Will 7: The Will to Express
Creating Divinity in Form

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The Will to Express: Creating Divinity in Form
Connecting with the Will to Express
Challenges of this Will
General Influence of the Will to Express on Humanity
Calling upon the Sacred Flame offered through the Seventh Ray

The Will to Express: The Higher and Lower Meet
The Seventh Ray radiates a quality of Divine Will called the Will to Express, an energy that brings spirit and matter together. Its role is to bring into manifestation perfect forms that express the beauty and light of divinity. It has also been called the Manifesting Ray, the Violet Ray, and the Ray of Ceremonial Order.

In this article, I will focus on how you can work with the Divine Will quality of this Ray, called the Will to Express, and also how you can call upon and use the Sacred Transmuting Flame, the essence of Seventh Ray energy. The qualities of the Seventh Ray offer you much opportunity to transform your life and consciousness, and to express your soul and Divine Self through all the forms, circumstances, activities, relationships, and situations in your life.

Work with the Will to Express to Create Divinity in Form
The Will to Express pours forth the energy that stimulates the creation of forms, structures, and organizations that express divine ideals and the divine Plan for each person and for humanity as a whole.

The Will to Express assists you in blending and becoming one with your soul and Divine Self. The words of power for this Will are "The Higher and Lower Meet" It assists you, the Divine Self, in bringing your unlimited light, spiritual power, joy, wisdom, and love to the personality self. This Divine Will quality assists in creating forms, circumstances, and relationships that reflect the soul and Divine Self, bringing heaven to earth.

Under this Divine Will, manifesting is not done through wishing and dreaming, but through planning, organizing, and through taking those practical, common sense steps that are indicated, with a clear mind (Will to Act) and through the power of pure motives (Will to Cause).

One of the highest expressions of this Will is organization

Well-organized structures have longevity; they last a long time.  All the elements are balanced; the individual people and all parts and their relationships to each other support the orderly functioning of the whole.  You can see this in nature where every part makes a contribution to sustaining the whole of life in balance.

The Will to Express also works closely with the Will to Unify that expands your vision into the unity and whole of life. Well-organized structures have longevity because they have been created from a perspective that reaches far beyond the personality's limited scope or vision. This greater vision is then expressed in everything that is manifested.

This Will brings about beautiful forms through precision in manifesting.  Under the influence of the Will to Express you take care with the smallest details. You pay attention to making sure that all the parts fit in well with each other and with the whole. 

Experience Right Action and Right Timing

Linking with the Will to Express can bring about right action and right timing.  Observe if you are pushing to do something, and stop.  If you are pushing yourself, then your timing is not aligned with the greater purpose of your life and the flow of the universe.  Observe how you can sense "right timing."  What things are setting up for you, and what things aren't setting up?  What is the universe offering you right now?  Temporarily let go of those things you want to happen if they are not happening.  Act on the opportunities the universe is presenting you with.  Play with the feeling of right timing, and with temporarily putting on hold those things that are not yet ready to set up and manifest.  When it is time, you will no longer feel a sense of closed doors, pushing, or struggling to make it happen.  

This is the Will that brings order to chaos.  Areas where things are "a mess" are simply areas that need to have more of this energy of divine order applied to them.  You can transmit this energy to any area of your life that feels entangled, messy, or doesn't have the beautiful patterns you seek.  You can transmit this energy to any area in which you want to bring about a more beautiful, organized, harmonious pattern--into your art, relationships, life purpose, and career.

Connecting with the Will to Express
You might think of this Great One, the Seventh Ray Lord, radiating the Divine Will to Express as a vessel for certain qualities. Some of these qualities are strength, perseverance, courage, self-reliance, steadfastness, care in details, and precision in creating form.  Whenever you connect with this Great One, calling for Its energy, blending with Its consciousness, you will find these qualities becoming more and more a part of who you are.

Each time you blend with it you will gain a greater understanding of what the Will to Express actually is as It reveals Itself in your consciousness. These will become new insights and understandings that will unfold in your consciousness and be reflected in your daily life and activities. Each time you connect with this Great One there will be a natural increase in your "knowingness" and in your ability to identify with the qualities of this Ray and Divine Will quality.

What follows is a process to connect with the Great One transmitting the Will to Express. You can use this process the first time you make this connection, as well as use it to deepen your alignment with this Being who transmits the Will aspects that help you create heaven on earth, that allows you to express your soul and Divine Self in everything you do.

