Orin's Starting a New Chapter in Your Life
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Orin's Starting a New Chapter in Your Life
Music:  Thaddeus TH024 Initiation
Read transcript below.  Length 25:52 minutes

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About Orin's Starting a New Chapter in Your Life Audio Meditation

Orin has provided a free guided meditation for you to listen to, to contact your true Self, your innermost core Self, the source of life and light within you. This Self lifts you out of the thoughts and beliefs that might have held you back, and opens the way to experience a new, more fulfilling life. If there is some area of your life in which you want to move forward, think of that as you listen to Orin's meditation or read the transcript. You can work with this meditation if you have felt limited, trapped, or unable to create the life you want; or if you would like to start a new life or experience a new beginning in some part of your life.

Be open as you listen and expect things to change. Your innermost Self will show you a way forward and bring to you all you need to make your new life a reality. Listen to any inner messages, and ask the Self within to give you the strength, courage, and all the resources you need to move into this new life.

You are here for a higher purpose, and you have ahead of you your greatest future work.  The Divine within you is already shining through you and you can experience more of the power, light, love, and wisdom that lies within you.  There is more that wants to unfold right now in your life, waiting for you to claim your highest good, believe in yourself, and know you have all you need within you to create the life you want.

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Transcript of Orin's A New Chapter in Your Life Audio Meditation

Greetings from Orin, from my heart to yours. Let yourself grow very relaxed, taking a deep breath in. And feel yourself letting go at a deep level. This is your time; letting go of the outside world, and focusing on your inner world. Following your breath for a few moments, let your breath become deeper and more relaxed. Feel yourself slowing down, your thoughts becoming quieter.

Let your body relax. Scan your body right now, and adjust your posture and your position so that you feel more relaxed. Let every part of your body relax and be as comfortable as possible. And as you relax, you begin to go inward, into the core of your being, your true Self. This Self is always with you, guiding you, drawing you inward to Itself. Feel your higher self, your soul, your spirit, drawing you inward, into Its light, Its wisdom, Its purpose, Its power and strength; letting these qualities infuse your being.

At some deep level, you are feeling stronger, more peaceful. Sense a beautiful light above you, calling you, permeating your being, illuminating your path, awakening your inner vision, so that you are more aware now of this presence within you, this light.

Let this light move closer and closer until it is all around you, until you begin to dissolve into this light. Letting go of some resistance, some blockage, some limitation that has kept you from knowing your true Self as you surrender into this light, this radiant light of the Self, the divine Self that is you, that is the inner core of your being.

You are entering into a new chapter of your life. You have already felt the changes. You have already been aware of a shift in consciousness. Take a moment to acknowledge the new awareness that you have, the new understanding. Acknowledge this now.

Sense a greater clarity about who you are and what you want, that marks the new light, the new illumination, that you are living in. Feel the inner shift, the vision that is emerging of your life, of your potential, of your consciousness. Let that vision that has been emerging come to your consciousness right now and expand, showing you more of your potential, of the potential that you are unfolding right now in your life, and that will continue to grow.

As you merge and feel the divine Self within you shining this light outward through your being, as It has been doing to a greater and greater degree, sense how much more you are aware, of when you are on purpose. Take time right now to acknowledge a greater sense of purpose that is guiding your life and your thoughts, the people you meet, and the activities you are doing. Feel how much more these are now aligned with the essence of your being than ever before. 

Feel the new sense of Self that is emerging in your awareness, a greater awareness of who you are—your true Self. How much more able you are to express yourself in new ways. Appreciate how much more understanding you have, new perspectives of everything that is happening in your life. Acknowledge your greater wisdom, your ability to think in new ways, to perceive from a different level of compassion, as this new consciousness that you are is unfolding within you.

Reflect on that inner sense that something is guiding your life more clearly, more visibly, and more powerfully than ever before. That inner Self is making itself even more visible, your inner light beginning to shine more brightly. Bring into your awareness that sense and a recognition of how your life has become more balanced, more flowing, and more harmonious, and how you are able to stay centered and balanced in many more ways, more often.

You are embarking upon a new chapter in your life. Let your inner Self show you some other transformations that have occurred in your life and your consciousness so that you may appreciate and acknowledge that you are living now in a new level of light, of communion with your inner Self. The Divine within you is shining forth more brightly than ever before. 

And if you are ready and it is your intention, ask that this new level of illumination that you have been living in, infuse your being at an even deeper level. Open to it. Let this inner illumination grow brighter, dissolving even more of the energies that are not yours, of the thoughts that are ready to release, clearing the way for you to experience even more of the joy and harmony, abundance. Clearing the path, as you open now, to allow that illumination within you to shine forth even more brightly, clearly—opening the way to an even higher future. 

Imagine that you can sense yourself in the past. That you can perceive or see that you are now living in a higher level of light. That the light of the Divine within you is shining through more clearly, more powerfully, more visibly than ever before. And as you look at this past Self, begin to dissolve the past. All that represented a lesser level of illumination is leaving. And allow the past, and any memories that are not for your higher good to be dissolved in this great light that you are opening to, knowing that you always did the best you knew how, in the level of illumination you lived in. 

And you are now opening to and responding to the light of your inner being, the light of the All-That-Is that you are a part of. Be very silent right now, and ask the Divine presence within you to open your consciousness to a new understanding, a new vision, a fresh perspective, an inspiration, an illumination, and any gift that it has for you, as you grow very silent and open to this right now. 

And imagine this light blazing forth from you, as if you are taking off a garment that has veiled your inner light. Sending this light, imagining it going out to all who are in resonance with you and everyone you will meet in the coming year. Standing so radiant, imagine this light clearing the path, opening the new, bringing inspiration throughout the year to come. A new chapter in your life opening up—a new vision, a deeper understanding of your purpose, more compassion, an awakening heart, and a greater feeling of connection to your inner Self and to all life. Feeling your path open up now even more, the possibilities increasing, your potential unfolding. 

I am delighted to be here with you and to be invited in to be a part of your path. Know that you have all you need within you. And I bid you good day for now. 

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