Join us for a Worldwide Meditation October 24, 2021
Join With Orin and DaBen
and Thousands from Around the World

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With Orin, call upon the Sacred Violet Transmuting Flame
Listen to Orin's meditation on the Violet Flame

Receive DaBen's light body transmissions to be lifted up to a higher flow

Call upon the Sacred Transmuting Violet Flame to

Transmute lesser energies into divine energy.
Feel more self-love and inner peace.
Experience higher, clearer thoughts and greater physical well-being.
Let this energy flow out to the world.

More details for the October 2021 Worldwide Orin and DaBen Meditation
October 24, 2021
Join with us and others on Sunday morning October 24th for a worldwide meditation on the inner planes from 9:00-9:30 AM California time. You can join in at any time. DaBen and Orin will send light to each of you who joins in, should you be open to receive it. Listen to Orin's audio journey Transmuting Violet Flame Meditation during this worldwide group meditation or join in as you meditate. You can also experience your light body as you receive transmissions from DaBen.