  1. Start by adjusting your body so that it is comfortable and relaxed. Allow yourself to grow calm and peaceful. Let your thoughts become quieter.
  2. Using your imagination, combined with your intention to make a connection, sense the Great Life who embodies and radiates the Will to Express. Feel its incredible power of transformation, sense it as a Sacred Flame, or know this energy in whatever way it appeals to you.
  3. Picture reaching upward with your mind to the vibration and light of the Being on its own plane of existence. Evoke it, call upon it, ask that this Great One respond to you and send you energy.
  4. Imagine that this Great One responds by sending a beam of Its energy downward toward you, coming down through the top of your head, traveling down your spine, all the way down to your heart center, opening up the gateways for your energy to flow and move through any blockages.
  5. This quality of Divine Will begins to purify your mind, emotions, and body which increases their vibration, bringing about a higher order. With this, your consciousness is transformed in a way that will allow you to think, feel, and be in new ways that are more aligned with and better able to express your soul and Divine Self.
  6. Call upon the Will to Express and open to its response to you. Energy is always sent in response to your request. Become more familiar with this Being and its energy. Notice what it feels like to make this connection and be receptive to this energy. You can work with the Sacred Transmuting Flame information and exercise to further work with this energy.
  7. If you would like to explore this quality of Divine Will further, ask to blend your consciousness with that of this Great One. Experience Its consciousness as your consciousness. Open up to experience whatever qualities of this Great One that you can, knowing that these are qualities that are within you waiting to be expressed and demonstrated in your life.
  8. Explore making a connection with the Will to Express, or feeling your oneness with It in various situations and in meditation. Know that each connection will impact your consciousness and be reflected in your outer circumstances.

As you call upon, connect with, and blend your consciousness with this Great One, It will open Its consciousness to you, assisting you to have a greater understanding of how to manifest divinity in form. You willingness to surrender your expectations as to the form and timing of the results, as well as the intensity and sincerity of your request for this connection, are major accelerators for developing the qualities of consciousness this Great One is offering.

As you experience this great loving and powerful energy, know that the foundation within your consciousness for bringing the divine Plan into the physical manifestation is being laid. While Divine Manifesting is an ongoing process, know that each and every time you make this profound connection to the Will to Express your consciousness will be better able to express greater perfection in each thought, feeling and action. This divine connection, once established, will build upon itself each time you reach out to the Will to Express.

The acceleration of this process will increase remarkably when you pay attention to any emotional or mental concepts that arise in the process of making the connection with this Great One. For example, if there are distractions that pull your attention away from the meditation, call for an expansion of the infinite light of Divine Will to dissolve whatever is blocking you, and then proceed. As you work more and more with the Seventh Ray and the Sacred Flame, and become receptive to these divine qualities, you will recognize the unlimited power that is waiting for you to embrace.

There is a great sense of upliftment that you may experience as you work with the Will to Express because it provides you with the 'tools' and understanding to break through more of the obstructions for manifestation than you may have been able to break through in the past. As the obstructions disappear, they are replaced by an understanding of Divine Manifesting, and confidence and conviction of a Truth which is unshakable. This Truth is the Source and cause Itself, that provides the basis of all manifestation.

Call upon the Will to Express and allow it to deepen qualities within you that:

  • Increase inner strength, perseverance, courage, self-reliance, steadfastness, care in details, and precision, focus, and patience in creating form.
  • Purify your body, emotions, and mind. Imagine a Transmuting Flame of light moving through all your bodies, releasing any unwanted, lesser energies.
  • Better express the divine Plan of your life in any area you are working on.
  • Express your soul and Divine Self in your environment, circumstances, choices, decisions, and in all areas of life.
  • Change the rhythm of your life if you are overwhelmed, too busy, disorganized, or want to live in a more orderly, peaceful rhythm.
  • Create forms that express your Divine Self.
  • Organize your job, family life, or creative endeavors to create beauty and long-lasting forms that express their underlying purpose.
  • Assist you in bringing more beautiful forms into your life through precision in manifesting; to assist you in being aware of and taking care with the smallest details, to making sure that all the parts fit in well with each other and with the whole.
  • Bring about an even more beautiful form than you originally imagined in some area of your life, or in something you are working on.
  • Aid you in creating something you are working on with as much awareness, care, precision, focus, patience, and love that you can bring to it.
  • Bring about right action and right timing. If you are pushing to do something, stop! Your timing is not aligned with the purpose of your life and the flow of the universe. Let go of, or put on hold those things that are not happening. Act on the opportunities the universe is presenting you with.
  • Instill order and transform disorder, chaos, or disharmony in any area of your life that needs to be more structured, orderly, rhythmic, and less hectic, busy, and out of the flow.

