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Note, these were older articles, but we have kept them up as they are still relevant today.

Greetings from Orin and DaBen
An enormous wave of light is moving in. Because this wave of light is so powerful, and will last for many years to come, it will support you in making a leap to a higher vibrational frequency, in knowing your soul, in expanding your consciousness, and in growing spiritually.

These waves of light coming to you from the higher dimensions are very complex. Each contains a different light spectrum and has a unique energy signature. This particular wave of light has a very smooth energy that will offer you a wonderful opportunity to grow spiritually and to manifest your life purpose. It has a clearness to it that makes it easier to tell personality desires from those of your soul. It will be more difficult to remain stuck, because these energies will propel you into movement. Even a slight movement toward the light will be amplified, so that it will be easier than in the past to move out of stuck places.

This wave of light contains the codes and patterns of Divine Will and Purpose as they exist for humanity and the earth at this time. As the influence of this wave of light is felt more intensely you will be able to more easily experience your soul's presence and light. You may feel an intensification of your soul's desire to love, to create, and to make a contribution to others. You may be sensing changes that you want to make in your life to experience more joy and wholeness. You may feel a call to expand and grow, to reach others with your work, and to follow your higher path. These energies assist you in knowing and aligning with the flow of Divine Will through your actions and activities. They call to you to find and to live your life purpose.

The energy present lights up
new paths and directions.

This particular wave of light reaches deep into your heart and brings the desires and dreams of your soul and Higher Self to consciousness. It lights up those things that are not of your soul so you will feel less energy or desire to do them. It also lights up the new paths and directions that are there for you. It can stimulate your desire to start living your dreams and to follow your joy. You may be sensing that something better exists, something you could be doing that would bring you so much aliveness and joy that you could not wait to get up in the morning and begin the day. It is only when you know and live your life purpose that you have the joy, aliveness, and inner peace that makes it possible to know and to live as your soul.

Knowing and living your life purpose does not mean that you have to change your job or make any outer changes. When you know your purpose, the same activities that once felt boring or draining can take on all new meaning, and you can feel a sense of joy and aliveness in doing them that you never felt before.

To use this light you will want to expand your receptivity to the subtle energies of the higher dimensions through awakening your light body and through opening your channel to your soul, Higher Self, or to your guide. It is a time to plant the seeds of light that will emerge later as new thoughts and possibilities.

To find the joy that is in this wave is to surrender to and follow your joy. You will want to allow yourself to receive light, and to believe you deserve to have a life that fulfills you at your deepest levels. It is also important to love yourself for what you have already created. Take a moment to reflect on all you have done, and to appreciate yourself for coming as far as you have.

As the Millennium unfolds, there might be increased fears about the world ending or about humanity being annihilated. When this does not happen, the date will be moved to the year 2012 or so. After that time we see the fear of earth changes releasing its hold on people's thoughts and visions of the future. There will be more certainty that humanity will continue to exist, and a growing realization that solving the problems of humanity will have to come from humanity itself. Humanity will not be "saved" from its responsibility to change its living conditions through some catastrophe or outside event.

Earth changes are already happening.
The vibrational frequency of the earth is increasing.

You are already in the midst of the earth changes that have been predicted. The shift in consciousness you have all made, the global peace meditations, as well as all your individual expressions of love and group concern have transformed these earth changes from violent, catastrophic events to the milder events you are now experiencing as dramatic weather and political unrest. It could have been much worse.  There will be an increase in the earth's activity and continued dramatic weather patterns in some locations, earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, and so on, for the next ten or twenty years. This will be followed by a quieter period of earth activity.

The many problems humanity will face will bring people together to solve problems, create group consciousness and group love, and develop cooperation and compassion. They will be the catalyst to assist humanity in making the transition from individual, separative consciousness into the beginning states of oneness. To live in the higher realms of light you will need a consciousness that can experience oneness.

This light makes the presence of the spiritual world much stronger in your dimension, and changes the nature of your material world.  Your material world is dissolving and changing.  Those things that cannot hold this light will be leaving, and those forms, relationships, and structures that can hold this light will prosper and grow.

Let go of any fear of the future and
focus on positive visions
for yourself and humanity.

Throughout these coming times there will be challenging times and good times, with many more good times than difficult ones. Look at your life now, and acknowledge how good it is, even with its challenges. Your life can get even better and more joyful as you align with these energies of light that are moving in. One of the contributions you can make to humanity right now is to let go of any fear you have of the future, and focus on positive visions for humanity. Even in the midst of changes, there will be many times of joy, love, and experiencing new levels of confidence and courage.

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