that you are capable of doing. Receive this now. 
Receive the light of all 7 Divine Will’s straight down into your central pillar of light, letting that illumination of Divine Will shine forth, that light that is the center of your being, that is your Source.  
Connect with the light of the Pleiades that guides the formation and creation of civilizations and guides them to their fulfillment, to their purpose, to creating the forms that carry out divine purpose. Let that light flow into your central pillar of light, becoming a part of the illumination, of the light that you radiate. 
And with this connection, imagine that you are shining this light of illumination onto your purpose, onto your life. Letting your life be guided from above, aligned with extra-planetary and planetary purpose, aware of a vaster universe of energies.  You are drawing in the light to touch these energies, to shift them, to help in bringing about the divine plan, the grand Design. 
Feel yourself lifting up and expanding.  You become aware of more energies that you can touch and influence with light and love and all the extra-planetary energies you are receiving, becoming aware of, and radiating.
Let these energies radiate out into your life, into whatever areas come to mind. Allowing you to expand these areas, to shift the energy all about you into a higher order, greater harmony, and more light. 
Tap into these energies any time you want to align with a bigger plan, expand your potential, and your ability to make a difference.
And with that I bid you good day for now. 

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