Challenges of the Seventh Ray and the Will to Express
You stand in the midway point between spirit and form, and relate the two to each other–you the personality self and you the Divine Self. When you achieve alignment between your Divine Self and personality self, there is a tremendous inflow of power.  This inflow of power can trigger an opportunity for a major transformation of consciousness, for a new understanding and realization of the Self. It can bring the recognition that certain forms may need to be released to make way for new forms that need to be built to better express the energy of your Divine Self and Its love and consciousness.

With this recognition comes the ability to free yourself from limiting or imprisoning circumstances, and the ability to see what needs to be changed and the power to change it. This may not occur immediately after you work with the Will to Express. As you build within yourself the structures of thought, awareness, and spiritual power, you gain the ability to transform areas of your life to bring them into alignment with your heart's desires. This can happen in a short or longer period of time.

Even if nothing seems to be happening, know that as you continue to connect with your Divine Self and draw in this quality of Divine Will, everything that is happening, including changes in your awareness, are building for the time that the inner will appear on the outer. As you become aware of forms, situations, and relationships that need to be released, know that the Will to Express your Divine Self is assisting you in transforming your life to bring it into greater alignment with what truly serves you and fulfills your higher purpose.

Free yourself from too much busyness

If your life is too filled with routines and busyness, daily chores and "to do" lists that stifle spontaneity and creativity, or that make it difficult to feel joyful and follow your heart, you can call upon this quality of Divine Will to free you. You can also call upon the Sacred Transmuting Flame to release all thoughts, beliefs, and mental concepts that lead to your feeling trapped or stuck.

Part of the challenge of manifesting is focusing your attention and awareness on creating forms, without becoming overly focused on the material plane. You need to stay connected to your Divine Self, continuing to strengthen this connection, as all inspiration, vision, and guidance, as well as the energy to manifest divine forms come from your soul and Divine Self. This will assist you in manifesting without attachment to the forms you create or to the results you achieve. With detachment, there can be an easy flow of manifesting, letting go, and opening to the next new forms, relationships, and situations that reflect your Divine Self.

As the qualities of the Will to Express permeates your consciousness, they may express through your consciousness as a desire to bring order to your life, so you may sense, feel, or start recognizing places where there needs to be more order or organization to serve you better. There may be areas of your life, relationships, lifestyle, habits, and so on that need more structure, organization, or order. These are opportunities that are being brought to your attention.

Love yourself, knowing that you have always
done the best you knew how in every situation

If you become aware of areas that are not working, do not spend time blaming yourself for not being more organized.  Do not feel overwhelmed with your insights that there is much to change or do, or think that you have to change everything overnight.  Observe calmly, knowing that awareness is a gift and precedes the step of bringing greater order into your life.  You can transform your life most powerfully when you can peacefully and lovingly recognize what needs to change, without making yourself wrong for your previous behavior.  

The qualities of this Will can assist you in planning and organizing,
and in creating more beautiful and perfect
forms, situations, and relationships

You can tap into this Will to gain more power to plan and to organize.  If you feel that you are disorganized, or unable to prioritize, or that some area of your life is not in harmony, call upon the Will to Express to have greater awareness of what needs to be changed, and for the energy and insight to change any area you focus on.

Watch out that you do not get lost in trying to plan everything, and try to live with everything in perfect order.  There must be room for the unexpected, for innovation, spontaneity, and creativity.  Expect the unexpected as a part of your planning, and let go of your attachment to having things turn out exactly the way you expect them to. Open to have things be even better than you imagined. Be willing to take a risk and do things in new ways, yet keep those habits and routines that serve you.

Call upon the Will to Express to manifest divinity in form

To manifest with the Will to Express, call upon It before you start any project. Ask for Its energy to be infuse you with concentration and focus, for precision in creating forms that embody the light of the Divine, and for creating in a rhythmic, orderly way, in harmony with the universe.

