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The Will to Love
Meditation by Orin and DaBen

I let myself grow quiet within.
I release any thoughts of the day.
This is my special time to
expand and lift my consciousness.

I put my hand on my heart.
I sense my loving heart and
all the love within me,
waiting to be released.

My heart center grows 
radiant with love
as I acknowledge 
what a loving person I am.

I sense the energy 
in my solar plexus center
located in an area around my navel.

I increase my will to love 
by imagining energy flowing
from my solar plexus center
into my heart center.
My heart center fills with love.
Love flows into my head center.
My will to love grows stronger.

My love is soft and gentle today.
It flows out softly and gently to others.
I offer and invite 
rather than push or control.
I send out a gentle, soft love.

I think of someone I love.
I imagine my love flowing 
softly and gently
out to this person.
I release any need to have my way.
I link with this person

My love is consistent and steady.
I love and honor myself consistently 
with my actions and words.
I offer others a consistent, steady love,
no matter how they act toward me.

I think of someone I love.
I imagine my love flowing 
steadily and consistently
out to this person.
My love is unconditional.

I release my desires for others today.
I love without conditions and judgment. 
I do not impose my will on others.

I think of someone I love.
I imagine releasing any desires 
I have had for this person.
I now love this person 
just as he or she is.
As I do, I am free!

My love is patient.
I know that others 
are growing at whatever
rate is right for them.
I release the need for others to change. 
I accept them just as they are.

I think of someone I love.
I imagine offering 
my patient, accepting love
to this person. 

I am generous with my love.
I give love even to those 
who are unloving to me.
I focus on the good and beautiful 
within others.

I speak positively, 
and uplift those around me
with my words and actions.
I express love with 
my actions and words
to everyone I meet,
regardless of their ability 
to respond to my love.

I think of someone I love.
I give love generously 
to this person today.

I spread goodwill wherever I go.
My heart is like a radiant sun of light.
I bring a ray of sunshine to everyone I meet.

I radiate love to a stranger today.
I radiate love to friends and loved ones.
I radiate love to everyone I meet.

As I increase my will to love
and offer love to everyone,
all the love I offer others
comes back to me multiplied.

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