Soul Linking
by Orin

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Music: Thaddeus TH007 Blending with Your Soul
Length 14:50 Transcript below

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 About Orin's Soul Linking Meditation:
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Orin guides you to soul link with another person, to connect as two souls. You will first align with your soul and then sense the soul of the other person. It is not necessary to see, feel, or sense your soul in any way for it to be with you, for your soul is always there. Let any experience you have be the right one for you.

You will soul link by imagining a beam of light traveling between your two heart centers as you connect with the other person at a soul level. You will draw in a higher light of divine love, purpose, and oneness to lift both of you higher. This higher light will flow down through the top of your head and out through your heart center to the other person, as in the illustration.

Enjoy soul linking wherever you go. You can soul link with friends and loved ones, strangers and casual acquaintances. You can soul link with people when you are at work, exercising, playing, and walking.  You can soul link in a stressful situation with someone to shift the energy higher. You can soul link with others in meditation, or in any environment.

Be inventive and creative, and play with soul linking in a variety of situations where you want to lift the energy between you and others to a higher level. Observe if anything about your connection changes, or if you have different feelings and thoughts about this person afterward.

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Transcript of Orin's Audio Meditation, Soul Linking

Greetings from Orin.

What follows is soul linking, a way to make a heart connection and a soul connection with another. When you soul link, you are working at the highest level to create changes between you and another. As you work soul to soul, you are working at the level where profound and powerful changes can occur that will then filter down into your personality connection. You cannot know how or when these changes will occur, nor are you soul linking to create any specific result.

Fill yourself with light, calling the solar light to yourself.

Feel your body relax, your emotions growing calm. Your mind is clear. Thoughts that you do not want flow outward on your out breath. You are breathing in solar light. And you are creating a cocoon of light all around you, a cocoon of solar light.

Call your soul to you now. Imagine it standing in front of you, a sphere of light.

And blend with it now.

Think of someone with whom you would like to make a soul connection, to evolve your relationship, or someone with whom you would like to play at this level and radiate love.

Create an image of that person in your mind's eye, and then let that image fade slightly until you can sense this person's heart center as light.

And imagine your heart center now as radiant light. Your soul is sending its light into your heart center.

Your heart center is growing so beautiful that a ray of light is coming out of your heart center and touching this other person's heart center.

You might see it as a fine line, a solid line of light, a rope, a cord, a filament, anything you can imagine. It is a pure, beautiful light. Your soul's light blended with your heart center's light that is coming from your heart center and touching the heart center of the other person. Imagine this now.

Sense your soul all around you.

And sense the soul of the other person. You might imagine it, or picture it.

And if you can sense nothing, that is all right as well. Simply having the intent to sense the other person's soul is all that is necessary to begin to establish a soul connection.

Bring your awareness back to your own soul. And then just touching lightly upon the soul of the other person. You might imagine it as a sphere of light all around this person. A higher, beautiful being that is a part of who this person is.

And that the two of you are connecting soul to soul. The highest and finest about each of you. All that is good and beautiful within you, within your souls, are connecting.

And imagine the solar light above both of you. You might sense a beam of light coming from the solar light down through your head center to your heart center.

And a beam of light coming from the solar light down through the other person's head center to his or her heart center.

And the solar light moving through each of your heart centers out to each other, forming a triangle of light with the solar light at the top of the triangle, a line coming down through each of your head centers to your heart centers as two sides of the triangle, and the base of the triangle being the line of light between your heart centers. This is soul linking.

This is the way to connect with others – a way in which the light between you can grow more beautiful. This is the way of the soul.

And think of the solar light above the two of you as it becomes a more beautiful and perfect light at every moment, making the connection between the two of you more beautiful and perfect at every moment. Bringing the light of higher purpose and oneness into your connection.

Let the image of this person go now, and bring a new person to mind that you would like to radiate love to.

Sense this person in front of you.

Let this person's image fade until you can sense this person's heart center.

And imagine a line of light between the two of your heart centers.

Sense the soul of the other person, for as you radiate love, you are radiating love to this person's soul and lifting your connection to a higher level.

And imagine the solar light above both of you, coming down through both of your head centers to your heart centers, forming a triangle of light. Balancing and making all the love that you radiate more beautiful and perfect, and all the love between you more beautiful and perfect.

You are doing this at the soul level. This is the level where all true changes occur.

And begin to return now, easily and gently, making a soul connection, soul linking with everyone you can think of today. The solar light above you, the light of higher purpose.

Having fun, playing with your new ability to connect with people and know a soul-to-soul relationship.

Coming back now, wide awake. And I bid you good day for now.

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