Awakening Your Heart Centers

Excerpt from Soul Love Book  
Soul Love-Awakening Your Heart Centers Audio Course by Orin

Greetings from Orin and DaBen
Read what follows with your soul present, for as you do, your soul will be able to show you things at a level beyond the words being used. In this way, you will not only learn about your soul, but experience its love more directly. As you read these words, you may find that new feelings, thoughts, impressions, and subtle energies are being sent to you by your soul.  If you have never blended with your soul before, or if you would like to review one way to blend with your soul, follow the instructions in the article Blending with Your Soul.

Start right now by connecting with your soul, feeling its light and presence all around you.  Imagine a bright light in the center of your soul, its very "heart" or its jewel of light in its center.  Then think of your heart center, located around the area of your heart. Feel the "click" as your soul moves into your heart center, aligning the light in its center with the light of your heart center.  Sense your heart center respond to the love and joy of your soul that is now pouring through it.

Your soul is sending light into your heart center. You might imagine your heart center as a flower with twelve petals, arranged in four rows of three petals each, with a jewel in the middle. Your soul is sending energy to open the petals so the central jewel is more visible. Spend time receiving your soul's light into your heart center. Absorb this wonderful light and allow it to open your heart.

As your heart opens up, all is being healed. Nothing may change immediately, but the work is now being done to lift some of the suffering and pain you may have experienced. Let the light of your soul open and heal any areas of your life that need more love.

Allow your soul to fill you with its aliveness.

With this alignment, your soul is giving you vitality, aliveness, and beingness. It is the source of your life-force energy. Let yourself become filled with its aliveness, its joy of being. It is as if you are being filled up with energy and light; an energy that refreshes and recharges you at every level of your being.

As your soul energizes your heart center, let this energy flow into your physical heart, and through it into your bloodstream. Let your soul rejuvenate and revitalize your blood, bringing its life-force energy to every part of your body.

Your soul is moving as fully into your heart center as it can. Let your soul amplify for you its quality of love. Feel the power of your soul's love as it begins to pour into and through your heart center. Quiet your mind and experience this love. Just be. Don't judge if you are feeling it or not.

Your soul is pure love. 
Its substance is made of light.

Every moment you let in love, you are opening your heart to experience your soul. Every moment you give love, you are letting your soul express its love through you.

As you become your soul's love, you become group conscious. Your awareness of your part in an ever-widening group will grow. You will first discover your right relationship to your circle of family and friends. Later your group awareness will grow. You will see yourself as part of a larger and larger circle of life that extends upward to your soul and the Masters, outward to humanity and all living creatures, and inward to yourself. You will have a deep feeling of love and compassion for all life and a sense of oneness with all kingdoms of nature.

Think of your soul like a sun in your heart. Imagine you are sending your soul's love outward in ever-widening circles. Picture various friends and loved ones, and see the nourishing love of your soul touching them. Think of people you know and have known, and let your soul's love flow through you to them. Picture your soul's love radiating outward to your city, to all the people, plants and animals around you. Allow your soul to pour even more of its love through you, until this love encompasses humanity and all life on the planet. Feel your soul's love embracing the planet earth itself. Notice how enormous your soul's love can become!
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Light Play: Changing a Situation With Soul Love
Bring in your soul and blend with it, feeling it around your heart. For an article on how to blend with your soul.  Sense the light coming from the jewel in the middle of your heart as if it is a radiant sun. Let your soul's love radiate through you.

  1. Think of a situation in your life that you would like to change. You might want to pick something small to practice with, and build upon your success by working with larger issues later.
  2. Feel the power of your soul's love as it radiates through you. At the same time as you feel your soul's love, think of this situation. Let the radiant sun in the middle of your heart touch the situation you are thinking about with its light.
  3. Focus on your soul's joy. Let it pour through you and into this situation. Keep doing this until something about this situation becomes more joyful for you.
  4. Feel your soul's patience come into your heart and out to this situation. Let your body relax, take a deep breath, and sense how your soul's patience changes this situation.
  5. Allow your soul's harmony to go out to this situation. Feel your oneness with everyone involved. You might imagine soothing, calming energies coming from your heart center to the heart centers of everyone involved in this situation. See the goodness in each person.
  6. Radiate the serenity and peace of your soul's love to this situation. Release any fear and affirm that the universe is friendly, abundant, and safe.
  7. Receive your soul's love for you, and let it release any anger, hurt, fear, or other negative emotions this situation may have brought up for you. Let your soul's love cleanse your heart, putting in love and acceptance where there is pain or hurt. Feel the power of your soul's love to heal you as it pours through you.
  8. End by experiencing your soul's love as a steady radiation of the Universal Presence of Love.

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Light Play: Radiating Soul Love to a Person

  1. Blend with your soul and feel its love radiating from your heart center like a sun, sending out a warm, caring, nurturing light to all it touches.
  2. Think of someone in your life to whom you would like to radiate soul love. Imagine that you can sense the light in this person's heart center.
  3. Let your soul's love pour through you. Become the pure love of your soul. Focus on the other person. Sense the other person's light as it becomes more beautiful in the presence of your soul's love.
  4. Radiate your soul's quality of joy. Allow there to be more joy between you than you ever thought possible.
  5. Send out your soul's serenity and peace. Let this energy permeate your relationship. Picture yourself peaceful and calm with this person.
  6. Breathe in and become your soul's quality of patience. Embrace the other person with your patience.
  7. Allow your soul to expand your sense of freedom. Radiate this quality to the relationship. Feel how freedom expands the potential of your connection.
  8. See the other person through your soul's eyes of love. Focus on the strengths of this person. Acknowledge his or her goodness, beauty, and light.
  9. Release your need for this person to change or grow. Love and accept this person for whom he or she is right now.
  10. Finish by radiating unconditional love to this person. Let it flow out from you–a gentle, nurturing, loving, forgiving, compassionate, and kind love. Enjoy the feeling that comes from loving as your soul.

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