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Celebration of Love

Join with lightworkers from around the world to create a loving and peaceful future.

We offer several ways to participate:

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Let us encircle the world with love!

1.   Listen to Orin's New Free Audio Meditation
Our Holiday Gift to you:
Celebration of Love

Sanaya and Duane: Living from the Heart

Throughout 2015 we have focused on living from the heart.  Orin offered 3 free audio meditations to assist you in doing so: Receiving and Radiating Divine Love, Soul Linking, and Making Wheels of Love which are still available for a short time longer. When you live from the heart you feel your oneness with others. You become a source of love for humanity and all life.

Orin's Celebration of Love audio journey is the culmination of a year of living from the heart. Join with lightworkers on the inner planes to receive transmissions of love from many enlightened beings. They will send you special transmissions of love to awaken your heart center to empower you to become a beacon of love for all life.

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Feel more inner peace and help bring peace to humanity.

 2. For New Years: Listen to Orin's Free Audio Meditation
Calling on the Spirit of Peace

Join whenever you can, if possible 5 minutes before midnight to 5 minutes afterward to hold a positive vision for humanity.

 3. Visit our New Year's Eve Page for a Written Meditation to Call Upon the Spirit of Peace
Read a Positive Vision to Hold for Humanity
(Both translated into 16 languages)

We send you many blessings for a loving and peaceful holiday season.  ~ Sanaya and Duane

Feel free to share these meditations and invite your friends to participate.

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