Take time to put your awareness and consciousness into all that you do. Do not rush through the things that are in front of you to handle so you can get to something else. To create divinity in form, to bring heaven to earth, you need to put as much care and attention into whatever is happening in each moment as you can.

As you consciously connect with the Will to Express you may feel the impulse to build, to change things, and to transform areas of your life.  With this Will, you can more easily manifest, create changes and new forms, and release the old.  However, you will want to make sure that whatever you manifest has been clearly looked at and refined before you draw it into your life.  It has been said that "today's things to release" were yesterday's "things to manifest."  To practice economy of energy and to manifest lasting forms, it is important to take care in what you choose to bring into your life.  

When you call upon this Will quality, it will assist you in putting things into perspective, in seeing what is important and what is non-essential. Many of you feel you have to be perfect and do and create everything to an almost unrealistic standard of perfection. It is important to step back and have a higher view of whatever you are working on. You will have an increasingly higher perspective as you acquire the wisdom of the Will to Express.

Determine that what you are manifesting
is important to be manifested, is your purpose,
and is part of your higher path

If it is, you will next want to discover what level of perfection is needed to create the forms that best embody the light and ideals you are creating.  Everything has its right proportion, and it is important to recognize what level of perfection, detail, and care is needed to bring about the results you seek.  This quality of Divine Will can assist you in recognizing what level of detail and care is necessary to bring about beauty of form. You have the ability to manifest new forms in your life, to transform the existing forms, and to create "heaven on earth." 

Calling Upon the Sacred Flame

The Seventh Ray develops your capacity to consciously draw in, focus, shape, and radiate spiritual energy so you can become a master of what forms and circumstances you draw to you. It is the Ray that strengthens your ability to invoke spiritual energies. The universe is composed of primal energy that responds to your intention, feelings, thoughts, and spoken words. This primal energy, this light substance, is beautiful, harmonious, pure, intelligent, obedient, and neutral. It manifests as circumstances and forms.

You "qualify" this energy with your thoughts and feelings, and it always goes out and creates whatever matches the quality of energy you infuse it with. The circumstances you are now experiencing come from the quality of energy you have sent out that has shaped this primal energy.

Clear any Negative Conditions
The Sacred Transmuting Flame is a gift to humanity, offered through the Seventh Ray. This Sacred Flame is the essence of the Seventh Ray and is often seen as and called the Violet Flame. The color violet has long been associated with spirituality. It is the highest frequency in the visible spectrum, and assists in the transition to a higher octave of light.

You can use the Sacred Flame as one way to clear anything that would cause you to "misqualify energy" such as fear, anger, doubt, the past, and negative conditions and circumstances. When you "misqualify" energy you create negative, unpleasant circumstances and forms that reflect lack, limitation, or that make you feel trapped or stuck. With the Sacred Transmuting Flame you can change what you draw in and send out, and thus change your life and circumstances.

Contacting the Sacred Flame
To work with the Violet Flame, bring yourself to a calm, centered state. Imagine the Sacred Transmuting Flame in front of you, at least 9 feet high. Just observe it for awhile, noticing that as you watch it you become more peaceful. This Sacred Flame is intelligent and aware of you. It comes directly from God.

In your mind's eye, move closer to the Sacred Flame and feel its radiation and the energy that it is offering you of love, healing, and peace. Move closer into this Flame, until it is all around you. If you feel comfortable doing so, picture standing in the center of the Sacred Flame with it arising all around you.

Transmuting Energy
The Violet Transmuting Flame has the power to transmute the cause, the effect, and even the memory of past mistakes. It can transform negative emotions and feelings, changing their energy into light. It can assist you in erasing the effects of past actions that are drawing negative events to you. It can help you clear your mind, body, and emotions of all lesser energies that are holding you back.

The Sacred Flame aids you in bringing about beneficial conditions. It assists you in letting go of stress, anxiety, doubts, and fears, replacing them with a feeling of peace and harmony. As the dense, lower energies are transmuted, your vibration increases, making it easier to express your Divine Self in all the forms, relationships, activities, and circumstances in your life.

