Light Body Teacher Announcements
Color Light Body Artwork image now available to use for your flyers and website
Tell Us about Your Students and Class Dates so DaBen and Orin can transmit to you and your students
Assistance in picking Thaddeus music to use for your classes.
You can now order Downloads for your Light Body students at a discount
Upgrade your Light Body Tapes or CDs for Downloads at 50% off

Thaddeus Music Guide for your classes
To assist you in picking what Thaddeus music to use for your classes, you can view our suggested music list here.  In addition, if you have the six volume DaBen and Orin Awakening Your Light Body album, the online PDF that comes with the download version of the light body courses contains a list of what music has been used for each journey.

Re-edited Light Body Download version of basic course (LB111-LB116) Available as of March, 2010
Note Product Change: The Basic Light Body Course now Teaches Core/Cocoon as final step
Copy/Share Information for Light Body Students and Teachers
Welcome to our Light Body Teacher's Announcement Page!
We will be posting new features on this page, to let you know of any changes and also of any additional teacher's benefits we have added. All of us at LuminEssence are holding a vision for the success of you and your students as you bring more light to the world as you assist people in awakening their light bodies.
Tell Us About Your Students and Class Dates So DaBen and Orin Can Transmit to You and to Them
We want to let you know you can add your Light Body class dates and student information directly in the Member's Area when you log in using your email address as the log in ID and your current password. If you forget your password, please do not create a new account or you will lose all of your previous order and teacher history. Instead, please use the Forgot Your Password? link to receive an email with instructions on how to create a new password. 
To add your student information and class dates to our website:  Once you have logged in and are on the Member's page, click on the "Light Body Teacher" link.  From here, you can enter your student's names and view the names of students we have on record for you as their teacher. 
You can check the teacher's agreements you have on file with us and see what light body graduate courses you are eligible to teach with these agreements, using the "Light Body Teacher's' link off the Member's page. 
View Your Teacher's Listing on the Light Body Teacher's list to make sure we have correctly listed the courses you have taken with us. Please note, you are no longer required to send us your class schedule or flier as you now have the ability to enter your class dates in the Member Area yourself.
To add your light body class dates, so DaBen and Orin can transmit to you and your students during these times, log-in to the Member's Area.  From the Light Body Teacher's link you can choose the class you will be adding to the calendar. The classes are now divided into the individual albums so you can list class dates for each one. As an example, there is a drop down choice for a Class Name of LB111 Building Your Power Base (the first part of the six-part course). After you choose the class, enter the beginning and end dates using the drop down that is provided. If you do not have a start date and an end date, you will not be able to enter a class. 
Note: There is no drop-down choice for classes that you do not have an agreement on file with us, or for classes that are not light body, or that are a combination of classes. 
If a student does not graduate: We do not have a way in our current system to stop them from showing up as your students once they are linked to you. Please email us directly with the names of the students who did not complete your course and we will make a note in their record that they are not a light body graduate. However, their names will still show up as your students as they are linked to your customer record, and will show up indefinitely with you as their teacher, even if they did not graduate.
Duane and Sanaya, with DaBen and Orin, transmit to your light body classes and students during your class times.
Color Light Body Copyrighted Image Available to Use for Your Light Body Flyers and Website

Light Body ImageWe have prepared an image that we are making available to all Awakening Your Light Body Teachers for a small fee and a signed agreement.  We are hoping that by providing an image of the light body that all light body teachers can use, it will become an easy way for people seeking light body classes to identify light body teachers who are teaching the light body as originally taught by DaBen through Duane. We will be allowing all Light Body teachers the use of this background image, without the words, in specific ways to promote your light body classes, with a signed agreement with LuminEssence.
We realized there are many ways to use an art image, and want to keep the light body image special, as something that identifies that you are teaching Awakening Your Light Body classes.  To do so we realized we needed to be clear (thus the agreement) about how the art image of the light body can be used.  You can view the agreement here.  
You Can Order Downloads for Your Students at a Discount
 You can receive a discount for the download version of the light body course for your students.  If you are a light body teacher with a signed agreement, you will need to contact us via phone or email for more information on the discount amount and how to set this option up for your students, as this offer is not available on our website.  This discount is also now available for any other Light Body courses you are eligible to teach when you order for your students, if you already own one yourself.

Upgrade Your Light Body Tapes or CDs for Downloads at a 50% Discount
You can purchase any light body download course that you own in tape or CD format for 50% off one time.  You may also order any of the DaBen and Orin light body graduate courses for 50% off if we have you on record as having purchased them from LuminEssence, (or from a qualified teacher if we have record of it). The six-volume download course has been digitally reedited, has new Thaddeus music behind the journeys, and comes with an online PDF with color pictures of the light body.

Re-edited Download Version of the Basic Light Body Course Available as of February, 2010
We have re-edited all six of the light body albums (as of March, 2010).  The content is the same, however we have been able to further digitally remaster the light body audio journeys for enhanced sound quality.  If you purchased the download version prior to February 2010, go to your Member's Area, under "My Downloads and Seminars" link, and you will find the new download version there, ready for you to download again to replace your older download journeys.  This will be our last re-edit of the six-volume DaBen and Orin Awakening Your Light Body course.

Basic Light Body Course Now Teaches Core/ Cocoon 

You can now teach the Core/Cocoon information as part of your series of the Basic Light Body course. DaBen and Orin's Basic Awakening Your Light Body six-volume course (LB111-LB116) now contains 2 additional journeys on how to experience the Light Body core and cocoon. One journey is from DaBen and Orin's Frequencies of Vision course (LB121). This is on side 2 of the tape album or disc 1, program 2 of the CD and download album, and the journey is called Light Body Core and Cocoon Journey 1. The other journey is from DaBen's course Radiance: Self-Exciting (LB131). This journey is on side 5 of the Self-Exciting tape album or disc 2, program 5 of the CD and download album and the journey is called DaBen: Light Body Core and Cocoon Journey 2.  The manual PDF write-up for Volume 6 now includes information about the core and cocoon.  DaBen has found this to be a necessary skill for people who attend seminars, and is another stable place for people to conclude the basic light body course besides ending with the Vee as in the past. 
Copy/Share Information for Light Body Students and Teachers

Feel free to share this course with others, however we ask that you do not copy this course onto any format for sharing.  You may not post these audio journeys on the Internet.  Please do not copy or transfer these copyrighted journeys to other people via audio listening devices, other digital media, file sharing programs, or other methods. Please review our Copyright and Permissions page. Do not forget to let us know who you are sharing with so we can make note of it.

We have repeatedly found that when people are ready for the course, their soul, higher self, guides, and the Divine within will provide them with all the resources they need to take this course.  Our experience teaches us that those who purchase or make an investment in the course not only value the course, but finish it as well. Thank you for assisting and supporting us in keeping the work out in as pure a form as is possible.

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Read our Light Body Teacher's Announcement page for updated teacher's information.

Click on the small color graph "Awakening Your Light Body Path Information" for a study guide that explains the light body path and how the graduate courses relate to each other.

New!  We now have light body artwork you can use for your flyers and website. 

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A suggested list of how to use Thaddeus' music with light body journeys.
View more information about each piece of Thaddeus' music, go here.

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