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   Orin's Celebration of Love Audio Meditation
Music: Thaddeus TH051 Spiritual Sun Vortex
Length 21:55 Transcript below

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About Orin's Celebration of Love Meditation:

Join with lightworkers from all over the world on the inner planes to call upon the Great Ones and the Enlightened Ones who aid humanity in opening their hearts. Receive their special transmissions of love meant just for you to assist you in opening your heart, then radiate the transmissions of love you receive to everyone you know, then to humanity, animals, plants, minerals, and to the earth itself.

Orin is aware of all of you who will be participating, and you are included in his transmissions as you listen to this guided meditation.

Together we can radiate love that will bring solutions to the many challenges humanity is facing. Separation can become unity, competition can turn into cooperation, and peace and joy can fill the hearts of all beings.

This guided meditation by Orin is an abridged version of SL001, Celebrations of Love short audio course. 

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Transcript of Orin's Audio Meditation, Celebration of Love

Greetings from Orin. You are getting ready to join in a ceremony called the celebration of love. In this ceremony you will join with the souls of others to call upon the Great Ones to assist humanity in awakening their heart centers. During this celebration you can receive the love of the Great Ones in your heart center to awaken it. You can radiate the love of the Great Ones to humanity, assisting in bringing about a consciousness of love that will help bring solutions to the challenges humanity is facing.

The Great Ones are those beings that include the enlightened ones, all of the radiant ones that are shining their light on humanity. They also include those who are of an even higher evolution. One moment of their energy can seed the way for great changes to come about. They can only be reached by a group call, by enough people focusing together to call upon them, because it takes many people to receive their energy, it is so powerful when it is sent. The Great Ones know that humanity is ready for their energy when enough people call upon them, join together, and wish for the best for humanity.

The celebration of love takes place in the soul plane, the realm where you soul lives. Because there is no time here you can come to the celebration anytime, and you will be entering just as it is beginning.

You might picture, feel, or imagine the presence of the highest of beings whose hearts are filled with love. Meet the souls of all who are here, as you are, to awaken their heart centers and to call upon the Great Ones to assist humanity in awakening their heart centers.

Put your awareness on your heart center located in an area around your physical heart. Imagine sending a line of light from your heart center to the heart centers of everyone here. Creating lines of heart light between you and others. Everyone here offers you love and makes a heart connection with you.

There are millions of people whom I will call light workers who are working to bring about an awakened humanity. Invite the souls of all light workers on the planet to join with you to call upon the Great Ones to awaken the heart centers of humanity. Feel thousands, and tens of thousands of light workers, their souls responding by joining you in the temple. You are forming an enormous group.

The celebration of love is beginning. All of you here join to send out a call to the Great Ones. Do so by first feeling your love for humanity. From the depth of our being desire a better life for everyone on the planet. Imagine what an awakened humanity would be like; how wonderful it would be for you. Discover your enormous capacity for love as you join with others to work for the good of humanity. It is your love for humanity and the strength of your desire for humanity to evolve that calls the Great Ones.

Everyone present now concentrates on asking the Great Ones to assist humanity. Everyone sets aside individual desires and concerns and focuses on an awakened humanity. The Great Ones begin to gather, starting with the beings of light, the masters, and the enlightened ones. Observe as many beings of light gather here from many higher dimensions.

You are asked by the beings of light, "Are you ready to express more love than you have ever known.? Are you ready to receive more love than you have ever received? Are you ready to be a source of love to others through your thoughts, actions, and words?" When you are ready say, "I accept this opportunity to make a contribution to humanity."

Everyone joins together now to send a call to the Great Ones who are even more evolved than the beings of light already present. All the beings of light sound a note of love. It is a note that carries many overtones and harmonies. This is a note of love so rich it spans many dimensions, touching the souls and hearts of all. Let yourself join in with this call as it gains in strength and power. You may want to sound an om out loud, or in your mind, and contribute your note to the call to the Great Ones. Do so now.