Use the Sacred Transmuting Flame to transform
your mental, emotional, etheric, and physical bodies

Bring the Flame through your mental body. Imagine that it is burning away and transmuting all negative memories, past conditioning, illusions, limiting mental concepts, negative thoughts, thoughts that are harmful to you and others, and any other mental energies that are holding you back. Let it burn away all thoughts that are no longer useful to you, old programs and beliefs, incomplete thoughts, and all the thoughts that belong to a lesser level of evolution. Ask it to transmute any thoughts of the future that are limiting you, so you can open to thoughts of a better and even higher future. Know that all energy that is transmuted is returned to the reservoir of universal energy where it can be used for other purposes.

Next bring the Sacred Flame through your emotional body. Allow it to burn away fears, doubts, anxieties, and any emotions that are holding you back from being your Divine Self. Know that this Flame is all-powerful, and that there are no energies it cannot change into a higher form.

Bring the Sacred Flame into your etheric body, into the web of light that surrounds your physical body, and that contains the pattern upon which your physical body is built. It records all experiences throughout time in your use of energy and vibration. Before thoughts and feelings can be manifested in the physical world, they must be filtered through your etheric body.

As you bring the Sacred Flame through your etheric body, imagine that it is burning up every record where you have failed, or not lived up to your inner light. It is burning away, transmuting every memory of imperfection of every kind. Let it burn away all records of aging, disintegration, pain, and suffering. Allow it to release all causes that have led to negative effects. Let other things to burn away come into your mind as you move the Sacred Transmuting Flame through your etheric body.

You can next bring the Sacred Flame through your physical body, burning away all impurities, imperfections, and places that are not able to hold the light and radiance of your Divine Self.

There are many ways you can use the Sacred Flame. Every morning as you wake up, or in your daily meditation, ask for this Sacred Flame to cleanse and purify your four lower bodies (mind, emotions, etheric, and physical bodies) so that you may reflect the light of your Divine Self throughout the day. As you fall asleep, ask for the Violet Flame to transmute or burn up any energies you picked up during the day that would become an impediment in the future. Ask it to transform your vibration so that you no longer pick up or resonate with thoughts and feelings that are limiting, obstructing, or destructive to you.

As your energy becomes clearer and more beautiful it allows the light of your Divine Self to shine through every level of your being. Then, all that you manifest will reflect the perfection and beauty of your Divine Self. Everything you create will be a reflection of your purpose and fulfill the divine Plan of your life, and will bring you joy, harmony, peace, love, and all good things.

One important aspect of the Sacred Transmuting Flame is that there is a 'gathered momentum' that builds with its understanding and continued use. The Violet Flame is like any new process that you learn. At first you may read about the benefits and how to use it, but have yet to experience its power or effectiveness. As the Sacred Flame becomes more a part of your consciousness and experience, it gains in its power to be of value to you. The Sacred Flame is only as powerful as you realize and allow it to be. Continued use will increase its power and ability to transform and transmute all negative, limiting, or imprisoning energies that may be trapping you in a lesser vibration and life.

Offer a blessing to the world

If you would like to offer a blessing to the world, imagine the Sacred Transmuting Flame encircling the globe. Picture the earth being held in this Flame, and sense it burning away and purifying the mental, emotional, etheric, and physical bodies of everyone on earth. See it transmuting all the effluvia of humanity, all the anger, hatred, illusions, and misperceptions that veil the light of people's Divine Selves. Every blessing you send out comes back to you as energy you can use, that has been enhanced by the blessing received.

When you say, "I am...." What do you follow it with?
You are qualifying or misqualifying energy with every statement you make about yourself. A particularly powerful statement that determines what you draw to you is one that starts with "I AM". The statement "I AM" invokes spiritual energies and sets them on their way to create your reality. The "I" of this statement invokes the power and love of your Divine Self, the core of your being, Consciousness Itself.

Pay attention to how you say "I AM" through out the day. Do you follow this with statements of lack, limitation, doubt, or other negative reflections about yourself? If so, change your statement to something positive about yourself that you want to see manifested, such as "I AM abundant, joyful, healthy, loving, successful, and so on. When you "qualify" energy positively you set in motion the creation of new and more beneficial circumstances for yourself. For many wonderful affirmations to use to create a positive reality, visit our Daily Affirmation Room.

Remember that you ARE the universe; you are not only the self that receives from your soul, but you ARE your soul.  You are not only the self that receives energy from your Divine Self, you ARE your Divine Self. You are not only the self that receives Divine Will; you ARE Divine Will.  Take a moment to say, "I AM the soul. I AM the Divine Self. I AM Divine Will. I AM!
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General Influence of the Divine Will to Express
The incoming Seventh Ray radiates a quality of Divine Will called the Will to Express. It has also been called the Manifesting Ray and the Violet Ray, the ray of transmutation and transformation. Its influence is growing stronger and it will be felt for hundreds of years. Under the Seventh Ray, with the Will to Express, humanity will be able to bring about the divine Plan for humanity, and for every individual.

We will focus on the Divine Will quality of this Ray, and the impact it is having on humanity. The Will to Express stimulates the creation of forms, structures, and organizations that express divine ideals and the divine Plan for each person and for humanity as a whole.

Divine nature has the necessity to express itself. It wants to manifest in an orderly, rhythmic manner, bringing heaven to earth, and through this activity, produce beauty, order, perfect wholes, and right relationships. You can see the rhythmic pattern of this Divine Will quality in the cycle of the seasons. You can observe Its work in the beauty of nature and the way all life works together in nature for balance and continuity.

This Being manifests on the physical plane through the command of the building devas and many other forces and beings. This Ray energy, the Will to Express, makes the work of the other six Beings transmitting Divine Will appear on the physical plane, in part through the cooperation of the building devas and elementals, and the working together of the human and angelic kingdoms.

This is the incoming Will that is bringing in the new age of peace, goodwill, and group work.  It is just now coming into influence and its effects can be felt in many ways. The Will to Express inspires humanity to accept and include unity in diversity - tolerating a wide range of ideals, beliefs, and religions.   It brings the ideal of group service and group work. You can see the influence of this Will in the worldwide peace meditations where many people have joined together to meditate for world peace and for the creation of a better world. 

This is the Will that blends spirit and matter, that brings heaven to earth. 

Matter has certain qualities, such as inertia, resistance to light and change, and a downward pull away from spiritual evolution.  The influence of spirit is always upon you, and will grow stronger in this world cycle.  There is the unavoidable urge to evolve, to grow, and to become radiant with light.  Spirit brings the impulse that keeps you from standing still or going backward - both to your benefit if you flow with it and to your pain if you resist its pull of higher evolution.  It is this conflict between spirit and matter that causes much of the inner struggle between the part of you that wants to move forward, and the part of you that wants to stay as you are.  

The Will to Express brings the power to refine the matter out of which forms are built.  Under the influence of this Will, the human body is being refined so that the soul will have a much better instrument through which it can work.  This refinement is happening at the etheric level - the blueprint upon which the physical body is created.  The etheric body (your aura)  is composed of chakras, nadis, and spiritual, mental, and emotional energies from the soul that come in through the chakras. 

Humanity will come closer to the angelic kingdom and devas under this Will.

Certain devas and angelic beings are stimulated under this Will to help humanity build bodies that will be more responsive to spiritual energies, have more physical energy, and be more resistant to disease.  As humanity comes closer to the angelic kingdom under this Will, healing is happening with such angelic means as flower essences, contact with angelic healers, and through color, sound, light and vibration.   Many new forms of healing through angelic contact will be developed.

As the physical matter of the body becomes more refined, extra sensory abilities will and are increasing - the ability to see auras and rainbow energies around things; to develop precognition, and to recognize the unseen worlds of the higher dimensions.  The more refined human body will have great strength and resilience, a sensitivity to subtle energies, the capacity to absorb solar energy, and physical magnetism.  The ability to sense the subtle energies of light, and to sense the light that is within each form will and is emerging. As "etheric sight" increases in humanity, a new science that recognizes that there are senses beyond the physical will come about, and the existence of the etheric body will become a known fact.

A closer relationship between humans and animals will develop under this Will.

This Will is bringing about a closer relationship between humans and animals.  Humanity understands the service of animals to humans, but is just beginning to understand the service of humans to animals.  The intelligence of animals is being rapidly developed under this Will.  The door is partially opening at this time for evolved animals to come through and be born as humans, taking on a more refined body. 

Whole species are disappearing and releasing their limited animal bodies, and reappearing in human form.  Many domestic animals have come to live and work with "enlightened human guardians" who will prepare them for walking through this doorway into taking human form.  These human guardians are serving animals through their love and attention, and through their own soul contact and the qualities of light, love, and Will that they embody.

Note:  If you are interested in refining your aura, Orin's Volume 4: Building a Radiant Aura album (MM040) will teach you how to work with the devas and angelic kingdom to build a more radiant aura.

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