This group call is so powerful in its intent to call the Great Ones that it draws their attention. Observe as the Great Ones hear the call that everyone is making. They stop and focus their attention on you. There is a long, profound silence. It is almost as if the universe has paused in its breath and time stands still. The Great Ones gather to themselves the love that will be transmitted to all of you who are participating in this celebration of love. Through you their love will reach humanity.

The Great Ones start their transmissions of love. They are joined by all the masters and enlightened one who are here. A surge of magnetic, radiant love is sent to you. Receive this into your heart center right now. You may or may not feel or sense anything. You do not need to sense the Great Ones or feel their transmission to receive it and to have it make a difference in your life. All you need do is open to receive and affirm that you are ready.

The Great Ones now send you another transmission of love, a transmission that will amplify all the love within you waiting to emerge. This broadcast amplifies the special frequencies of love that are yours to bring to humanity. As you receive this say to yourself, "I recognize and honor the love within me. I know it is one of my most important gifts to humanity."

The Great Ones send you another transmission of love to assist you in recognizing the love that is all around you from moment to moment. Receive this emanation of love into your heart center and say, "I find the love in every moment. I walk on the path of love."

You are sent another transmission of love to aid you in increasing your potential for love in this lifetime. Receive this transmission into your heart center and say to yourself, "I open to my potential for love. At every moment my potential to receive and radiate love increases."

The Great Ones send you one final transmission of love to assist you in releasing the past. If you are carrying any shame or guilt, or feel bad about something you have done, or have any painful or unpleasant memories, self-judgments or regrets, you can give these to the Great Ones. Think of something you would like to release or let go of right now. Receive a transmission from the Great Ones to release the past and any pain you feel because of it. Receive the love of the Great Ones and say to yourself, "I now release the past with love."

The Great Ones have enormous compassion. They take your pain into themselves and transform it into love. Receive love back from them and use it to fill up the places that used to contain your pain. As you turn your past over to the Great Ones and receive love, places in your heart that have been closed can open and you can have even more love to offer humanity.

As you have been receiving transmissions of love from the Great Ones, your heart center becomes the most radiant as it has ever been. Observe it now as a beautiful orb of light, a small star or sun whose rays of light go far beyond your body, touching every living thing around you with the radiance of love.

You can radiate the love of the Great Ones to humanity. Imagine that all of you here have radiant heart centers, and that love is spiraling out through all of your heart centers to those who are most receptive to this love; some of your friends and family, moving out until your love is traveling all over the world.

First a few hearts awaken, then more and more, until there is a shimmer of heart light encircling the world. Love is spreading throughout the world, wrapping the globe in the iridescent light of love. You can make a difference. Every time you offer love you make that energy available to people. With enough love humanity’s problems will be solved. Solutions will be found.

Send love right now to all the animals, assisting them in their evolution. You can even pick your favorite group of animals and radiate love to these beings, sending light from your heart center to theirs, surrounding all of them in the love that you have received from the Great Ones.

And send love to the plants, seeing them vibrant and healthy, creating more beauty and new species, embracing all the plant kingdom with your love.

Receive love back from the animal and plant kingdoms. Feel their appreciation for the love you are radiating. You are in harmony with them, and they with you.

And radiate love to the earth itself, that wonderful living being that sustains you. Feel the soul of the earth sending love back to you as you increase your harmony with the earth, with nature.

And radiate your love back to the enlightened ones and the Great Ones. Send them your thank you and appreciation for all the light you have received from them and all the love they have given you. And open to receive energy that comes back as you radiate your love to the Great Ones and the beings of light.

Sense all the light workers who are here, and imagine that you are in perfect harmony with all of them. Your work enhances their work, and their work enhances yours. You are releasing any sense of competition, and cooperating in the great plan, rejoicing at the success of others, knowing that each of you is playing your part in the higher purpose and the grand plan of the universe. Feel the strength, and love, and support that is available to you through this connection with other light workers, harmonizing your light with theirs, linking in love, feeling them support you in your work.

Sound a final om as you imagine people’s heart centers awakening and love spreading throughout the world. Sensing your own heart center becoming the most radiant and beautiful it has ever been. And when you are finished, return to the room, knowing that you have just done important work to assist humanity in evolving.

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